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  • Member: DarkAngelAMV
  • Title: I just wanna Live
  • Premiered: 2011-07-04
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  • Song:
    • Good Charlotte I Just Wanna Live
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  • Comments: Ok i decided to make a Kuroshitsuji AMV which is about a young boy who desire to find out who killed his parents and extract revenge on those responsible that he sells his very soul to a demon who acts as his bodyguard and butler during his journey.

    I would really reccommend this series because its funny yet very dark and serious at the same time, believe me you will not be disappointed by some of the outrageous scenes and high paced action (and if that fails the infamous corset scene will have you bursting).

    as you know i have made a Monoshitsuji video (if you cant remember its the Yaoi style one) which did make it past 100 views which i am happy with but it didnt do as well as i thought... not enough yaoi and alois fans i guess

    Ok the song is by Good Charlotte, used to love their music and this was one of my favourite songs called "I Just Wanna Live"...i choose this song for this anime because it kinda suits it really somehow.

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