JOURNAL: godix

  • Oh noes. Someone did bad photoshop. Waaah. 2009-08-07 11:46:28 I enjoy insult contests. Witty, vulgar, juvenile, whatever. Doesn't matter. As long as it's funny. Somehow spending over a week thinking about it just to come out with a badly photoshopped picture of me wearing a shirt saying 'im a faggot' just isn't funny. It's rather sad really. That's the best you could do? Really? What's the matter, couldn't bother google for decades old your momma jokes or something? I'm not insulted by this shit, being insulted would be like getting pissed off at a retard going 'i'm rubber and you're glue...'. Watching you just brings out that kinda embarrassed feeling people get when they watch someone prove themselves to be a pathetic loser. Christ, that's barely worth the effort to reply. Only reason I am is that I know it'd get pointed out to me repeatedly over the next day or two if I didn't. But come on, show some creativity. Or at least taste. Granted, I've seen your videos so I realize those things don't come naturally to you but still, give it a try. 
  • That cocksucking faggot 2009-07-29 02:06:54 So elcalavero decides to post a conversation from IRC to his journal to whine about it. Who gives a shit you say, and that's generally my reaction. Especially for a quality fag like elcalavero. Twits the type of dumb bastard who would claim Transformers 2 is a better movie than Citizen Kane just because it had more effects and better video quality. So I mostly ignore it but while glance at the log I realize the little motherfucker caught me being at least semi-helpful. What kind of cum guzzling small dicked absolute bastard waits until like the one time in years I slip up and be nice then posts it? Doesn't that asshole realize how hard I had to work to get my reputation? Little motherfucker needs a retroactive abortion. His mom should pop a coathanger though his fucking eye and drag him kicking and screaming from her cunt. Fucking prick try and make me look nice. Well it won't work, you hear me, IT WILL NOT WORK! Everyone who knows me knows I was just doing it to try and get nude pics of the 18 year old blond chick anyway. 
  • Pimping the JCA 2009-03-17 01:42:15 Voting for the Judges Choice Awards has started. 
  • In case you don't read the contest forum 2009-03-10 19:58:59 Koop is unable to do the JCA contest this year. I liked the idea and don't want to see it die so I'm going to run it this year. Details here: 
  • So I actually released a video in 2008 2008-12-23 05:56:54

    I know it looks like I've mostly quit making videos and now just use the org as basically an electronic version of toilet paper but that just isn't true. This year I've been slavishly working on my masterpiece, this is the video my entire editing career has been building up to. I wanted to push beyond the usual bounds of AMVs and create something that is artistically satisfying while being able to convey a deep philosophical point and at the same time the overriding goal was to remind people that I have actually won awards for this bullshit. More than once. So brush off your knowledge of Sarte and Kafka then sit back and enjoy my new video. I hope I will have provided people a new way of viewing the great philosophers. Although somehow I doubt it, most of you fuckers wouldn't know culture if I hit you upside the head with Atlas Shrugged. Fucking philistines. Anyway, while viewing there is one fundamental point I would like you to keep in mind just in case you missed me mentioning it earlier or didn't pay attention to the title: I have actually won awards for this type of crap. Seriously. WTF is wrong with the hobby when I'm a winner? 
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