Sakura-Con Full Video List

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Sakura-Con Full Video List

Postby Seijin_Dinger » Thu Apr 12, 2007 6:52 pm

Ok I have recieved multiple requests so here I will be listing off the videos that we had entered
The List will not be complete, I am seperating them into Finalists (not including the Award Winners) and then will list off all entered videos (Not including Finalists and Award Winners)

Rebecca Bookman - Ballroom Madness
Jaime Goins - Mokuba

Heather Pike - Man, I Feel Like A Woman
Etienne Pouliot - A Cowboy Story
Brooks Harrel - Advent Fight Theme
Cassandra Lopez - Evolution of Paradise
Youssef Bouâoud - Center Forward

Dusten Todd - Mr. Transformer
Heather Buholzer - paranoia
Charles Fontillas - By The Way: A Special Love Hina Quickie
Carley Ender - Take on Howl
Daniel Griffin - Kids in the Wall

Heather Pike - Wind Beneath My Wings
Jen Gakas - Erosion
Amanda Skurdahl - Speck of Hope
Jesse Horton - Desperado
Brooks Harrel - Through Children's Eyes

Dane Derenzis - Gundam Rangers
Steven Fox - It's Raining Otaku
Boris Deković - Just Another Naruto Video
Sassy Lassy - Cake or Death
Carley Ender - (It's fun to stay in) Konoha

Justin Goetschius - Date Balboa
Jaime Goins - Tasuki of the Dead
Rebecca Paige - The Fullmetal Code
Jesse Horton - Tombstone

Jessica Weddle - God Must Have Spent A LIttle More Time On Belldandy
Jessica Weddle - Selfish
Shumira Chan - Untitled
Rebecca Bookman - B...But you're a god
Stephen Febers - SYNTHONICA
Rebecca Bookman - Running away from Kare Kano

Cassandra Cave - Azupumpit FLCL Daioh
Steven Fox - Bringing Yuri to Life
Jennifer Brown - Stare Into the Sun
Kristine Kallies - A Song of Storm and Fire
Dustin Scott - Golden God of Drift
Gina Pagan - Serrated Propellant
Chris Studer - Don't Blink Astro
Greg Whang - Entangled Chaos
Alone Dillon - cold
Zhigao Liu - The hand of colors
James Dury - Perfect Girls On Film
James Walters - You Got the Touch
Karoline Blaylock - Cross of Hearts
Karoline Blaylock - They're the only ones
Aaron Green - Coordinator May II: She's A One Girl Revolution!
Dustin Scott - Tuxedo's Lament
Amy Jarvis - I Want to Take Pictures of You
Lauren King - Existential Carousel
Emily Lloyd-Jones - Stand Alone
Emily Lloyd-Jones - Life After Death
Matthew Moulton - Saving Writer Sumiregawa
Bryan Carmella - Hunters or The Hunted
Casey McWilliams - My Funny Valentine

Dusten Todd - Keep On Blastin'
Carley Ender - Homerun
Sassy Lassy - Ouran Sexy Club
Jennifer Dury - Bad Case of Loving You (Sensei Sensei)
Bijua Napat - Tribute For An Un-Sung Hero
Justin Rollins - Impending Doom 3
Justin Rollins - Strange Thangs

Heather Pike - This I Promise You
Chris Ruhl - Stay With Me
Samantha Taylor – hajimete
Steven Fox - Maiku's Watching Over Me
Patrick McKay - Squall's Cross to Bear
Jennifer Brown - You Can't Take Me
Emily Lloyd-Jones - Tragic Beauty
Jennifer Brown - Kyo's the Right Kind of Wrong
Jen Galas - Dragon's Eye
Brian Garrison - In These Arms
Charles Fontillas - There was Light, and Then There was Hikari.
Charles Fontillas - P5hing Me A*wy: A Chrono Crusade Musical Drama
Vanessa Naive - Alchemist Eyes
Emily Scott - ceres romance
Vincent Rowe - A Lifetime
Karoline Blaylock - Because of Tidus and Squall
Renee Ambrosen - You Only Live Twice
Renee Ambrosen - The Dream Within
Aaron Green - Misty Will Always Love Ash...
Aaron Green - Someday...
B Namba - Your Hand in Mine
John McLaughlin - in the end...
Anthony Abatte - The Ballad of Yumura Kirika
Anthony Abatte - Lucky
Anthony Abatte - 7 Seas of Enishi
Kostadin Momirov - Curse Between Us
Sarah Noonan - Make the Colors in the Sky

Jaime Goins - If Roy was Gay
Alone Dillon - Doctors got a problem
Sarah Noonan - Fullmetal Guy Love
Sandra Hennick - Lover Boys

Nate Campen - Bebop Redemption

Brett Boyette - Together

I will start work on getting the links for these up and running ASAP
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Postby thundercatlord » Fri Apr 13, 2007 10:12 pm

I don't know about any others, but you missed my Keep On Blastin' AMV. I submitted it in Comedy , but I think it was recategorized into Offbeat.
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Postby Seijin_Dinger » Fri Apr 13, 2007 10:37 pm

Thanks for the catch (I have a HUGE List I was doing my best to seperate into 3)

And yes it was recategorised (my current list only shows the videos categories after the screening panel did a re categorization
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Postby Millenium Strife » Fri Apr 13, 2007 11:40 pm

Dinger, you forgot me. =p

EDIT: Nevermind.. didn't see "Doesn't include Award Winners"

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Postby Scintilla » Sat Apr 14, 2007 8:43 am

You seem to have posted the finalists twice, the second time labeled "Everyone Else".
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Postby Seijin_Dinger » Sat Apr 21, 2007 3:19 am

thanks for the catch

and I updated with some working Links
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