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  • Member: Dagda
  • Title: Advent Fight Theme
  • Premiered: 2007-04-07
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  • Songs:
    • Joel Nielsen Black Mesa Source - Theme Song
    • Reveille What You Got
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  • Comments: My most work-intensive video yet, with about 60 hours having been put into it- I hope you like the results. It might not be particularly deep or complex, but the entire video is structured around a concept; namely, the conflicts that makes up Advent Children and the people on both sides. I took a song with a particularly contentious song and edited the footage in four segments- setting the stage, showing one side on the offensive and then the other, and then resolving it all in a final series of battles. Of course, that's not to say that the video proceeds in anything approaching a chronoligcal fashion.

    On another note, this one of those amvs with an outro long enough to approach being another amv in and of itself, so I hope that's not to jarring. My motives there were threefold: I felt guilty for having used a foulmouthed song, had been wanting to do a sentimental piece using Advent Children but not Aeris, and had been looking for a chance to use that soundtrack sample.

    You better buck- buck- buckle up, prepare for this impact-
    Car crash whiplash, 'bam', snap your neck back
    In half- why can't I just be realistic?
    Give 'em what they want and make the biddies go ballistic
    Sadistic- motherfuckers playing complicated
    Well, never underestimate the underestimated
    Opinionated, elevated, sticking to my guns
    And I think you're gonna get just what you got coming

    That's the penalty, that's the penalty
    Payback's a bitch so you best keep running
    That's the penalty, that's the penalty
    It's what you got, what you got, what you got coming

    Yo, can I ask you something,
    What the fuck is up man?
    You got nothing, it's just a fairy tale you're stuck in
    I'm sucking from that 7 on 7
    Pumping and roughing up all of these fakes that be bluffing
    Nothing you can say could ever take this away now
    So stay down-
    And stay the fuck away from this playground
    Lyrical hijack, put my madness to my method
    Check it, mic in my hand, nah, more like a lethal weapon

    Go blind, bring the drums
    Better yet, here we come
    You take back what you done or you can tuck tail and run
    Ready or not- find yourself
    And if you dare stop running I think your gonna get just what you got coming
    (Bring it)
    You're gonna get just what you got (what you got)
    You're gonna get just what you got (what you got)
    You're gonna get just what you got (what you got)
    You're gonna get just what you got coming

    Lastly, a big thanks to all those who gave me feedback, especially Autraya, Otohiko and CrackTheSky.

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