The Chevelle Project Redo Thread

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The Chevelle Project Redo Thread

Postby DaCoolGohan » Sun Oct 23, 2005 8:55 pm

So if you didn't know already, I am the new Runner of the Chevelle Project, LCX had me take over, mainly because he has lost interest in editing all together, so I decided to make a new thread, the other Chevelle thread was getting way too long, and this way it'll make it much easier to know what is new. I am still making a website for this, but basically what you need to know will be in here.

New Mix is downloadable here, thanks to HACK YUJI ... 20kbps.mp3

This one is in 320kbps, this is a pretty rough version of the mix, but I will be fixing the fades on most of the tracks and the times should stay the same as they are now, the new Track Times are

Intro - 00:00;00-00:46;00 - Family System (Mine)

Track 01 - 00:46;00-01:23;02 - Forfeit

Track 02 - 01:22;02-01:59;20 - Closure

Track 03 - 01:58;20-02:38;03 - Comfortable Liar

Track 04 - 02:37;03-03:18;29 - Don't Fake This

Track 05 - 03:17;29-04:00;23 - The Red

Track 06 - 03:59;23-04:39;05 - Forfeit

Track 07 - 04:38;05-05:15;10 - An Evening With El Diablo

Track 08 - 05:14;10-05:49;14 - Closure

Track 09 - 05:48;14-06:22;13 - Send the Pain Below

Track 10 - 06:21;13-07:05;27 - Grab Thy Hand

Track 11 - 07:04;27-07:44;14 - Wonder What's Next

Track 12 - 07:43;14-08:17:11 - Comfortable Liar

Track 13 - 08:16;11-08:58;04 - The Red

Track 14 - 08:57;04-09:32;19 - Wonder What's Next

Track 15 - 09:31;19-10:01;21 - Send the Pain Below

Track 16 - 10:00:21-10:43;29 - One Lonely Visitor

Here are the people currently on the project, and the progress completed, I need to see a final to give you 100% finished, and 99% means that I have seen your final beta, but have not gotten your huffy, so I need huffies from everyone, and

Track 1 - CraktSmurf - Kai Doh Maru (0%)

Track 2 - OtakuForLife - Saikano (Unknown)

Track 3 - ProphetDK - Witch Hunter Robin (Unknown)

Track 4 - Free

Track 5 - Prince_Majin_Trunks - Berserk (Unknown)

Track 6 - DaCoolGohan - Street Fighter (100%)

Track 7 - Brolly345 - Full Metal Panic! (0%)

Track 8 - Spitfire - Akira (Unknown)

Track 9 - DaCoolGohan - Samurai X (0%)

Track 10 - HACK YUJI - Final Fantasy Advent Children (0%)

Track 11 - Paulo - Burst Angel (Unknown)

Track 12 - DcDeveloperX - Naruto (99%)

Track 13 - LightningCountX - Undecided (Unknown)

Track 14 - LightningCountX - Rurouni Kenshin (Unknown)

Track 15 - KingDavid - Grappler Baki (Unknown)

Track 16 - BillyWires - Evangelion (Unknown)

Contact me on AIM or through E-Mail and I'll either have an ftp to send it to, or have you send it to me through aim.

Technical Stuff
Export: Huffy AVI
Frame Rate: 29.97
Resolution: 640x480 (You can keep it at the same reso as it was 720x480, but I will be resizing it)

Now the other thing I need to know is from everyone, I haven't already talked to, if they still want to be part of this Project, if so I need your huffy or just to know you are fixing it. Other than that, I don't know of a deadline. But I am thinking within the next month and a half to two months so the deadline is December 20th for the final submissions to be in. As long as this is no problem for anyone or unless you want it to be quicker this I think will be a good deadline for now.
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Postby XspitfireDemonX » Mon Oct 24, 2005 3:25 pm

My parts 100% done and I sent it to DCG, not sure if it got through tho, my internet is acting sexual of the homo kind right now >_<
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Postby DaCoolGohan » Mon Oct 24, 2005 4:05 pm

I got it, and for anyone who is thinking of restarting right now. This project is on hold. Its not turning out very well so for now this version of the project is on hold, it has taken way too long to even get this thing anywhere near its final stages so most people have lost intrest or don't want to do it anymore. So for now its on hold.
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Postby AMV_4000 » Tue Oct 25, 2005 4:50 pm

well, i gotta say, i dont like the mix, it not put together very well... so i'll pass on this, best of luck with the project, but yo umight wanna think about cleaning up the fades and timing a LOT...
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Postby celibi87 » Tue Oct 25, 2005 5:26 pm

ill take part 4 if its still open.
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Postby DaCoolGohan » Thu Oct 27, 2005 9:45 pm

Ok, this project is stopped. I have found a lot of people have lost intrest and the mixes suck to begin with so not many people want to sign up. This was all way too unorganized, so I am cancelling this for now, I may do something with it later on but for now its stopped until I sort this out.

Mod feel free to lock this one.
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Postby Katsumi_AMVs » Sun Nov 20, 2005 4:55 am

Ah well ... my finished track for the old Chevelle Project was my last work with AMV editing , I'd love to see the whole stuff all together , but if the project is dead ... maybe I'll try to upload my track with some others unfinished vids that I have in my comp , something like , a multi editor project vid made all by myself with unfinished stuff :lol:

:( . . .
Nothing usefull here .
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Postby Osakaisthebomb » Mon Apr 10, 2006 9:18 am

Ever seen the tool multi-editor project? The audio setup in that one was amazing. Try using that as a example to follow when you remake the tracks. Also I'd add some songs from "This type of thinking could do us in".

I hope to see the project come back to life soon. Best of luck to ya. :wink:
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