Announcing AMV Hell 3 multi-creator project

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Announcing AMV Hell 3 multi-creator project

Postby Zarxrax » Sun May 30, 2004 4:50 pm

AMV Hell 3 is coming, and this time its a multi-creator project! Yes, that means that now, YOU TOO can get in on the gravy train that everyone's talking about! Please be sure to read this THOUROUGHLY if you wish to participate!

- Before starting, make sure to watch <a href="">AMV Hell</a> & <a href="">AMV Hell 2</a> to get an idea of the types of videos that we are looking for.
- Anyone may participate.
- You may create as many videos as you want.
- The project is aiming to be from 1 to 2 hours in length.
- All videos must be either funny, or just plain wrong.
- All videos must be under 30 seconds in length, the shorter the better.
- Unlike Hell 2, all videos must conform to the content guidelines for being hosted locally (no sexual nudity, graphic violence, etc.)
- If you have ideas for videos that are inappropriate (gratuitous violence, sex, totally offensive) just hold onto your ideas, and they MAY be accepted for a future Hell project.
- Tentative deadline is January 1, 2005. This will likely change as we go along, depending on how many video submissions we recieve. Try not to drag your feet if you wanna participate.
- It is not yet decided if this project will be shown at any conventions.

Participation Guidelines:
If you wish to create a video, first send an email to <a href=""></a> with the subject line "AMV HELL IDEA". In the body of the message, write the video and audio source that you plan to use, as well as a reasonably detailed description of your idea for the video. Before submitting an idea, PLEASE give it a lot of thought and think about whether its really funny enough to be included. Also search the database and make sure that this idea hasn't been done before. Then either one of two things will happen:
1. Your idea will be rejected, for either not being funny enough, or because someone else already submitted the same idea.
2. We will accept the idea, and you may create the video.

If for some reason you decide NOT to create the video after submitting your idea, let us know, and with your permission we will add the idea to an "idea database" where someone else may choose to make the video.

If you have a good video idea, but are unable to make the video for any reason, you may still submit the idea to us using the guildelines above, and we will add it into the idea database for someone else to pick up.

The idea database will be located at
Anyone may choose a video from the list to create, if you so desire. If you decide to do this, first send an email to <a href=""></a> with the subject line "AMV HELL TAKING AN IDEA". In the body of the message, state which idea you will make a video to, and any changes to the idea that you may wish to make. Wait on an okay from me before you begin work on the video.

Video Identification:
All creators should attach a logo into the bottom-right hand corner of their video. The logo should be an icon or text to identify you. If you create multiple videos, you must use the same logo for each. Multiple creators in the same studio may all use the same logo if they wish. The logo can be either opaque or partially transparent, but make sure it is clearly visible. Logos should not be larger than 100 pixels wide and 60 pixels tall. There is no minimum size, but it should be large enough to be plainly visible. It should be placed such that there is about 15-20 pixels of empty space between the logo and the bottom and side of the screen. If you are unable to apply the logo yourself, then simply design the logo and submit it with your video, and it will be applied by me.

Video Guidelines:
- Videos should be in at least decent video quality, and MUST NOT CONATIN SUBTITLES (unless they are self-made and intentional). Videos may also not contain the Divx logo. DVD quality video is recommended. If the video quality of your video is not good enough, the video may be rejected.
- Videos must be in 640x480 resolution. If the video source is widescreen, then it should contain black letterbox along the top and bottom in order to make it 640x480.
- Videos may NOT contain audio from dubbed anime. (some conventions disqualify videos on these grounds)
- Videos should either have a framerate of 23.976fps or 23.98fps.
- Videos should be in AVI format, compressed with either the HUFFYUV, DIVX, or XVID codec. Videos compressed with DIVX or XVID should be encoded at constant quantizer 2 or 1, and should NOT use special features like B-frames or GMC.
- Audio must be stored as 44khz 16bit stereo uncompressed PCM.
- If these requirements are a problem, contact me and we will see if something can be arranged.

Submission Guidelines:
Once you are ready to submit your video, email us at <a href=""></a> with the subject line "AMV HELL VIDEO COMPLETE". In the body of the message, state which video you have completed, correct and accurate titles of the video and audio sources used, your real name, and your account name on We will reply with an ftp address that the video can be uploaded to. YOU MUST DO THIS FOR EACH VIDEO THAT YOU MAKE.
After you have uploaded the video, we will email you back and let you know if everything is good. DO NOT delete your project files until you hear back from us!

Well thats about it. This project is being headed by Zarxrax, in association with SSGWNBTD. Feel free to post any questions or comments you have, and we hope to see lots of people joining up! Let's all try and make the the largest multi-creator video ever!

ADDED: Logos should not be larger than 100 pixels wide and 60 pixels tall

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Postby AbsoluteDestiny » Sun May 30, 2004 4:50 pm

I had a feeling you were going to do this at some point :)

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Postby mexicanjunior » Sun May 30, 2004 4:58 pm

Hmmm...mebbe after RVG. :P

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Postby Hitori » Sun May 30, 2004 5:11 pm

mexicanjunior wrote:Hmmm...mebbe after RVG. :P

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Postby Katsumi_AMVs » Sun May 30, 2004 5:33 pm


You can count wiht me !^^

I just need an idea for a funny vid , I mean a really... :?
Nothing usefull here .

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Postby NME » Sun May 30, 2004 6:06 pm

Rock on. I'd definately do this.
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Postby WilLoW :--) » Sun May 30, 2004 6:10 pm

I'd really like to participate, I just need an Idea :idea:

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Postby Unfound » Sun May 30, 2004 6:16 pm

WilLoW :--) wrote:I'd really like to participate, I just need an Idea :idea:


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Postby Castor Troy » Sun May 30, 2004 6:31 pm

I'll think about it.... I got some offensive material I might wanna use :P
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Postby TobinHood » Sun May 30, 2004 6:38 pm

Hmmm I might like to participate, once I finish my other project videos.

DDR track is kickin my ass, really gotta get crackin on RVG too.
I've got to stop procrasturbating.

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Mr Pilkington
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Postby Mr Pilkington » Sun May 30, 2004 6:51 pm

- All videos must be either funny, or just plain wrong.

:twisted: Sounds like my kind of project :twisted:
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Postby inthesto » Sun May 30, 2004 6:52 pm

Well, this is certainly something to look at.

I'll give it some thought once I'm done with finals.

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Postby Jebadia » Sun May 30, 2004 7:26 pm

Would it be wrong to even consider throwing Soul Glo in there?
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Postby Zarxrax » Sun May 30, 2004 7:47 pm

Jebadia wrote:Would it be wrong to even consider throwing Soul Glo in there?

Uh... lets try and keep it to just new stuff :D :) :( :o :shock: :? 8) :lol: :x :P :oops: :cry: :twisted: :roll: :wink: :!: :?: :idea: :arrow:

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Postby TnAdct1 » Sun May 30, 2004 9:15 pm

One question: will the project be anime-only, as I have an suggestion for a possible piece (don't have editing tools, but I do have ideas) that's set to an American cartoon.

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