Follow the White Rabbit {Kireblue}

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Follow the White Rabbit {Kireblue}

Postby kireblue » Sun Mar 31, 2013 2:31 am

I made this AMV to match the theme of round 3 of Project Org Editor (Season 3). Even though I'm a judge for the competition, I wanted to make a non-competing entry for it. The theme of the round was to take a fairy tale and bring it to life using anime. The fact that I completed a vid about a rabbit a few days before Easter was actually a coincidence :-) But Happy Easter everybody!

Additional Notes:
The font that I used is actually the font used for the Alice in Wonderland movie. There are indirect links for those of you that would like to have a copy of the vid with either no subs, or a MKV with soft subs without the "Alice" font.

This AMV uses two different Vocaloid songs that have a "Alice in Wonderland" theme

This vid was inspired by a AMV trailer called "A contract in Wonderland" by Akemi Yukimura, so if you like this one, you should watch her's as well :-)
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Re: Follow the White Rabbit {Kireblue}

Postby CodeZTM » Sun Mar 31, 2013 9:43 am

I loved it! The opening really served as a cutesy way of introducing the AMV, while the real aMV was very dark, almost a direct comparison to Madoka after the third episode. I was glad we had the subtitles, since it really helped knowing the lyrics and the lyric sync was spot on. Very entertaining and very enjoyable. I agree with comments in the main POE thread that it had some generic scenery for Madoka, but I disagree on the font. I thought it was appropriate, but maybe using two different kind of fonts (one for the ordinary world, one for Alice's world?) might have brought it about better? MKV definitely though next time. Now that I know the lyrics well enough, I think I can enjoy the video without them now. :)

Still, I really liked it!

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