[AWA Pro Best Drama] Where Slience Falls

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Re: [AWA Pro Best Drama] Where Slience Falls

Postby iheartsable » Mon Oct 01, 2012 8:15 pm

Congrats on the win. I enjoyed this one out of the pro batch a lot.
Makes me want to play it. XD

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Re: [AWA Pro Best Drama] Where Slience Falls

Postby Fay-Sa » Tue Oct 02, 2012 11:04 am

Lord Rae wrote:I voted for this and was glad it won. A very powerful song (that I hadn't heard before) and a really impressive use of the source. Just a great video. When that chorus hits I got a little chill the first time I saw it. Great video.

Thanks and thank you for your vote. I'm glad you liked it.

AimoAio wrote:I really liked this one when I saw it for AWA Pro. :mrgreen: The quality isn't the best but I can understand because it's a lot more difficult to get really clean video game footage and the dramatic element of the story made up for it anyway. The mood is awesome. Good work! And congratulations on your win! :)

Thanks! Yea I wish it was a bit cleaner and I even re-captured a lot of the game just to make it look a little better. This is a horror game after all and while I think this is a 'pretty' horror game it still got all that lovely grain, filters, and effects this series is known for. Also I captured this all on a pretty basic USB device and the program only capture in MPEG and in 4:3. Once I get a better capture device/card I plan on re-capturing it along with some other games. Anyway thanks again for the comment.

javywhite wrote:Great vid, saw it at the amv awards, this game looks great :D

Thanks, yep it a great game and it my favorite horror game. If you get the chance to play this or the original go for it. You'll have better luck getting the original through since this version hasn't been released in NA.

Theredflash66 wrote:This was really nice, great job

Thanks ^__^

macchinainterna wrote:Major congrats for winning Best Drama, Fay! :up: :up:

Thanks. Also thank you for dealing with my emo-ness about entering the Pro contest in the 1st place.

Shin-AMV wrote:Congrats. :up:

Warlike Swans wrote:Good stuff. :up:

Congratulations on your win!

Thanks and congrats to the both of you as well. Sorry I didn't come up and say hello at the con. Hopefully I'll be able to next year.

iheartsable wrote:Congrats on the win. I enjoyed this one out of the pro batch a lot.
Makes me want to play it. XD

Thanks, hopefully this will be released in NA however you can still find the original on ether PS2 or Xbox.

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Re: [AWA Pro Best Drama] Where Slience Falls

Postby Cenit » Wed Oct 10, 2012 2:47 pm

One of my favorites form AWA. Great Anime/Song combination. Solid editing. Like the story. Yet...

50 seconds credits for a 200 seconds AMV? I gotta add that i hate pointless credit videos as they kill the mood immediatly after the AMV is over ... but 50 seconds is over the top lol

Anyway love the video good job well done dismiss the credits next time kthxbye :3
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