Vegas just really screwed me over.

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Vegas just really screwed me over.

Postby Invaderkibachan » Tue Apr 05, 2011 4:19 pm

So, i've been working on an AMV all day long, and I finished, so I saved and was going to go download some textures. I figured I might as well delete the files in the Project Bin (or whatever it's called) but I didn't know that would also delete everything in my video.....
So i ctrl'd z, and it said it was working, but it was on 0% for about 5 minutes :I

..luckily, since I saved it, I had the working file with the actual clips in it. So i tried to open that, stopped at 14%, and then froze...
And I had to use Task Manager to close it, and i tried opening it again, and it again, froze at 14%....
Now, there are ALOT of movies in this video (its like a 3 minute long video), and ever more movies in the Project i wasn't expecting it NOT to be slow when opening it again...but not to friken freeze up on me.

And going through my files I used for it, I rewrote over my .WMV files and replaced them with .sfap0 files. I checked my WMM and yup, they had that X over where their file used to be...

This is incredibaly frustrating. Like I said, I'm DONE with the AMV itself, I just want to convert it to .mp4 and upload it...then I won't have to touch this file again. But I can't do that if I can't open the flippin thing!

Plz help ;~;
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Re: Vegas just really screwed me over.

Postby HalOfBorg » Tue Apr 05, 2011 5:22 pm

There should be a backup of your saved project file. Named FILENAME.veg.bak

Delete the .bak
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