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  • Member: HalOfBorg
  • Title: The Anime Duet
  • Premiered: 2009-07-25
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    • Character Profile
    • Comedy
    • Fun
    • Parody
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  • Song:
    • Sean Morey The Lovers Duet
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  • Participation:
    • Animeland TuCon, Animeland Tucon Anime Music Video Contest (2009-07-31)
    • Connichi 2009, Connichi 2009 AMV Contest (2009-09-18)
    • New York Anime Festival, New York Anime Festival 2009 AMV Contest (2009-09-25)
    • KuroKiiro Festival I (2009), KuroKiiro Festival I AMV Contest (2009-10-03)
    • Anime Banzai 2009, Anime Banzai 2009 (2009-10-17)
    • Zenkaikon, Zenkaikon 2009 AMV Contest (2009-11-07)
  • Comments: Song: Lover's Duet | Artist: Sean Morey (
    Anime: Mahoromatic | Studio: Gainax

    with the great Laura Robinson delightfully singing the wife's role.

    ==== When I made this I experimented with large, way overblown credits. They are an AMV all their own.
    OK - so it didn't go over very well. So I recommend watching the version on Youtube on my IO9WWWW account.
    This is an improved version anyway

    Winner Best Comedy at Matsuricon 2009. :)
    Winner "Special Effects / Eye Candy" AND
    "Best In Show" New York Anime Fest 2009 :) :)
    "Best Comedy" at KuroKiiro Festival I.
    Runner Up - "Most Original" at Naru 2 U 2009.
    1st Place - Best Comedy at Nekocon 2009.
    Winner - 'Comedy/Parody' at Zenkaikon 2009

    I wanted to do a video with a singer on screen for the entire run of the vid, singing and moving around. I had done several comedies and thought to try a romance again, so I thought about Mahoromatic. A lot of that anime was a romance, especially towards then end.

    I started looking through it for good scenes, and kept finding these wonderful mad reaction shots of Mahoro, so I thought maybe to make them arguing or something.

    Then, one night I stumbled across a rerun of "Married with Children" and that idea solidified, and I realized it would be a comedy.

    So now I needed a song with man & woman arguing...... Sean Morey's "Lovers Duet" jumped right up, screaming and waving it's arms.

    The background TV screen went reasonably well, but the foreground singers - they were a true bear! SO MUCH masking, a ton of photoshop work, color balancing to keep their hair, clothing, skin tones and whatnot all looking consistent enough.

    Everyone I have shown it to laughs - and even at the correct places!


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