Some New AMVs I made.

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Some New AMVs I made.

Postby sac1exs » Sat Jul 13, 2002 6:50 pm

Haven't made some for a while, but now that I have a new computer, I've had the chance to make 4 in the past few days. I'm making public 3 of them, which can be found in my profile, ... r_id=25264

I really could use some opinions, mainly for movie 8, cause that's my personal favorite so far.
Thanks in advance!
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Postby Sierra Lorna » Thu Jul 18, 2002 1:18 pm

Four videos in a few days???? Sheesh, I think you should be taking at least a little more time than that on a video if you want it to be a good one! There's no reason to rush, you know... Anyway, I'm downloading one of 'em right now and hopefully you'll have an opinion sometimes soon. :D

Why did you do so many Linkin Park videos????
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Sierra Lorna
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Postby sac1exs » Thu Jul 18, 2002 6:38 pm

I started out with LP, and so far I've done most of their major songs. I'll move away once I get some inspiration for another. The only reason I do AMVs quickly is just the way I do things. I haven't done any since 8.
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