Otakon 2002 AMV Contest Results

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Postby BigName » Sun Jul 28, 2002 9:45 pm

So how many of these videos can be downloaded?

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Postby Zerophite » Sun Jul 28, 2002 9:48 pm

My "Come to Daddy (Bear Mix)" video can be. It's up on my website.
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Postby MamoruArmitage » Sun Jul 28, 2002 9:49 pm

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Postby MistyCaldwell » Mon Jul 29, 2002 12:05 am

Aww, thank you fungie :) Actually I saw Digital God's video and I really liked it better than my own. I got to party with mckeed, jbone and digital god. You guys were really fun to hang out with :) I learned one of mckeed's new favorite phone activities at the amv awards announcements :wink: ...won't say what it was though *snickers*

Matt Pyson said the honorable mentions and 2nd place videos should be released in about a week by email. I'll post the results here if someone doesn't beat me to it.

Quu saw my amv badge so I met him and saw Duane. And I saw someone in the 1:00 Saturday showing of the contest with the badge...but I didn't catch them to ask who it was.

After I rest I will write a full con thingy report. But after I sleep.
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Postby BogoSort » Mon Jul 29, 2002 12:38 am

The Otakon contest this year was quite nice. Mad props to Matt and Duane for organizing it. Hopefully their reward for doing a good job includes a good night's worth of sleep. Finally met both Matt for the first time, and he looked extremely tired.

I wish I had the resources to print out Misty's badge, but I had already gone to MD by the time that it was posted and was out of luck. Wound up meeting DIGITALGOD, mckeed, jbone, and a couple others even without the badges. After seeing Hsien on the panel, I think he might've been the one that I sat next to during the first amv contest that I watched at Otakon 1999. I remember commenting to a friend that it'd be cool to be able to get a copy of the tape, and I think it was Hsien overheard and made a comment to the effect of "I used a great way of getting a tape of the contest video, I have a video in the contest and get a tape for it." This started me on the road of amv creation, so when my videos bore people or cause people to wince just remember that I wouldn't have started making them without having the incentive get the contest tape.
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Postby dokidoki » Mon Jul 29, 2002 1:06 am

BogoSort wrote:Finally met both Matt for the first time, and he looked extremely tired.

But his SOUL still BURNS!!!
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Postby BogoSort » Mon Jul 29, 2002 1:45 am

dokidoki wrote:
BogoSort wrote:Finally met both Matt for the first time, and he looked extremely tired.

But his SOUL still BURNS!!!

I would be very sad if his soul stopped burning, cause then the Otakon amv contest wouldn't be the same again.

Wow, I must've been really tired at the Panel, cause I claim to have seen 2 Matts. ;)
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Postby rys » Mon Jul 29, 2002 7:25 am

The contest was damn good this year, I enjoyed all the videos, but the ones that really stood out to me was the Outlawstar video done to Drops of Jupiter (As I probably said a million times on the panel). I loved Aluminum's Land of Confusion video, I was shocked that didn't win, and Tim always cracks me up, good to see a Dennis Leary video surface. :)
Oh yeah, and Senta's video was dead on with the editing, crazy skillz. :)

Good to see everyone as always, although I was only there on Saturday, maybe next year I can free myself from work long enough to go for two days. :)

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Postby Yosho » Mon Jul 29, 2002 9:17 am

I agree. Then contest this year was really good. I actually had a tough time voting for some categories.
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Postby Petro » Mon Jul 29, 2002 11:25 am

The videos were great this year. I thought the speed racer video was a little distasteful for a family con, but then again, I didn't really like America Pie either. ^_^

Bogosort, Misty, great videos. I really enjoyed them.

Misty, thanks for the badge. I wore mine, but didn't see anyone else at Otakon with them :( The con was great though (I got Asuka's autograph! well, the US voice actress for her at least)

All, my video (Huntress - that's the Noir video that was in the finals) can be downloaded through my profile. If you have problems, just email me. Brinkster gives me problems sometimes.

Also, according to Matt, the complete voting results (including tally) will be available on the website soon. I'm interested to see how my video placed. ^_^

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Postby kandelon » Mon Jul 29, 2002 11:35 am

I need to find that Excel Saga video, it was so funny! I love Excel Saga!
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Postby Hakura » Mon Jul 29, 2002 12:25 pm

*glomps Jesse*

Ahhh yatta! You made it to the forums ^^ *dances*

I was shocked that you didn't win anything too, and here I was all ready to add a award beside your video :p

I would have loved to see that up on the big screen ^^

Say did you enter in AWA's contest?

I can't wait until next years Sakura Con ^^ I hope they have DDR arcade machine again I SO want them to bring a MAX2 ^^
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Postby zenmetsu » Tue Jul 30, 2002 12:32 am

hey zerophite, your video rocked and got my vote! if conventions had a "horror" category, i might suggest it go there, but i think it works in either "action" or "drama". the intensity and speed of your video made it ok to be listed as "action", anyway. i wish it would have won, cause you deserve much praise for making it. ^_^; i'll need to give you a review soon.

congrats to all the winners and participants!
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Just got back....

Postby digitalgod » Tue Jul 30, 2002 1:28 am

Otakon 2002 was my first con to attend and man it was AWESOME!!! Met up with jbone, mckeed, misty, vlad and kevin and its great to finally see faces instead of Avatars ^_^ BTW Misty makes great cookies :D The AMV's were great too and I'm just happy to be a part of it. Congratulations on all the winners, and I hope I get to see you again next year.
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Postby Zerophite » Tue Jul 30, 2002 11:10 am

Thanks a lot Zenmetsu! ^__^ I'll be looking forward to your review.
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