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Re: Take your time...

Postby luggeriano » Tue Jan 13, 2009 6:32 pm

Hm.... :|

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Re: Take your time...

Postby Emotive » Thu Jan 15, 2009 8:00 am

Hmmm. :|

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Re: Take your time...

Postby Kevmaster » Mon Jan 19, 2009 11:47 am

Thanks for the feedback everyone (especially -Reda- and Ingow for the long posts).

My reply considering all the comments about quality issues:

I don't think I will be able to force myself through the same procedure again so you shouldn't be waiting for a re-encode anytime soon.

I personally don't consider the overall video quality bad actually and I'm not bothered. It's also pretty hard to get a 8 minute + video under 100 megabyte filesize and still maintain decent quality.

Besides that I doubt there would have been so many comments regarding it if I didn't mention it in the first place (though I was reffering to encoding glitches and errors, not the overall quality), but thats just an assumption and probably doesn't apply to everyone.

Some Individual Replies:

Gaurry_no_blond wrote:One more cossette-video... Not interestingly.

Where your originality??? :nose:

Well, I'm sorry that this video doesn't reflect your by the russian community characterized taste. I much rather let my sources speak than destroying the footage by applying tons of abnormal and disgusting effect work.

xexyzl wrote:Very good. Not exactly what comes to mind when I think "black metal", but it still fills a void that's been with the org for a long while.

Of course not, Dornenreich are way too untrve :amv:

-Reda- wrote:I would rather see a really polished effect or style of editing throughout the video, but some elements in this were really strong whereas others felt painfully underdeveloped. The lack of consistency really started to get to me.

My personal Problem with this is, that I can't stand editing the same thing over and over again, that's why I change the style up again and again through a video, because that's how I like to edit, thats what keeps me personally interested and in my humble opinion I like how the editing progresses and varies as much as the song does.

-Reda- wrote:The song change at 5:20 is absolutely unbearable as well. The source continues but it feels like we're listening to an entirely different song. I'm not sure if thats due to your editing or if its just the song, but it felt really jagged and disjointed, so what I'd ultimately suggest is if it were possible, just cut your song off there if you can't edit with the change adequately.

The actual song does sound like that, I didn't edit it one bit and that had a rather personal reason. It always hurts me deep inside watching a video with an edited song, because I want to keep the audio as the artist intended.

Autraya wrote:though i'm sure i would understand if you gave me some of your vodka >.>

my german sometimes sounds like swedish or dutch when I'm drunk, but I'm not sure if Alcohol could actually make you understand a different a language :nose:

Phantasmagoriat wrote:First, those garbage frames [like others have mentioned] could have been avoided by exporting as lossless [if you have the space].


I'm not a beginner with this, of course I DID export a lossless.

Phantasmagoriat wrote:Second, the luma range seemed shifted; like making the blacks and whites less intense to fit TV settings. Surprisingly, this changed the mood for me the same way some editors would add film grain to a video. Did you do that on purpose?

If I got right what you mean...No, I didn't do this on purpose. As a matter of fact I was pretty confused when I first saw what happened. I played a lot with brightness/contrast settings and I think these somehow caused the video to turn out that way (Not a bad thing, if you ask me)

Phantasmagoriat wrote:Anyways I watched it once normally, then again in MPC via an avisynth script like this:

Code: Select all

directshowsource("Kevmaster - Desiderium.mp4")
Levels(50, 1, 256, 0, 265)

and I think I liked it more that way.

Directshowsource doesn't work for me anymore (Don't ask for a reason, I really don't know), so I tried to apply that script to my lossless and I really didn't like the outcome as it seemed overfiltered to me. But then again, I'm sure it looks a lot different applied to the actual mp4.

And everyone in this thread should study some german :P

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Re: Take your time...

Postby Shui » Mon Jan 19, 2009 1:21 pm

why do you call yourself a fag ?

Spoiler :
fucking stealing other poeples hard work and claiming it as your own, you guys should be ashemed

ppl fukin fuk spent years making those animes, blood sweat and spilt coffe stains drawing all day long just to get a title "animator: this GUY" and then those music ppl spend years learning to produce music, teams of so many hard working ppl just trying to get their stuff out there in the world then WHAT TEH FUK DO U GUYS DO? u fukin take the drawings, u fukin take the music, then u just slap it fukin together like its fukin nothing, then u make banners and og take credit for it fukin all like u fukin made shit goin amv contests actin liek ur teh fukin shit fukin sayin i amde this fukin liek if u fukin did fukin makin fukin the fukin fukin fukin fukin - MiyaDV (2014)

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Re: Take your time...

Postby Phantasmagoriat » Mon Jan 19, 2009 2:14 pm

Kevmaster wrote:I'm not a beginner with this, of course I DID export a lossless.
whoops, I meant to say Uncompressed video [if you have the space].
It looks like a lagarith error if I had to guess, but I don't know if that's the case.

Kevmaster wrote:I played a lot with brightness/contrast settings and I think these somehow caused the video to turn out that way (Not a bad thing, if you ask me)
That's what I thought, and I agree it's not really a bad thing ;)
I guess I personally prefer blacks to be really dark and contrasting.
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Re: Take your time...

Postby Yaaku » Tue Jan 20, 2009 5:29 pm

Kevmaster wrote:And everyone in this thread should study some german :P

(Entschuldigung für mein deutsch , ich bin noch ein Anfänger...)

Ich liebe dieses AMV, vielleicht es ist zu lang, but who cares? :D

"Gute Arbeit"


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