SQ's Mini-guide to Action Sync

Assuming you already know how to use your editing program, this mini-guide was programmed to help your editing skills become "Better", only in the sense of enhancing your viewers' experience while watching your videos. This mini-guide contains helpful tips & examples for action synch. Helpful tips being defined as simple text, and examples in the form of small .wmv clips which should be no more than 1 megabyte each. If you're on a mac, you can download Windows Media Player for mac here.

Action synch can help you with making a video more dramatic, or even enhance the story. This guide tells you what you should use and why, depending on your video. Remember that these are only EXAMPLES, and you should make up your own ways to influence your own style of action synch.

Pick one:
My video is action-oriented
My video is something else.


Music used: Nobou Uematsu's "Other World", Evanesence's "Hello", Michiru Yamane's "Requiem of the Gods".
Anime used: Wolf's Rain, Habane Renmei