Old topic (Manga Death and Rebirth issue)

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Old topic (Manga Death and Rebirth issue)

Postby Jebadia » Mon Sep 16, 2002 3:17 pm

I was going to buy D&R until I heard that they actually took the first 25 min of EoE instead of having the actual R. Being that several people claim to this I emailed Manga themselves...asking why (but knowing better that they would try and deny it..same thing happened with the 83 min time on the Blood the Last Vampire dvd box..for a 45min movie, boy alot of people hammered their forums on that). And also assuming that most people who noticed this have the actual R2 dvd or the bootlegs (same difference with content?) too back up this fact, I thought they would be more clear with there answer.....

>Then most fans watched a fan sub and took it as the gospel. We released the final edit that Gainax made of the films. We did not remove, change, or edit anything.

.....so are they trying to lie their way out of it or what?
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