Windows Movie Maker sux

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Postby Anduril » Thu Jul 25, 2002 1:11 pm

i agree fully, WMM is prolly better than Premiere imo, i used premiere for maybe 4months, but ive been using WMM for the last 6, movie maker is a lot better for me despite the quality issues it has, im 56k so it takes me forever to dl some stuff, and then the making clips from movies in premiere was a long process 4 me(guess i never really did it right), in movie maker u can use all the diff types of windows media, which saves me a lot of time cuz i can dl a high quality asf or wmv movie and use the clips from it. also w/ WMM u dont have all those filters so u can focus more on timing, u can still overlay clips, but u can time it much better in WMM. also(though im unsure about premiere sinc i havent had it for a while) u can be really precise w/ timing and the smallest mistakes can be taken out of clips to make it flow better(which im not sure premiere is able to do the same, its been 6 months).

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Re: Windows Movie Maker sux

Postby Hitori » Fri Jul 26, 2002 12:20 pm

mexicanjunior wrote:
Rozard wrote:
mexicanjunior wrote:So much WMM hate... :cry:

People need to respect the simplicity that is WMM!!!!

Damn right! :lol:
Yes!! If you don't have enough money to "buy" Adobe Premiere, WMM is the next best thing. The poor mans video editing program. 8)

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