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GoldAMV [ZonaAMV]

Postby TritioAFB » Sat Oct 13, 2012 2:57 pm

The main contest of the ZonaAMV has finally begun


-You might need help from a translator since all the news related to this contest are only in Spanish, unless you're lucky enough to get me or madaraxD in the forum :up:

The rules:

-The GoldAMV is based in a certain 'theme'. This year theme is free-style

-No MEPs or Collabs allowed

-The judges:
ZonaAMV's Admnistrator

-First and Second Place will be selected by the judges. The third place will be selected by the users of ZonaAMV

-Only Anime is allowed. No Games, Manga, Live Action. No hentai and no gore

-As long as the music is not offensive to any group, it will be ok

-Lenght of the video: No shorter than 1 minute and no longer than 5 minutes. Credits shouldn't be longer than 1 minute

-There's a logo for this contest, and it should appear in the video. The lack of the logo means disqualification.
The logo can be found here:

-About the videos:

Accepted resolutions:
at least 640x480 and no more than 1920x1080.

Size of the file:
There'll be a restriction for the size in relation to the Time-Megabyte
This will be divided into high and low resolution. 720p for High resolution

· Low resolution: Allowed at maximun 20 Megabytes per minute of video
· High resolution: Allowed at maximun 40 Megabytes per minute of video

In case you want to extend a video with a higher size, a very well explained justification will be required

-Exclusivity rule present. So the video made for this contest is exclusive. Videos previously made are not allowed. And you can't show the video before the contest finish

-The Prizes:

First Place (Secret until october 28 :ying: )

Second Place (Secret until october 28 |:> )

Third Place (Special Mention :shark: )

* I recommend you to read the rules of the GoldAMV :asd:

-You got 1 month to make the video. After the month is gone, we'll start the evaluation of the clip, and the voting for the 3rd place.

-Start of the GoldAMV: October 12, 2012
-Final Deadline: November 5 to 11, 2012
-Exhibition of the first and second place: November tweenty-six, 2012
-Voting for the third Place: November tweenty-six to thirty, 2012
-Exhibition of the third place, December 1, 2012

End of the GoldAMV

-Ways to send the videos:
You'll send the videos through a hosting service web (sendspace, mediafire, bayfile)
And we'll open the section so that you can put the video in it.

-You have to list all the animes and music used

-This rules may change depending of the circunstances

Original Rules:

Signing-in Thread:

If you got questions, PM me

And that's all. The mighty battle between all the ZA community may start

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