Lucid Nightmare - The Halloween MEP [Compiling]

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Re: Lucid Nightmare - The Halloween MEP [Compiling]

Post by Kireblue » Sun Oct 30, 2011 9:59 pm

AllyKatAVR wrote:
AimoAio wrote:
FadingSundown wrote: A MEP where all parts were handed in on time, while the MEP was started a little more than a month ago. The sheet was easy to work with, no PMs where you can forget to send it to a person, or anything. Good organized, you should host more MEPs Code xD! Plus, thanks everyone for beta-testing, it was really helpful to me. I cant wait to see the absolute final MEP :D!
This FOR SURE. :up: It was awesome working with you all and Code, you're a great co-ordinator so make sure you host more MEPs! Cause I'll be joining them. ;)
x2~ :D
yeah Code. You're the best at what you do. I was on the fence about joining the Valentines day MEP, but the moment I read that you were helping out with it, I immediately signed up. And honestly, I probably wouldn't have even joined this Halloween MEP if it was coordinated by anyone else.


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