Request for Anime Expo 2018 Thursday AMV 101 Block Playlist

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Request for Anime Expo 2018 Thursday AMV 101 Block Playlist

Post by anonreed » Wed Jul 11, 2018 3:22 am

More specifically, I am trying to identify the name / creator / place where I can get a copy of an AMV shown during the AMV 101 block that mixed the anime Eureka Seven and "Someone in the Crowd" (from La La Land).

I know that in past years, Vlad has done the wonderful service of posting the AMV Room playlists a few days after the convention has wrapped up. I'm not waiting until then to make this request because I also know that these past playlist posts do not usually include the playlist for the AMV 101 block, probably because a lot of the clips shown aren't even complete (?) I also know how to use the Super Search, could not find it there, and believe I exhausted all other methods suggested for tracking down AMVs on my own.

Any assistance would be appreciated, and generally thank you for participating in this hobby and community I enjoy lurking in.

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Re: Request for Anime Expo 2018 Thursday AMV 101 Block Playlist

Post by XStylus » Thu Jul 12, 2018 1:42 am

Hi there!

I'm the guy who conducted that panel. The video in question is called: "Someone In The Gekkostate" by JamTheGolferProductions. Unfortunately, I don't think the editor has released it anywhere online yet.

Indeed, it's quite exquisite in terms of editorial finesse and conceptual execution. Would've scored it very highly in the event it was entered into if not for its rough video quality, thus my reason for presenting it in AMV101. It's a video that deserved to be shown, both for good reasons and for constructive reasons.

I genuinely hope we see more from that editor in the future though. Lots of talent there.
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