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Re: AWA VAT 2018 Professional Awards Discussion

Post by CrackTheSky » Mon Sep 10, 2018 11:38 am

Tried to be less salty than I have been in past years (but still honest). Hopefully I succeeded >_>

General impression is that this year probably had the most videos that I really liked, and the fewest that I really didn't, out of all the years I've entered. That, you guys really like EDM/radio pop and I don't know if that's a good thing.
Spoiler :
506 - Even Batman Needs Saving - I didn't think the source fit the music at all – it felt too goofy for a serious song. The voiceovers also didn't help...they were really out of place.

510 - It Rhymes - This was really good. Interesting use of split screen effects, solid editing throughout, a lot of variation in the way the effects were synced...just a really fun video to watch. Also a super unique Madoka video. Two thumbs up.

525 - Are Meow Ready - Fun video! Editing wasn't as tight as I'd have liked to see but it was entertaining throughout, and I could follow the story so props for that.

548 - Moonlighter - Geeze, this was fantastic. Really great use of the (usually cheesy) effects with the song. I dunno, this just felt really unique and I was into it right from the beginning.

549 - Row Row Remix - Really good editing, but this didn't do much for me, I think because I've been spoiled on really good drama Gurren Lagann videos, and I've just never been into the more action-y ones. But seriously, I need to reiterate – REALLY good editing.

565 - Pop Sequitur - I didn't get the joke. I'm not sure if there was one beyond the weird audio, and just setting a weird audio track to an anime doesn't automatically make a funny AMV.

571 - Calamity - Ok, I liked this a lot from an editing perspective, but, editor – whoever you are – neko kitkat made a Wind Waker video to this song two years ago in AWA Pro, and it was better. I just can't get behind this one, I'm sorry.

585 - Oh the Things You'll Never Do - I liked this a lot overall. The editing was a bit inconsistent, but there were some parts that I REALLY loved. I appreciated that this wasn't a typical heavy drama Kids on the Slope video. Good job!

586 - Miki Makimura - Better than I was expecting, and not edited in the annoying way that typical X videos are, but nothing about it was really outstanding to me.

589 - Something to Die Live For - Just about the most average video I've seen yet. I don't dig various-source live action videos anyway so there wasn't much here to grab me.

597 - Jump and Shoot - Meehhhh...uphill battle for me, I have yet to see a Hellsing video I like and this didn't change anything. Editing could have been tighter, overall just not my thing, sorry.

598 - Rule the World - Fine editing, just a boring video to me. Sorry, not much else to say on this one, it didn't jive with me.

607 - AuContraire - Pretty good, there were parts of this I really liked but there were also parts that I felt didn't really fit with the song too well. Above average, not my favorite thing here but good.

612 - Aberration - Great use of effects and a really tangible atmosphere. This was unique and really interesting, also really liked the use of color. I wish the scenes used had more variance but that was a pretty minor hangup, other than that this is very nice.

620 - The BEAT - I dunno, this felt too much like another video released earlier this year, but not done nearly as well. There was also a lack of cohesion to the sources that made it feel like a bit of a mess. There were a few things I did like but overall it felt kinda shoddy to me.

630 - The Slippery Slope - Not bad, good overview of what South Park is, but didn't do much for me. Too much lip flap is what really killed it, I think.

653 - tssapd - Song was funny, but that's about it.

656 - Called to the Trees - I've seen too many videos like this using this source that it had no effect on me. Editing was about what I'd expect from the song but it didn't engage me at all.

665 - One Trick Pony 4 - Troll video that's a ripoff of another YLIA video from AWA Pro three years ago.

674 - The Best Game You Can Name - Fun video, didn't overstay its welcome, all-around pretty enjoyable!

680 - Boruto's Dad the AMV - The video's title was the best part about this. The song choice was a little weird; I mean I kinda get it but some of the lyrics just have no analog to the anime and the scene choices were a little awkward. Meh.

692 - In Another Life - Didn't like this one, the song didn't really make sense with the anime and it all felt kinda forced. I also just didn't like the song, which probably fed into that.

696 - Iron Drowned - Completely generic action, mediocre editing, and some bad use of stock effects. Sorry, couldn't get into this even a little.

699 - I Don't Belong Here - Quality issues on this one...the aspect ratio for the third Evangelion movie is different than the others, might wanna fix that before you officially release it. Besides that, this one didn't bring anything to the table that I haven't seen done better in other videos.

701 - Gearless - Good trailer! I'm not one for trailers and there are certainly better ones out there, but this was pretty strong. One note though: it should be “than”, not “then”.

706 - Wombat Harness - Hahahaha I love it. I get it. The lyric sync. This was great. You should be proud.

726 - Impossible Comes True - I really didn't like the zoom transition motif that permeated the video. The live action cosplay stuff was also super misplaced and awkward. There wasn't really anything about this that I enjoyed.

733 - IDGAF - Very true to the spirit of the anime and overall a fun video. Enjoyed it!

737 - Dark Machiavelli - I almost really liked this one, the editing was great, but the song honestly kinda killed it for me. Nothing on you, Mr. or Ms. Editor, but it just wasn't to my taste.

739 - Protege - This was above average, but it still felt kinda generic at points. Good storytelling anyway. Probably need to watch a couple more times.

741 - Moonshine - Holy crap, by far my favorite video thus far. The mood in this was so on-point, and the loose editing fit super well. I loved the surreal atmosphere. Keep it up, this was phenomenal.

752 - Breaker of Chains - This was basically porn + fighting, and that's uh...not to my taste. The editing was alright, but scene selection was weird – cutting between the suggestive sex scenes and the intense fighting scenes didn't make sense to me and was a jarring juxtaposition. There wasn't anything here for me unfortunately.

756 - Time to Rise - Lyric sync was on-point, I just didn't think it was very funny. Well-edited, though. This'd probably be a good con video.

757 - 9 to 5 - Not bad, not bad. A little different than other Aggretsuko videos I've seen, so props. One thing, be sure to disable resample on your clips on the timeline before your final render, to get rid of all the ghosting that's going on here.

758 - The Enchanted Place - This was a cute video. I don't have too much to say about it, it was edited well and I got the story and I felt the feels. Good stuff.

764 - Silver Screen Dreamer - I think I liked this better than the other video that used this source, but only slightly. What are the chances of such an old source like this being used twice in the same year though? Crazy. Anyway, nice job, loved the storytelling, editing was pretty slick.

771 - Tell No Tales - Shockingly good. Not what I expected at all, and I think this is the first One Piece video I've seen that I liked. You really honed in on the eerie mood of the song and nailed it. Very very good.

780 - Good Time - It was ok. The song worked with the source really well, and it was edited fine, but live action videos typically aren't my thing and this didn't do anything well enough to convince me otherwise.

792 - March of Conformity - I don't think this is a source that needed a music video made to it. This just felt really cheesy and not in a charming way.

801 - Reprisal - Fairly generic heavy drama vid, but it was edited well and the effects weren't too overdone. Not much more I have to say, it was alright.

805 - Circuit Tree - Progressed just like every other Metropolis video out there, so nothing surprising in this one, but it was enjoyable. Editing was good. I enjoyed the simplicity. No emotional impact for me though.

809 - Lion's Vigor - Some of the internal sync here was cool, but mostly this felt like a really generic action video.

828 - Colors of Guilt - This left almost no impression on me. I feel like a lot of editors are making safe videos like this to safe pop songs like this and this felt like another drop in that ocean.

834 - A Place For Us - I just couldn't take this seriously, I'm sorry, and it's not just the concept of the anime you used, it's the actual animation style. The mood of the anime just didn't match the mood of the song at all.

840 - All the Blame - This felt like a montage of faces. There wasn't any dynamism or anything that made it interesting to me. Also really didn't like the constant zoom transitions. Not my thing.

858 - KON - I felt like this is one of those combinations that seems obvious, but after putting them together it didn't actually really work at all. Editing was fine, I just didn't buy into the concept.

859 - Revel in the Dark - Wow, that was fun, and SUPER well-edited. Was into this one from the moment it started. I have no critiques, this was fantastic, exactly the kind of video I'm always looking for.

869 - Storm - I thoroughly enjoyed this. Very good storytelling, restrained editing and strong emotional pull. Basically everything a good drama video should be.

870 - A New Light - This was adorable and REALLY well-edited. Kinda like the previous video, I loved the more restrained approach and the storytelling elements. I have nothing to really criticize, I was enamored with this one and I hope it does well. Also, the atmosphere here was just so...relaxed? I dunno, it was a bit of a unique approach to romance and I feel like it came out really well.

871 - Pachyderm Panic - It's crazy to me how many different ways people have been able to use this source. Although I've seen a fair share of psychedelic Madoka videos, this is a new approach and I loved it. Super weird and walking a very fine line between “fun” and “horror”, which are two genres that almost never go together. Great job.

873 - Why We Ride - I admire your willingness to try and do something different here, but I don't think it worked at all. The concept was lacking any kind of dynamism and couldn't be sustained for the full five minutes of the song. Some of the footage was also kinda cheesy and the editing couldn't keep up with the pace of the music.

882 - The Worst Little Witch - It was fine. A trailer has to go above and beyond for me to really like it at all, much less love it, and this one felt pretty standard and safe, so it wasn't too memorable.

887 - Mess is Mine - Ehhh...I will say that as someone who has no interest whatsoever in SAO, this did engage me a little more than some other SAO videos I've seen, however the scene selection felt way too static. Pretty much every scene was the two characters staring at each other or hugging or crying. There was no narrative to speak of, and scenes flipped between settings with no rhyme or reason. Kind of a quintessential “hands and faces” video -- it didn't give me any reason to care for the characters (repetitious melodramatic scenes aren't reason enough for me). The editing was also a bit rough in places.

888 - The Lego Music Video - I didn't have high hopes for this going in, but you COMPLETELY subverted my expectations. This was freaking awesome, I would not have pictured this working as well as it did. I think it was thanks in large part to the super slick editing, but you also killed it with great scene selection. I loved this.

896 - Magnum Modus Big Mood - Whoa. This kept getting better and better. Love this style of editing, and you nailed the mood and drama of both the anime and the song. Really well done!

906 - Ultimate GameGrl - Ok, so, the concept was solid and the editing/FX usage was pretty great, but good Lord what an awful song. I couldn't get into the video even a little because of that, I'm sorry.

909 - Nutcracker Fantasy Four Realms Edition - I'm not really sure what to make of this. I think there could have been a whole lot more editing, although I didn't dislike what you did. It just felt like there were more audio cues that could have used syncing. It was ok, but I wish there had been...more, just in general, if that makes sense.

917 - Ready for the Popuko - I didn't get it. I assume this is a joke(?) that requires familiarity with the source, which I don't have. In general though, it was barely edited and the text looked bad, and the gag went on for way too long. If it was supposed to be more of a sentimental retrospective on the anime, it didn't work as that either. Nothing about this really worked for me.

919 - BELIEVER - Ok, so credit where it's due, this is probably the best My Hero Academia video I've seen, however it's a fairly low bar and I don't tend to like these types of videos very much. Editing on this was pretty sick though, and despite fricking HATING this song I was engaged throughout. So, good job I guess?

920 - Be Proud - I don't prefer bringing up previous videos when leaving my thoughts on new ones, but it's really hard not to in this case because Otaku Paradise was released a few years ago and I really don't think anyone can use this song better than it was used in that video. This video just fell really flat most of the time anyway; I didn't like your use of the fades to black, and the scene selection was like a highlight reel of some of the most overused scenes in AMVs over the last several years. It all felt rather forced and it didn't get through to me at all.

929 - Last Sorrow - There have been a whole bunch of K-pop videos released this year, and this was probably my favorite – but that's not saying much as I've really disliked almost all of them. This worked pretty well for the most part, my main issue is that it feels like every single other weepy YLIA video I've seen, and doesn't really do anything to stand out. I did really like the last 45ish seconds though.

931 - Put Your Hands Up - Eh, it's fine. The editing almost gave me a headache though, so many cuts and zooms. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, as it's the style you were going for, but it's not something I'm particularly fond of. This was a pretty generic multi-anime action video, not much stood out to me.

932 - Where Is My Mind - This was a pretty good drama/horror video, I got way more into it than I usually do with live action stuff. Editing was on-point, and generally had a really excellent vibe about it. There were a few scenes that felt a little misplaced but other than that, good work!

934 - Chobit Persocom Unit - I appreciate your honesty, at least. This actually wasn't bad and was a solid joke off of the anime, but someone who hasn't seen or knows nothing about Chobits probably wouldn't get it. It didn't make me laugh but it wasn't the worst minute I've spent watching videos in this contest.

935 - Breakneck Sped - Ok I laughed, good trollish video.

940 - Kakegurui Rules the World - Ok, lot of problems with this one. The stock effects didn't look good, at all. The cuts were inconsistent and didn't follow any kind of pattern, there were a lot of times you zoomed in on someone's face or something so much that the video became clearly general, there was just a lot wrong with this from an editing perspective and I didn't enjoy it.

966 - Purely Bloom - Above average video here – it made the anime look interesting, although I'll probably never watch it because I haven't heard much good about it. Some nice, subtle editing choices here and there and generally good sense of flow and storytelling. It just didn't pop out to me in any way.

967 - Warframe Eidolaclast - Wow, that audio quality was horrific. Video had many other problems too – not enough actual editing, scenes dragged on for way too long, and the mixing of gameplay footage with cinematics didn't look good at all. This one just kinda felt like a mess. I will say the game looks cool though.

969 - Welcome to the Ballroom Fred Astaire - Man, I felt like the song/anime combination was spot-on, but the editing left a lot to be desired. There wasn't nearly enough cuts and motion throughout the video to match the pace of the music. Even simple things like quick zooms and such could have made the video feel less static. You may want to consider reworking this before final release because you have something really cool here, you just need to pick up the pace on the actual editing.

985 - Commercial A30 - Isn't this a parody of a series of commercials from like, 3 or 4 years ago? I dunno, it didn't do anything for me, even though you got the scenes down. Not my thing.

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Re: AWA VAT 2018 Professional Awards Discussion

Post by Tigrin » Mon Sep 10, 2018 8:51 pm

Okay, here are my notes for the videos. Most of these notes are my impressions the first time I watched each video. I then went back after a couple viewings and added more notes. If you want more notes or to discuss what I said, feel free to PM me or message me on Discord. Overall I really enjoyed the videos and had fun with my first AWA Pro. :) Thanks everyone!
Spoiler :
506- daww. A lot of lip flap but that’s hard to avoid in animated movies like this one I think. I think it had a strong emotional core and I liked the moments of voiceover, but I kind of wish the story was more focused. It would have made for a natural story progression to see Batman starting off alone and then focus more on his relationships with the other characters in “saving” him. There’s a little bit of it but the threads are left unfinished (like with Alfred towards the middle). Also, remember to remove the letterboxing.
510- I really like the motif of the four screens and it’s really well edited, but it made it really difficult to know where to look at any given time. I’m not sure what the mood of this is supposed to be. The upbeat song and the lip sync/lyric sync give it a comedic effect but the images and story seem a lot more serious. The lyrics work well with the source but the discord between the music and anime throw me off I guess. I want to like it.
525- I liked the beat sync and the constant energy to the video. I liked weaving in the animals and the girl. It’s a simple but effective concept.
548- I thought the music was a great fit for the source but I wish I understood the lyrics a little better. This video felt kind of old school with the blinds and zoom transitions and some of the longer cuts which goes well with the source. I kind of wish there was more of a narrative focus because it jumps around a lot. I thought it was a fun Sailor Moon tribute.
549 – This was fun to watch. It had great energy. The song felt like a good fit though I’m not sure I like this remix. The transitions and such felt smooth.
565- what did I just watch
571- I liked the mood in this one. I couldn’t understand the lyrics very well so I’m not sure if they were a good fit or not. The editing felt fluid. The footage seems unusually soft in focus, is that what the original looks like? I can’t decide if the softness fits the mood well or if it makes the footage quality feel more compressed. Hmm. I haven’t played any Zelda games so I couldn’t really follow the narrative.
585- I loved this combo but I think I am biased. Enjoyed watching it. I really wish you hadn’t cut out the first ten seconds of the song, it makes the start of the video feel really abrupt and damn if it wouldn’t have made a nice opening moment to sync the hits on the drum sticks (though off the top of my head I’m not sure if this shot exists in the anime). The fast cuts at the opening go by way too fast to make out; again, this is where having the full opening of the song would help with establishing the setting. I wonder if the pace of the video/cuts wasn’t too slow for the song, particularly towards the end. Could use some more motion to some of the especially still scenes.
586- Video quality was a little poor and the masking was really rough and jagged with no antialiasing. The added effects like the birds at 1:36 felt odd and obviously out of place. Didn’t really like it, but I felt the mood was strong and the music fitting.
589- I didn’t want to like this at first because it’s so many different sources, but I felt like this video pulled off making them work together and making something that felt like a fun but meaningful teen anthem. I liked how some of the scenes flowed into each other. I wish the editing was a bit faster in some places and some of the sync needs work.
597- I liked the lyric sync, not all that familiar with the source so I didn’t see much of a story or anything but it was enjoyable, it makes a dark source fun. Some of the internal sync is great.
598- Again I liked some of the lyric sync and it was nice to see some bits of the show that weren’t just the battles to give it a little more depth. I wasn’t totally sure how the lyrics connect to the source since I haven’t seen it. This might be a personal preference but maybe don’t fade to complete black?
607- Not at all familiar with the source so I’m not sure how the song connects to it, but I really enjoyed the quirky scene selection and how it went with the music. The variety of pacing that follows the music is good too. That being said the whole thing felt very random. Chair spinning shots are my favorite haha.
612- I get the aim of the dream-like mood with the color overlays and the blurs and the slow, repetitive music, but it wore out its welcome. The occasional lip sync felt out of place. The repetitive flashing towards the end made it hard to watch.
620- I chuckled at the subtitles and it was cute, but didn’t care much for the digital block screen tearing effects, and the choice of sources felt random; it just went from one to the other without any particular connection or reason. With a song like this it might have been better to more carefully choose sources that fit the tone.
630- I’m definitely biased towards this one because of my history with South Park, but the lyric sync in this was amazingly on point and the references go by so fast. It was amazing. Absolutely a favorite. Maybe remove the added yellow text though.
653- I won’t get that time back, but I did chuckle at the back and forth with the live action cat, RIP cat
656- I’m not sure why the 16:9 footage was letterboxed to 4:3. Fairly standard Grave of the Fireflies video, wasn’t familiar with the song. A friend who watched it with me was familiar with the song and loved the weird cover of it. I’m not sure the connection with Grave of the Fireflies.
665- please stop
674- I don’t care about hockey but this was cute, I felt like the sources all fit together well but I guess it helps that they’re all hockey-related. It had such a fun mood and the lyric sync was great.
680- Made me want to watch Boruto, the art/animation has come a long way. I liked this because it’s an unconventional action video with some story/heart to it. I enjoyed watching this. I definitely wish the narrative was more focused, especially with this particular song. The elements in there of Boruto’s relationship to his family and his family’s past were great but often lost in the shuffle.
692- Clever manipulation of the footage to fit the song. The scenes have a good flow to them. It was an emotional watch. I think maybe some of the scene selection could have been more carefully chosen (for instance, “new extremes” but nothing is particularly going in the scene other than writing on a chalkboard that people who can’t read Japanese won’t know).
696- Got thrown off at first because I recognized the song from another AMV. But it’s a nice action AMV. Can’t understand the lyrics so don’t know if they fit. (LATER) It was explained to me this is a parody of another AMV. I appreciate the insane effort that went into matching up to the original but I’m not sure what the motivation was. As a parody it’s not particularly funny or anything, and even though I’d seen the original, I didn’t get right away it was a parody until someone told me. I’m still just uncomfortable with this one.
699- It looks like the aspect ratio is wrong in some shots? It’s better to crop the whole video down to 4:3 rather than stretching or shrinking a shot. Other that that I really loved the song choice and felt it was a great fit for Shinji. This song keeps getting stuck in my head. I think the flow of some of the scenes could be better; particularly through the slower scenes in the beginning. I feel like there was a missed opportunity to show some of the particularly creepy scenes with Shinji, but maybe it’s better to show some restraint? I don’t know. Some of the zoom outs in the chorus get repetitive and I’m not sure it’s best to have them come to a complete stop; if you’re going to keep it, maybe do a fast zoom out and then a slower zoom to finish out the sequence so the stop doesn’t kill the flow. I like the progression towards the more intense parts of the song.
701- The footage looks a bit too compressed? The titles are great and this is a good match up. I feel like the narrative comes through clearly. It’d be nice to see a little more of who’s talking later on in the trailer (who’s the female voice?).
706- That interlacing. :< But a lovely tribute. I think this is supposed to be a parody but I think it works well on its own as a sentimental video honestly. I think it shows a lot of love for Steve. I’ve been watching a lot of nature documentaries lately so I think I am feeling especially sentimental about people who work with animals.
726- oh god there’s cover versions already. Should be called “this is the greatest anime” just saying. I appreciate that there’s a bit of lyric sync to make the choice of sources feel less random. It’s nitpicky but it looks like there’s a bit of disparity in some of the aspect ratio of the sources (the Yugioh movie); just take a moment to either scale them up or down to fit the full frame. If your largest source is 1280x720, scale down the larger ones to fit that. I’m not sure how I feel about the punchy zoom transitions, it gets a bit irritating though I see how it fits the music. The inclusion of convention shots feels just a tad pandering and out of place. I’d say maybe weave them into more of the video but it will always feel a bit random and out of place.
733- would love an uncensored version. :D Great, a fun watch and a good fit for this anime.
737- Don’t know how I feel about the overlay effects, they felt a little cheesy though I liked the ashes at the beginning. Kind of dragged a bit but I felt like the song was a good fit for Code Geass. Good build up to the ending.
739- I think it’s a sweet video. It’s a nice character profile with a solid story. Gives me feelings about Voltron, particularly that ending.
741- Not familiar with the anime, but I thought the video had a good atmosphere and flowed well even with the long running time. The music feels like a good fit for the visuals.
752- Thought it was well edited, but man, I could have used a trigger warning or something
756- war is hell. I can’t decide if this is fun or horrifying. The lyric sync and lip sync were good I think. I’m not much of a Fate fan but still worth a chuckle.
757- hahaha yesss too cute. I kind of wish some of the scene selection was better, I feel like it falls apart and gets more random towards the end. Also ironically ends on the same frame as the other Aggretsuko video. Just sums up the conflict well I suppose.
758- Cute. :D I haven’t seen the movie so it took me a bit to disentangle it from the movie that’s in theaters about a different character. I THINK I understood the story but I’m not entirely sure to be honest. This is such an obvious song choice since it was used before in a trailer for Winnie the Pooh. That being said it’s still a song I associate with Winnie the Pooh and embrace the combo wholeheartedly.
764- Video quality could probably be better, but it seems to mostly just be a bad transfer (dust and scratches/tearing from the original film source). I liked the song/source combo and thought the story was clear. Made a kind of funny source dramatic.
771- I didn’t know One Piece could be scary?? This was a well-done mood twist and felt completely unexpected. Enjoyed watching it.
780- The lyric sync on this made me chuckle. I wish some parts were edited a little faster to the music
792- hahaha not familiar with this source or song but this was a great combo.
801- I don’t know how I feel about the effects? I haven’t seen the source so personally it was hard to follow the story. It took watching it a few times to see some of the great lyric sync. But the mood was solid, this is a great drama video.
805- Nice, I liked the mood of this one, but I wish I understood more of the lyrics. The flow of the shots and the sync work well. Maybe with that really long build up of the audio in the beginning, do a very long fade up from black? I kept wondering if there was something wrong with my volume.
809- I haven’t seen this series and didn’t realize it was so serious/violent? The internal sync and flow of this were really great. Another very strong action video.
828- I liked the variety in the pacing of the cuts and the sync. Seems like a wasted opportunity not to experiment with desaturating parts though
834- poor video quality made it hard to watch but considering the source I’m not sure if there’s much to be done about that. This pairing works unexpectedly well, but I wish there was more to it; more motion or feeling to match the build of the song. But again, that’s the limitation of the source, which has very limited animation. It sacrifices some of the execution for a novel pairing and unfortunately causes it to fall short.
840- the zoom transition wore out its welcome really fast and became really predictable. I get the concept is highlighting the different characters but it gave the whole video a feeling of randomness and a lack of structure. Even knowing the source well I don’t follow the direction, other than to sync lyrics about eyes to shots of eyes. When the music picks up it would be better to be a little punchier with the scene selection and drop the fades. The pacing felt very even. It’s okay to do hard cuts.
858- Lip sync could have definitely been better, especially in the singing sections, but it’s a cute concept. Some of the sync and flow of the clips could have been better.
859- I liked this, it was cute and loved the flow in the editing. The sync works well and it has a great bubbly mood. I found later on that I couldn’t really remember this so it didn’t make a big impression, I think because I’m not familiar with the source and couldn’t follow the choices of scenes or who the characters were.
869- I thought the song was a great fit and appreciate the restraint in saving the storm footage for later on. I had trouble following the narrative even though I’ve seen the source. A couple rewatches helped to clearly see the shifts in character focus and make connections. The overall video has a good flow and arc to the mood.
870- A sweet video, I thought it had a nice serene mood to it and the pacing of the clips flows well.
871- unexpectedly amazing fit?? I love how certain scenes were chosen to fit with the style of music. Just fantastic.
873- I didn’t like this, sorry. It would have been an interesting video if it just focused on motorcycles in anime or something. But the live action parts often felt like a 90s video, and the whole thing didn’t feel like it was edited to the music or anything. The music seems to change halfway. That being said if there’s some original footage here I appreciate the effort, just wish it was put to better use.
882- cuts felt a little rushed or rough sometimes. Cute but short.
887- aww. My only comment is that sometimes the timing of the cuts felt awkward and there wasn’t a particular flow to the camera moves. But it made me like these two again.
888- Not sure why it’s letterboxed. I’m not really sure about the song choice for The Lego Movie. Some of the cuts felt a little fast or mistimed.
896- I’m not sure if I understand the story, but I like the editing in this with the overlays and crossfades.
906- Haha, I liked the section with all the different games. A fun concept to an annoying song.
909- I’ve never heard of this but the two sources fit well together. The font of the titles doesn’t really seem to fit.
917- I didn’t understand this parody and had to look up the original music video. Really meh about it. The stroke/outer glow on the text could use some work, it’s uneven in places.
919- I liked this character profile of Deku… sometimes I felt like the sync could have been better… but otherwise nice.
920- I liked the upbeat mood of this, but I’m wondering why these particular sources together? It just goes from one to another without any particular connection. Maybe avoid the fades to complete black, it felt like something was missing in those spots.
929- This is well edited and visually it fits well to the music, but I didn’t understand the lyrics and the bits of English came across unintentionally funny. I don’t think being able to understand the lyrics is at all necessary but it feels like I’m missing something in terms of not being able to understand the scene selection other than how they seem to fit the narrative of the source.
931- I liked the motion and flow in the clips, but again, why all these different sources together and why are they the same as previous videos??
932- Creepy. I had to rewatch this again after having a friend explain the source to me. I feel like the overlays are used well and the mood of the video is very strong. Scene selection is well chosen with a nice variety.
934- haha I liked it, short but good, don’t put yourself down. I get this song stuck in my head constantly now.
935- they do have long necks, you’re right
940- I felt like the mood worked well but was a little distracted by the lip flap. I wish there was a little more structure to it. Some of the footage appears to have been scaled up which compromises the image quality.
966- Cute, I thought it was a simple but clear video that made me want to see the source :D I think my only crit is it could be a bit more active sometimes with the pacing, and the narrative could be tighter (don’t compromise the flow of the story just to score some lyric sync).
967- Came across like a cool gameplay trailer. I’m not really familiar with the source; it seemed cool but I couldn’t tell if there was meant to be a story or something in particular other than just looking cool. The sound effects added to the trailer vibe. It felt like it went on a little long.
969- I liked this source/song combo, I just wish the editing was faster so it fit the energy of the music. That might be a limitation of the source if the dance scenes aren’t animated much.
985- Thought it was a funny combination. Otherwise not much to say. The lip sync works well. The addition of the soda cans felt a little rough.

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Re: AWA VAT 2018 Professional Awards Discussion

Post by EnQuatre » Thu Sep 13, 2018 7:38 pm

My reviews are below! Feel free to ping me if you'd like to get more detailed thoughts on your vid. Overall, really enjoyed the entries this year, so good job everyone!
Spoiler :
This one had a lot of heart, which I enjoyed! I did feel that the pacing was a little strange, however. This may ultimately be due to the quirky, dynamically-animated source combining poorly with a slow song.

Original concept, solid execution. Clean lip sync, clever lyric sync, and creatively edited! Static effect could use a little touching up in places, and the video can be visually confusing at points.

Really like the sync in this one. Great upbeat mood, solid storytelling and pacing. Nice job!

Interesting concept, both nostalgic but also romantic. The retro fx were indeed quite cool. I did feel though that the romance/dating portion could have been introduced a little earlier in the video.

One of my favorites. Nice sync, and the camera motion flows quite well. Over the top in a very appropriate way!

Funny bait-and-switch. Good lip(?) sync throughout? Scene selection was good to match the silliness. Simple video, not much else to say!

This video did full justice to the beauty of the game, and developed the relationship between Link and Zelda well. I have never played any of the Zelda games (I know…) so I did find elements of the story difficult to follow. Editing-wise the video also lingered on some scenes a little too long in places.

Goofy and touching storytelling. A little static at points especially outside of the chorus, and I’d have liked the scenes to flow a little faster to match the beat of the song in parts.

Good atmosphere. Pretty major issues with video quality, however, particularly in darker scenes. Would also have liked to see a little more attention to pacing--once the rap lyrics started, I feel like an increase in the tempo of the visuals would have made a stronger impact.

Nice lyric sync and flow. Compared to many of the other multi-source videos, I felt like this one utilized the sources in a smarter manner, making sure they were well-distributed and recurring. The darkened Star Wars footage looked a little out of place. Not a fan of ending with the Umbridge chomp--seemed like a strange note to end the video on.

Niiice internal sync, and great lyric sync. Good overall action edit with a lot of character. It may be short, but it’s well-executed and I’m struggling to come up with anything to critique.

Nice intro. I had a bit of a love/hate relationship with some of the sync--some of it was creative, but there were some parts in which pretty powerful beats were missed. I did also think the ending was a little abrupt and could have been set up better.

Really creative and interesting sync. Can’t think of any other way to put it--the scene selection and choices made about what to sync to were creative and fit the song’s pace and tone well. This video had a great atmosphere and made me curious about the source.

I do appreciate the ambition of this video, and I think I understood the goal behind the lyric sync, but in the end the overall effect was overwhelming. The blurriness and sluggish pace ends up suffocating, and the flashes towards the end all make it a little too much.

I really love some things about this one! The internal sync is on point, and the technicals are pretty cool. I did think that the choice and use of sources was a little inconsistent. Your Name and Devilman? Some sources also appeared only to disappear later, or only appeared towards the end.

Apologies, but I can’t really evaluate this one fairly, since I honestly hate South Park. Sorry!

This one was a laugh. Multiple laughs actually. This video had an objective and accomplished it, and I respect that.

Really liked this one. Powerful scene choice and combination, and nice pacing.


This one was lots of fun. Nice attention to the lyrics, and I liked the ending sequence with the kid scoring. Comfy video.

I appreciate that even though I’ve never watched Naruto/Boruto outside of AMVs, I was able to understand the main themes and relationships well. Snappy action editing and nice lyric sync. Some of the conflicts/fights were poorly contextualized to me, but again, I haven’t seen the source.

One problem I had was that much of the scene choice in this video focused on the characters during childhood, with the effect that I didn’t feel the relationships between the teenage characters was successfully conveyed. Interesting twist ending though.

Impressive effort to match the scene choice and editing of the original as much as possible. I almost feel though that attempting to match the serious tone as well resulted in a missed opportunity, as making the video more silly might have made it a funnier, more effective parody without sacrificing the cut-for-cut aspect.

Powerful video, with nice escalation. Wanted to see a little more explanation of Rei’s relationship with Shinji, although since NGE is so well-known you can lean on audience knowledge for that. Felt that it also dragged a little towards the end, but the bleak imagery alleviated that somewhat.

Cool trailer with nice scene choice and editing. I felt an urge for just a liiiitle more oomph in one or two of the “IgotIgotIgot…” fast-paced sections, since some of the other sections with that beat were synced more tightly.

Wrap your arms around me.
Wrap your arms around me.
I am lost.
I am lost.
If I ain't got you here
If I ain't got you, I ain't got nothing at
Well played good sir. Some people thought your parody wasn’t a parody, but I appreciated the parallels. At the same time, you also manage to make it a compelling tribute to a great man. Touche.

Strong beat sync, and nice pacing with the song. I’d like to see more conscientious mixing of the sources throughout the video so that they recur repeatedly and don’t come as a surprise or get forgotten about. I’d also love to see a little more internal sync through.

Dynamic edit, with good pacing. Matches the mood and intensity of the song well. I’d have liked to see a liiiitle tighter sync in places to match the pace of the song, but overall well-edited.

Really liked this one, particularly the internal sync and overall structure of the AMV. The overlays as other people have mentioned could be re-examined, as could some of the technicals, but the foundation of this video is strong--I like the flow and mood.

Really nice scene choice and storytelling. Considering that I know nothing of Voltron, the story was conveyed really clearly along with the relationship. I appreciated the creative internal sync during the fight scene to match the instrumentals.

Very nicely done. Trippy and artsy editing that keeps up variety throughout, and also good story progression. I feel like there’s an inherent risk of dragging the pacing given the song, but this video staves it off for the most part well.

Powerful video. I’m told that the source series has a radically different tone, in which case I respect the mood that this created. I felt like the protagonist’s role was a bit unclear… both abused captive and knight? I also felt that the ending was a touch abrupt.

Funny concept and great use of the song for the ending. This concept hinged upon the scene selection for the lyric sync and this was done well. Clever video.

Good scene selection and lyric sync. I also appreciated the sync to the underlying instrumentals during some of the comedy bits. I felt that the freeze-frame ending and the fade out were a tad anticlimactic, but it’s tough with songs from that era that all use fade-outs.

Fun incorporation of the cartoon segments, and good storytelling. Nice sentimental video with good pacing.

Nice scene selection, and I appreciated starting/ending the videos on bookends. I did feel that the song was a little flat, so a little more attention could have been paid to varying up the pacing. Overall a nice sentimental edit!

Very unique video with great atmosphere. I felt that the editing style changed appropriately to fit the changing texture of the song. I would not have thought that such a ponderous pacing could have worked as well as it did, but I liked it. The Hellsing clip does stand out, however--it’s just so recognizable and contrasts strongly in terms of art.

This song demands careful attention to lyric sync, which was well-delivered here. A solid edit overall. Story-wise the plot of the two movies doesn’t mix particularly well, but it’s not essential to the concept of the video.

Silly enjoyable vid. This goofy source-song combo was made for each other, and the scene choice worked well.

Really enjoyed this one. Nice escalation, love the beat sync and the fx work is quite creative. The internal sync particularly stands out at some points! Some of the transitions work really well as a result, although there are a couple where the scenes change abruptly.

This AMV may have spoiled the movie for me, but I can hardly be angry. This was quite well done! Thought that the pacing, storytelling, and transitions were strong, and the key peaks in the song were hit well. Also enjoyed this one.

A good draction AMV. Nice flow in terms of action, and I appreciated the consistency in the use of sync. I did think that some of the scene choice was discombobulated. The series of fast punching clips at that one point of the song was a creative way to use footage.

I liked this one! Artsy use of the footage, and I felt that the choice of a more flowy, loose internal sync was appropriate for the song. Solid drama vid.

This one was really cute! Considering the limited amount of footage, this was really well done. The gags were well-delivered, and the central relationship and story were shown well through storytelling. Heartwarming and a job well done!

This video had some really nice scene choice and pacing. Having never heard anything about this source, I felt able to follow the story quite well. The push in/push out transitions worked well in terms of making the AMV feel unified. Some of the individual transitions could use a little cleanup if the contrast between neighboring clips is high. I also felt that some clips, such as the sunrise clip, were held just a little long.

A pretty fun trailer! Incorporation of the dialogue from the trailer was done in a really funny way, and the titles, structure, etc… of the video followed the original trailer nicely. Could use a little touching up in places, but the important things for an entertaining trailer are already all there!

Really liked the blend of action, romance, and comedy that this one pulled off. Really really nice sync, especially with some of the ramping. Pacing was spot-on too. Props also for the ending shot. The one clip from A Place Further doesn’t really fit and is too recognizable for those who have seen that show, however.

This one was a mixed bag for me. The storytelling concerning the relationship of the two central characters was strong, but not having seen the movie the AMV didn’t sufficiently explain the role or meaning of the grandmother and child to me. Could be missing something. Nice overall mood to the video.

Really liked this one too. Nice and cute, and well-paced. Liked the subtle ramping/cuts in some clips to match the bass line, etc.

Never would have thought of this as a concept, haha. That said, it fits well and is well-executed! The elephants are well-integrated into the original animation, and the overall atmosphere is just right. I appreciated the effort spent matching some of the sound fx from the instrumentals to the visuals.

I think this is a really cool concept and the editor’s passion for the idea shows clearly. Similar with many of the other multi-anime AMVs this year, however, I’d have liked to see the sources integrated more thoughtfully, particularly in conjunction with the live-action footage. Series pop up, only to disappear. I understand that only the motorcycle footage from each show was relevant, but nevertheless.

Another fun trailer. Good lip sync particularly in the first half, and the scene selection throughout was strong. I think this one did the most it could with the trailer audio that it was given, which frankly didn’t provide very many opportunities for drama or comedy.

Nice classic romance video. I did think that some of the scene choice was a little repetitive with multiple ring-gifting sequences, but the relationship as a whole was well-developed over the course of the AMV.

Great song-source combo that works well with the quirky lego animation. I appreciated the attention to managing the focal points for the viewer for some of the more chaotic sequences. Nice lyric sync attention and pacing throughout as well!

I liked the character/relationship drama that this one developed. The attention to symbology, etc, also ties the video together nicely, and I liked a lot of the transitions between abstract and non-abstract scenes.

Great execution of a fun song-source combo. Dat sympathetic pain though for the ending sequence… The lyric sync was spot-on throughout. You had my vote in a number of categories--nice job!

Visually, this one fit together nicely and generated a strong overall creepy mood.

Silly yet also sentimental. I did feel that the concept got a little old towards the end and I would have liked to see a break during some of the faster bits, for instance.

Some nice internal and beat sync in this one. I do feel that this video has the same problem that a lot of the My Hero videos have, which is strange story progression due to the need to incorporate hero examinations, the sport festival, etc… I would also have liked to see a little richer sync during the fast-paced vocals between the choruses.

Very dynamic editing. This one also has the multi-AMV issue where the sources are integrated inconsistently. I also felt a desire for a more unifying theme and consistent concept--the tone seemed to shift between nostalgic/sentimental, action, etc… and there wasn’t a core idea tying the sources together.

Strong drama video with great escalation with the song. Nice scene selection and sync. Really liked this one!

Nice lyric sync. I felt that this was among the multi-source AMVs in the contest that did a better job integrating the multiple sources--I appreciated the match cuts, the consistency with which the sources generally recurred throughout the video, and the maintenance of pacing. A little more attention might have been paid towards maintaining video quality across all the sources.

Intense stuff. Generally well-cut and a strong edit that hit the essential beats of the song. Well-executed in terms of storytelling as well.

This one was actually pretty fun and didn’t even need the disclaimer! Lip sync could be cleaned up, and this would stand alone just fine.

Giraffes are majestic and graceful creatures

I think that one thing that would have improved this video would have been a little more attention to the overall structure and story--currently it’s a bit of a wild mix of psychopathy, but incorporating a bit of progression to the narrative would be helpful.

Good job condensing the story down to 02 and Hiro’s relationship. Sentimental scene choice. The video works fine for those who have seen the show, but one suggestion I would make would be to give a little more context to the conflict with the klaxosaurs for the benefit of non-viewers.

I really needed a little more context to what was happening in this video to be able to fully appreciate it. In particular, the black and white segments made it difficult to distinguish characters from one another.

This video has a solid foundation and is well-executed in parts. During the highlights, I really enjoyed the attention to internal sync (footsteps, ponytale, final competition dancing, etc…) In other parts, however, it ends up feeling a little static.

Would have liked a little polishing of the text effects and drink cans. Lip sync and scene selection was good for this concept though!

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Re: AWA VAT 2018 Professional Awards Discussion

Post by BecauseImBored1 » Fri Sep 14, 2018 9:45 pm

But this is what I finished today
Spoiler :

630 - Pretty spot on lyric sync you got there. I enjoyed the subtle internal sync through out the vid especially considering the source material. There was a few scenes (like one or two really) that were a bit stagnant and screen a bit to long but the overall flow was nice and fun.

896- I thoroughly enjoy this video. I normally despise cross fades but I love the smooth ones you did throughout the vid, that being said there are a few short ones (like 2-3 frames) that come across pretty jarring, mainly towards the beginning. I love literal sync and i love how you did it dramatically and really brings out a great feel. The video how such intense emotion through out but I do wish there was a little more umpf to the final break down starting at like 2:47. The rest of the video is so intense that it feels a bit lacking. But def one of my favs this year!

756 - This vid did exactly what it set out to. A few editing issues, like the lip sync is a bit off and it could use a bit more motion some places but this vid did exactly what it intended and I enjoy this concept alot.

906- Pretty fun concept. Considering how long the lip sync part it, it be nice to have a bit more dynamic moments and tighter lip sync. The breakdown list of games was really fun lyric sync though. And I always like a dark ending. But I do wish there was a bit more to look at throughout.

780- Pretty enjoyable live action. It had moments of some good lyric sync but the pacing overall was pretty onenote. Nothing really changed verse to verse or verse to chorus.

871- I liked this vid it was fun. The elephants were a great touch but then you just completely stopped using them so the concept was kinda lost. It made the whole instrumental not make sense and just had the fun visual madoka scenes. Also feels like its lacking a definite ending makes the story feel unfinished.

771- Love this one such a good combo. PLEASE take the Hellsing scene out, I get it you were going for lyric sync but it just doesn’t fit quite right especially since no one was ten shown like dead or headless or anything. 1:41 flower mouth on dinner im obsessed with!!! Overall I really enjoyed this video.

607- I really couldn’t get into this video. It felt kinda flat for some reason. After a few watches I did notice some fun like quirky dark moments but couldn’t really feel that throughout I feel like it did establish a certain aesthetic at points but couldn't’ carry it for the whole vid so seemed a bit choppy.

548- That was a fun like love triangle aesthetic you got there. I feel the ending kinda skewed it a bit. Would have been nice to bring back all the contenders for thats last quick montage you have there. Had some cute internal sync moments and some fun transitions. Could use a little more interaction scenes and some of those zooms felt to have lasted a bit to long but on the other hand kinda lends to the old anime vibe. Bit of a hard video for me to completely get into.

739- That had some very strong character connection scenes but they were kinda surrounded by some pretty long looking clips. Would have been nice to see a bit more of a relationship form instead of a condensed summary of the season.

758- That was a cute combo. The animation scene were a cute touch but I feel they could have been mixed in a bit better and a bit more of them.

692- Not sure the purpose of this video with the change of ending. The song choice though seemed to really fit that character in the movie.

764- Pretty awesome scene selection for this one and a cool take on the movie. It did feel a bit stagnant and I wish there was a like turning point presented before the happy ending, it seemed to go from rejected to famous with nothing in between.

525- I loved this one so much. I also love this movie lol. The internal sync for a source like this was pretty good and I liked the push transitions but there were a few push up transitions that had a hard bottom edge that made it a bit jarring. But this is def one of my favs this year.

549- This had some really fun sync. The quality is a bit questionable in places and the TV sim might be a be to much in places. But I love me some gurren lagann and it had some pretty really interesting action sync.

801- I love this video it was really cool and the effects seemed to add to the mood. Some place a bit overdone but i dug it alot. There is a mask or chroma key or something that drives me absolutely crazy at 1:55 everything else is so smooth so that mask just seems so jarring with those edges. I also wish there was a bit more variation in sync pace. Like the moods are handled very well with different things presented on screen but it would be nice to see the editing intensify as well. But i really do like this video the effects are handled very well and I'm obsessed with that flame.

737 - I think the effects was a nice way to break up normal code geass vids but alot of them just come across to strong that they are jarring I think even just bringing down the opacity of some overlays and some like color correct on some of the static with some fade ins would help alot. The Your Name image seems very odd to me especially since there is so many news reports in Code Geass. It has a very cool build up starting at 0:56 some of the scenes before seem to cut it off a bit witht he like clip changes and still shots. It has some really cool internal sync like thos glows and that gun shot sequence with his mom (That still frame at 1:35 stops your flow there though). Had some really cool mask with Cornelias cape and that smoke thing. Wish there ws a bit more Lelouch being shown as the puppet master though to drive the concept it came across more of just a random war.

701 - Well someone had to do it and I’m glad you did. Pretty strong trailer here and I like trailers that aren’t all just lip sync. I do think that the girl voice should have been assigned a character. The text is soo clean and cool but a bit tooo clean for the gritty source might want to dull it up a bit to match better. This had some great trailer sync that really pumps you up!!!! But it's a shame it didn’t end with the same sync (the like “i got”s at 1:50) Def a great trailer though.

882- THat combo was pretty good and that title sync at the end was great, but i had a hard time following the main character. It seemed liked it switched between being the red head and the girl with brown hair I think it just needs to find a bit of focus.

858- This was a really cute combo! I do think its needs a bit more drastic sync throughout especially since its short and some more fun lip sync moments, I know theres girls have good footage try to cram it all in there lol. At 0:50 is where the momentum really drops off. I think if you fix it up it can be something great.

909- I do enjoy the creepy animation and vibe of this. I think the text and titles are a bit jarring with the pixelated edges and the disney font not really fitting the style. There was some really nice set up scenes used but fell kinda flat for all the party ones. Considering its 2 versions of the nutcracker combined I feel like there can be a bit more connections made.

985 - This was a fun one very old school vid both in source and editing style. Really nailed the old school aesthetic with the text and effects but it didn't really bring anything new to it.

706- Pretty cool sync for the source and neat idea.

696 - I can tell alot of work and effort went into this but it didn’t bring anything new to look out to be a parody to me. Like a change of concept or a different vibe.

792- This was an extremely fun live action to me I really liked it. My only thing would be like its technically just using 2 star wars parodies together but I really enjoyed the mood and lyric sync of this.

674- This is pretty solid for the concept but it seems more like an advertisement than a music video. Didn’t depict any type of mood just hockey to hockey but very cleanly done.

932- That was a neat video. I feel it started and ended pretty strongly maybe a bit more craziness and scene mixing in the middle would build up the intensity a bit

859- This was a fun video. It be nice to see some more interactions with the girl and other characters it was alot of just the guy. I really like the oh oh with the hand under their chin sync.

680 - I really really really love the feel and vibe of this video. I do wish it had a bit more focus to it and constant sync. Like there would be some strong internal sync on instrumental using action scenes but then the same instrumental later will be slower.

571 - There are alot of hash crossfades that pull me out of the mood of this video. I really like the sequence at 1:07-1:13. THere are places that hit the mood really well but i think the overall mood and sync are a bit inconsistent.

656- This was a cute sad concept. Had some really cool fade scene that just matched so well. Would like a bit more to draw you in though.

869 - The blurs in this was a bit harsh and bring you out of the flow of the vid. There was some cute facial expression sync but I had some hard time connecting with the vid.

506- Very fitting scene selection some scenes do seem crammed in a bit.

752 - I love this video a lot I can really feel the drama. Some of the masks and zooms and technicals are a pretty harsh but overall i like this video.

699 - Something in this makes my eyes hurt with the motion. I dont think its an editing thing I think it might be a frame rate thing but something is off. Was a pretty cool pairing and had some nice match cuts in places and the mood is right. The zooms out and ins are a bit harsh but nice overall.

510 - PLEASE PLEASE get that little black line in the top left square near the bottom right corner. But this was fun and different and had some really fun internal sync. The scenes that take up the whole screen seem to get away from you a bit.

612- I liked to review this video but I can’t see it.

870- Some of these crossfades really cut up your flow a bit. Had a nice feel to it and that girl is an amazon and I love her. But I’d love to see a bit more connection between the characters.

887- I really appreciate the restraint used in this video. It was a romance to an action anime and you really stuck to your storyline. I know i personally wouldn't be able to help myself and would action sync most of it. This really did give off a good romantic feel. I wish the break the breakdown of the video had a bit more too it.

966- Nice take on the series. The sync and flow i feel could be a bit more varied based on the song pace.

805- The mood in this video is pretty consistent. Begs for more motion though, even if its just dynamic pan and zooms. But it has a lot of great internal sync in some of the drama parts that I wish was carried throughout. Great scene selection.

934- I see what you did there. Needs a bit more scenes but I like it.

597- THIS COMBO GIVES ME LIFE. The lyric sync is amazing and has great subtle lyric sync as well. I would have like to see a bit more tighter internal sync and some and the dissolve transitions are a bit jarring but this just makes me happy.

809- This is a cool take on this anime people miss the drama alot. Would like to see a bit more connection in the fight sequences can’t really tell who is good and who is evil throughout. The Diane to black and white sync is soooooooooooooooooooooooo good and I feel that. Had some nice internal sync throughout would have loved to see a bit more character connection brought forward to connect with the song a bit more like at 0:41

919- I can see what your going for and can hear those drum syncs you did but i would have loved to feel some character connection and some sync on the lyrical flow of the voice which overtakes most of the song.

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Re: AWA VAT 2018 Professional Awards Discussion

Post by DopplerDo » Sat Sep 15, 2018 5:22 pm

Hey, all! I was really taken aback by the sweet quality of the videos. Here's my feedback -- thanks to everyone who has also given real feedback so far! It's really helpful and appreciated!

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Re: AWA VAT 2018 Professional Awards Discussion

Post by BecauseImBored1 » Sun Sep 16, 2018 2:48 pm

Heres the rest I hope.
Spoiler :
565- Ok its an old meme but nothing was added to it.

585- I like this combo and it had some really cute internal and literal sync but it wasn't’ consistent throughout the whole vid which i think would have help establish the mood a bit. Really cute romance with a lot of potential. Really picks up in the middle but was hard to get to with that intro but god i got teary near the end. I really loved this and could feel it.

586 - That had a bit of rough masking and chroma key that kinda made it distracting. I I like what you were going for but it seemed to have got away from you a bit.

589 - Not sure I could really feel the connection among sources. That Draco punch was amazing. And i like the Snape to Batman transition. I think has a whole it needed a bit more direction and pace variation.

598- This had some nice scene selection. Some of the zooms and fades to black are a bit harsh. I think a better handle on pace variation would have help drive home the mood.

620 - This video did alot of really cool sync and and text work. I don’t really understand the connection between the animes there is no like linking factor between them which is where i get a little lost. But the text and sync is so fun and I love the volley ball thing. Might have been a stronger video with one source or sources mixed more homogeneously since this can almost read as a MEP. I love like every cowboy bepop scene.

653- Image

665- No

693 - That was an interesting concept i really liked the sync of when it started turning to color. It's not really a video i could personally get into I couldn't quite grasp the concept.

726- THat weird line blur transition was a bit jarring. I don’t really understand the point of this mix except just a mix of random anime. There wasn’t much of a connection throughout and some animes seemed to be used alot more than others. Lacked internal sync overall and just showed a lot of clips with motion.

733- Pretty fitting Aggretsuko amv lol.

741- This video gave off a cool feel. I just would have liked to see a bit more internal or lyrical flow sync to bring some more life into it.

757- The light leaks was a bit jarring and the fream rate seems to be off. But i really like this version of a aggretsuko amv its super cute with good literal sync.

828- This had some nice internal sync but the overall pacing seemed a bit off. The slow parts had fast cut and the fast parts had slow cuts with good internal sync.

834- I actually really loved this video. I miss comedy videos that are comedy based on a concept and not just a mix of funny anime and photoshoped memes. This really stuck to it story and made it really fun. REally really really underrated comedy and parody video.

840- That clap transition hurts my head and really distracts from the clip. Because you synced Once the break down happens tit seems to get alot slower and have some weird crossfades. I thik some internal sync and leaving out those transition would really help. That clip at 2:50 is very long. It had some nice scene selection but was really covered by those transitions.

873- Interesting idea for a video but I’m bit unclear on what you were going for. I would say adding more anime scenes or taking them out completely would help establish a concept.

888- Some fun lyric sync. I would have liked to see more internal sync during those long clips.

917- Gonna be honest I just don’t get it. Im not sure what the text is supposed to be doing.

920- There was a some harsh fades to black that kinda seem like missing clips. I'm having trouble seeing the connection between the animes. It also feels the anime were not mixed very evenly. I really like the sync at 1:07.

929- This gave off a very sad dramatic vibe. I would have liked to seen a bit more movement throughout and consistency with the scene changes. Had trouble following the girls role in the story, she didn't seem to be introduced. Very cool combo and at first just thought it was about him and his mom..

931- Some fun lyic sync but the scenes just change to fast you can’t really get a feel for the animes. Also it come across almost like a MEP the way the animes are mixed . Would have loved to see the anime mixed more thoroughly and be carried with soe more internal sync instead of scene change sync.

940- A bit to overworked with the stock transitions I think an audio cut would have helped with the overall impact of the mood.
967- The black and white kinda made it hard to see what was going on. WAs always waiting for a hook or build up but didn’t seem to ever get there. The overall concept was a bit unclear to me personally.

969- This is a very cute video but could really use some more motion and internal sync overall. There was a lot of long clips and clip sequences. For example during the chorus there is alot of time you can use slow clips but they are broken up between piano sections that beg for some kind of motion or sync.

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Re: AWA VAT 2018 Professional Awards Discussion

Post by Kirbygal » Sun Sep 16, 2018 10:33 pm

This is my first time doing a review/feedback on AWA, so to stand out I gave each video a yearbook style title that I felt matches the videos. My actual reviews are a bit vague because I'm still new to critiquing, but do know I spent a good amount of time of the title parts at least. Some of them are personal/internet based jokes, so if you want to know the meaning behind it, feel free to PM me here or on discord. Here you go! ... sp=sharing

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Re: AWA VAT 2018 Professional Awards Discussion

Post by CrackTheSky » Mon Sep 17, 2018 9:43 am

Now that voting is over, I just want to say to whoever made 741 -- your video not making it into any of the final voting besides wildcard was a huge snub. It was by far my favorite video of the contest, and one of my favorite videos that I've seen this year. Can't wait 'til that one is officially released. Really, really great job :up:

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Re: AWA VAT 2018 Professional Awards Discussion

Post by Xophilarus » Wed Sep 19, 2018 2:40 am

HERE ARE SOME SUPER LATE REVIEWS. I did most of these when I was SUPER tired, so take everything with a grain of salt, please. I think I was very inarticulate in a lot of these reviews so I am so sorry. If anyone wants to message me to get more quality opinions, just shoot me a message and I can do that once my schedule gets a bit less crazy ^^. Also, if I forgot one, please yell at me. I would not be surprised if I missed reviewing one due to how derpy my brain has been haha. Also, sorry for the spacing issues between entries. It derped when I copy pasted and I only had the energy to fix some of it.
Spoiler :
506 - Definitely thought it was appropriately broody for the man of bats, and the lyrics definitely follow the character extremely well. I think a bit more focus on the side kick in other areas of the video because I think once that starts up, the video becomes much stronger overall. I really wish you had left the dialogue clips out because they tend to take me out of a video unless they feel really purposeful besides like really adding to the video in a way that the song couldn't do on its own, which I don’t think is the case here—could just be a personal issue for me though. The overall pacing and stuff of the video also doesn’t change up too much, and it would be nice to see a bit more of variety there. Overall def a big snice!

510 - THANK YOU FOR ACTUALLY HAVING AWARENESS OF ALL BOXES THROUGHOUT THE VIDEO. Normally when videos are divided into panels, there’s limited panel synergy and interaction, which is done really nice here. The clips also felt harmonious enough for it to not feel too visually overwhelming for me, which is tricky to do.There’s also quite a bit of fun lyric sync here and there, and thought the element of it being narrated by Homura is really fun. You do need to learn how to compress your videos better because this is a HUGE video. I know the panel thing adds some size to it, but I think it can still be easily under 300 MB. If you ever want help knowing how to do that kind of thing, I am good with helping! The other issue is some aspects of the video felt a little messy to me. I think there’s more you could have done with the grain/static thing to help it feel more harmonious with the anime. There’s also a line in one of the boxes that distracts me, and the mask thing you did at 1:44ish has really blurry/feathered edges (the idea is real dope tho). I definitely thoroughly enjoyed this one!

525- This video was super fun! It had a really nice energy. The mood was on point and the flow was pretty strong. There were a lot of moments of really strong internal sync, like the entire beginning, but there are areas where the sync suddenly becomes a lot looser—like the whole boat sequence. Not a major issue but I am a stickler for sync so I wish it had felt a bit more consistent. I don’t have many issues with it beyond that so just really solid video.

548- It is weird how well all the elements of this video go together. I thought the song was awful but in a way where it enhanced its connection to the anime and character if that makes sense? It didn't hurt my enjoyment of the video and just felt super appropriate. The story was also really fun. This feels like it was made to feel like an older video and style, which it did successfully. You also used a lot of old and normally like well bad transitions look very appropriate like at 2:24. In most videos, that would feel terrible but it is super perfect here. I do think there are quite a few areas where I’d like to see a bit more internal beat sync or a bit of a faster pacing but that’s probably more of a personal preference thing. Great job on this!

549- No issues with this beyond some nitpicks. Great sync, great pacing, great pairing. Just a real quality fun Gurren video. The amount of internal sync to the whatever the fuk sounds this song makes were just soooo goood.

565- The humor here doesn't connect with me at all. It doesn't really feel like I am getting anything out of this that the audio didn’t already give me but maybe I am missing something with the source.

571- Loved the vibes from this one. I also thought using the “black water” refer to the spooky black yikes of the game was a real nice usage of it. The energy and mood feels consistently good throughout and I love the focus on Zelda. The sync felt a bit lower than I usually like (excluding lyrical sync because that was all p quality). There were also several crossfades I was really not fond of. The energy of the last like thirdish of the video could be higher as well, WANT A BIT MORE INTENSITY UP IN THERE. Still very quality video overall. I like the darker tone of this in comparison to most things using Zelda that tends to take a sentimental or upbeat mood.

585- I like the vibes and character relationships in this a lot. It is definitely a very followable video, and I dig most of the scene selection. I think the video does feel a bit slow and stiff, especially when the song picks up (though you do up the pacing during those areas still). Some subtle zoom ins/outs/pans and things like that would help with this a lot. I also think you can put in a few more clips in some areas. This was definitely another enjoyable video though.

586- I really like everything your going for but there’s some big issues in the video that really prevent me from truly enjoying those aspects of the video. I think more moments needed to be actually masked out carefully because the edges were really rough and just felt pretty messy overall. The quality of the footage is also super muggy. There’s also some camera motion that is a bit jarring and mugs up the footage a bit as well. There’s also a lot of moments where the footage kind of hangs too long, especially when you don’t have layered activity going on. THAT BEING SAID, I would REALLY love to see the video with some of this cleaned up, especially the masks. I thought some of the ideas were really awesome and creative like at :59 with the hands reaching out to grab the smoke. There is just a lot of really neat visual ideas spread around in this video. I also really dig the mood with this combination as well.

589- This video has a lot of noice lyric sync. The beat sync is also pretty solid considering tight beat sync is p tricksy with live action. The pacing is also pretty on point as well and really follows the song. That being said, there felt like there was something off with how the sources all came together. I get that they are all supposed to be younger characters going through their respective journeys but the age range still feels pretty big, which would be okay if there was a bit more that kind of connected them all I guess other than the fact they were young and have to overcome whatever shiz is going on. Either that or more dope match cuts between the clips may have helped hold it all together too. There were a some moments throughout where there was epic match cutting though like 1:31 is falling bois 2:09 from Snape to Batman its just I WANTED MOAR. Despite all my source gripes, the video was still really fun though and pretty solid!

597- The attitude in this video was really quality. I dig the combo a lot and the energy was really fun and pretty spot on. I just loved all their swagging about and smiling with this song. I do think the sync could be tighter. You have some cool internal sync here and there but I’d like to see more that just HITS harder you know? There’s a lot of movements in Hellsing that I think you could have used to hit the sync a bit better. VERY fun video as is still!

598- This video was real noice. I think the lead up to the chorus was nice and when the chorus drops, its super satisfying. There’s a lot of really nice explosive and fighting sync, and the whole theme of the song is really fitting to the anime. Some of the segments do feel a bit less impactful than others, like the area leading up to the ending has sync that is notably looser and the cuts between clips feel kind of slow. That being said, it is brought back at the very end and especially DAT SMILE. Just felt real guuchi.

607- REAL MAD THIS WASN’T IN LYRIC SYNC. There’s a ton of great and cheeky usage of lyrical literal sync, and the internal sync of this video is pretty top notch too. The mood is definitely really good too and the video does pull you in for a while. The shift into the chorus also always feels super well done. That being said, the really slow cuts coupled with the video length does make it feel like it drags a bit in the last third and did end up hurting the enjoyment for me by the end but it didn’t ruin it.

612- Okay so I really like the idea you have here. I think the whole smokey/misty thing is really cool with Mushishi and definitely gives the video a unique vibe. That being said, the effect is still way too strong. It isnt a huge problem at the beginning, though I think it still is a bit too strong, but by the end when the lights get all flashy, I literally can’t see anything but the flickering lights and it honestly gave me kind of a headache… I’d love to see this with those aspects less overpowering though!

620- YER FILE IZ TOO BIG. I am pretty into this video overall. The effects are pretty nicely done and I dig the sync and general mood. The text is also legitimately done SO WELL, which is SUPER RARE to see in a video. I liked most of the sources in here that had that more washed out and older vibes (Devilman, Beepboop boi, Eva, and stuff like that) but other sources like punching boy, Titan, and Volleyball just felt out of place. There was nothing connecting those sources with the rest in either source theme or visual style, so that kept taking me out of the video. I definitely would like to see them dope effects used in some more places too since there are areas that are kind of deprived of it. I still very much enjoyed this video and there was a ton of really interesting visuals and general editing stuff going on here.

630 - YESS ALL THIS LYRIC SYNC. This video was lots of fun overall. I dont watch South Park but I didn’t feel like I was missing out because of that, which is really nice, especially with comedy shows like this. I think a bit more could’ve gone towards the beat sync and the burning of the kens gets a little outta control by the end but no big issues beyond that. Very fun much lyrical. GUD MOOD.

653- Without sharing, one cannot exist. The complexity of the present time seems to demand a flowering of our hearts if we are going to survive. Yearning is born in the gap where aspiration has been excluded. The rekindling of peace is now happening worldwide. The future will be a cosmic ennobling of growth. Shakti will enable us to access archetypal wonder.

Our conversations with other mystics have led to an awakening of pseudo-pranic consciousness. Throughout history, humans have been interacting with the dreamtime via pulses. Reality has always been full of seekers whose essences are engulfed in power.

656- REALLY GOOD SOURCE COMBO. It makes it even better that the song is from Over the Garden Wall. I DIDN’T REALIZE THERE WERE SO MANY WEIRD THEME PARALLELS. I think the delivery of their story is really good and the mood is on point. It is a bit slower than I usually like but I feel like that’s mostly a personal thing. Very nice.

665- Didn’t capture the spirit of original :c.

674- SOMEONE LIKES HOCKEY. This video was enjoyable. I thought the vibe of the song matched the vibe of the visuals well, and I mean beyond just them both being about hockey xD. I think you used the multiple sources really nicely and it does keep a sense of progression and escalation even with it being about well, live action hockey things. I do wish there was a bit more in the editing or something that spiced it up a bit but that could just be a personal thing. Quality hockey.

680- All the parts of the video that focuses on like Bort and his fam is really on point. The flow is really nice, most of the lyrical sync is top notch, and I really enjoy the character progression here. Lots of real good beat sync moments like with dem quick drum beats and smoke puffs. Whenever other characters suddenly start popping in like Sausuke without Boruto still being a focal point, it feels like it loses its focus a bit. I think you can definitely incorporate a lot of them still but Bort needs to still be pretty present and pronounced to me. Still one of the strongest character profiles this year definitely, and I DO like that it isnt JUST about Bort.

692- This combo captures a relationship between an abuser and someone who is abused that isn’t addressed a lot, which is the self blame of the victim and the victim’s kind of “idolization” (may be a bit of a strong way to describe it here but couldnt think of a better one) of them. I do think the connection between the flashback stuff and present events could be a bit clearer, mostly in the middle. I also think a lot of the scenes overstay their welcome a bit in the middle as well. I felt like the beginning and the end were pretty strong overall though and I really like what you did with the story and shifted the roles and relationships the characters had. Very lovely video.

696- GONNA LET ME BE A BIT BIAS HERE BUT I WAS HELLA FLATTERED BY THIS VIDEO. Eiderdown is one of my favorite videos I’ve made and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t bummed by most people being eh about it (even though I should’ve known that going in >.>) so it was an extra feels good to like I guess see that someone enjoyed the video enough to watch it enough times to have clip matching that was this spot on. It seriously gave me a big bamboozle and I have no idea how you were able to do the clip matching so well like holy cow. Even the weird overlay stuff and the smile thing I did 2:28 you found a clip with a super similar motion with. JUST REALLY BOGGLED MY MIND SO THANK YOU AND AWESOME JOB.

699- A song from this bois soul LOL. This is definitely a super fitting song and character combo. I think the overall scene selection was really nice. It gives a good sense of escalating into him QQing about him being a freak and all that stuff. Lots of fun upset Shinji faces at good moments like at 3:03ish. The sync is also pretty good but I do wish the sync and overall energy was a bit more chaotic towards the end. It definitely is to an extent but I’d like to see a bit more than just the mech going RAWR in a couple of the spots. Having more fighting or just trippy eva stuff in those areas would’ve felt more satisfying for me personally. Again though, great character profile and strong video as a whole.

701- Very nice trailer. The combo is about as perfect as a trailer can get. I am not the greatest at assessing trailers so sorry if this feels kind of short but everything felt really fitting. I liked the combination of the fighting and other elements of the trailer, and it really builds up for the fighting that is in this animoo really nice without showing too much.

706- We exist as supercharged waveforms. Being is the driver of balance. Nothing is impossible. It is time to take transformation to the next level. It is a sign of things to come. We must synergize ourselves and heal others.

The future will be an unlimited flowering of insight. This story never ends. The transmission of healing is now happening worldwide.

726- I really enjoyed the overall sync and energy of the video, although there were some crossfades I didn’t like. My biggest issue is there’s just not something to really hold the shows together. I wish there was a unifying theme or something else they had in common, and the part with the convention just felt incredibly out of place. Maybe having a bit more of a balance of the frequency of show appearances would have helped too. There was a lot of Ufotable scenes in comparison to other sources. I think some of your sync patterns are really satisfying like the “WOAHing” moments of the song. Some moments where you have more harmony in what’s going on in the different shows together like the dancing around 2:25 and spinning at like 3:03 is really nice and if there was a lot more moments of the sources playing off of each other like that, it probably would have felt more like a singular unit.

733- Really fitting combo. The anger of the red panda is very reflective in the anger of the song. I think you deal with the shifts and talking segments of the song SUPER well, and I think its hard for talking moments in songs for AMVs to really pay off so real noice. I really love the escalation into the first RAAAAAAAWR chorus. I do think you do use too much of the yelling in the choruses. I GET THAT’S KIND OF THE ANIME, but they do lose their impact and rage factor after so many of em are used. I am glad they are concentrated to the chorus though and the actual yelling parts of the song and this could just be something that bugs me. The lyric sync is also lots of fun and the video was just super enjoyable.

737- THICK MOOOOOD. I really love the build up and the sync throughout. Lots of SUPER strong impact moments with the heavy beats, and just everything about the energy is so fucking good and satisfying. I do wish Lelouch had that oppressive feel about him during the whole video. When the song gets intense that aspect of it kind of goes away. The visuals and beat sync and general impact is still great, it’s just I miss that looming force feel that he had in the rest of the video. I also think some of the overlays are a bit too strong but most of the other issues are nitpicky. This is probably one of my fav videos in the contest and I just REALLY enjoyed it a lot.

739- The story in this is really good. I really like how you can feel the impact everything going on has on the pain character and the emotion is super strong. I also think the way you built up the character relationships was really nice too. I do think some of the clips linger a bit long. I get the song is slow but I guess I just wish there was a bit going on in some of the scenes. It may just be my lack of an attention span talking though. It didn’t ever quite take me out of the video and its still pretty strong overall, especially when it comes to feeling what the characters feel.

741- I didn’t really expect to see a source this old but I really dug the tone of this one. It feels very fitting for the character. There’s some also real nice internal sync going on and some of the details you chose to hit in the song feels really good, like the gasp at 2:47. I wish the pacing and energy were a bit higher during the choruses of the song, especially since the video is so long. There is just a bit of a lack of a climatic element that I’d like personally. That being said, mood and everything stays on point the whole time and it vibed with me.

752- This is another video with an amazing mood. I really like how you were able to take Freezing and use it to do a more serious theme. The sync and all of that is on point, and the focus on the character is fantastic. I get the action elements as a way to show her getting stronger, but I do think doing a bit to kind of maybe show why she’s beating up other women a bit? It does feel like it conflicts with the theme of the video if I stop and think about that too much haha. I also think some of the fighting sequences could have a bit more umpf to them, but that’s probably going a bit into nitpick territory. Overall, pretty fantastic and unique feeling.

756- Haha, this was enjoyable and it was amusing with how well the words match with Fate. Loved the lyric sync like gouging out eyes. I like how the whole video still has a sense of progression and things get well, worse for them as it goes on. I think some of the sync beyond the lyrical sync could definitely be stronger but it didn’t stop this video from being a ton of fun.

757- Super fun combination. The scene selection is overall really good as well as the pacing. I think the lead up to the first chorus is especially good as it goes from daily morning, to werk, to TILTAGE, it just felt super nice together. I think after the first chorus the yelling is a bit too thrown about. The song doesnt yell a ton and I kind of wish the yelling was just held for those moments because it makes them got feel as hype. I really am starting to think its a personal thing for me and this series though so feel free to disregard. I think the video also did a great job at conveying the like relatability of the show—or at least I got those vibes as someone who hasn’t seen the series. Super fun vid!

758- This was nice. I like how the story played out but I do think it spent a bit too much time setting up the story with the book stuff. I also wish a bit more had been done with the animated scenes, and a lot of the crossfades in here weren’t super appealing to me. This video really excels at its mood though, and I love the mood shift that happens when the video gets to a darker subject matter. That aspect just follows the song super well.

764- This one was put together so well. I really enjoy the emotion and the way this story is told. The song also matches it SUPER well. The hopeful set up was really nice because of how quick things go to shit for him haha. There were some crossfades I didn’t like and I don’t really know what you were trying to do at the end there. If it is one of those “its all a dream” things, I think that kind of takes away from the video but I could also see it being a welcome home scene too.I just can’t really tell. It also resolved itself pretty fast like he is getting whacked a bunch and then suddenly he is on stage and things are totes guuchi, and that was a bit weird feeling for me. It didnt stop the video from being a really satisfying watch, and I am really bothered that I have yet to watch this movie.

771- THE BUUILD. I really like the way this video escalates and the super creepy vibe it gives off. This is a really unexpected thing to do with one piece but boy does it work. I think you hit all the mood and pacing beats just soooo well. I think some of the coloring could be a bit smoother but that is p nitpicky. NOW, I CAN’T TALK ABOUT THIS VID WITHOUT GIVING YOU A SLAP ON THE WRIST FOR THAT HELLSING CLIP. BUT other than that, I couldn’t really find much to complain at. Dug it tons.

780- This was one real fun! The lyric sync is pretty on point and the song fits Deadpool nicely. I especially like when you sync some of the wackier lines like dem heelz. I wish the video was a bit either moreover the top clip wise or a bit of a faster pace. The song and Deadpool just have so much energy that I do not think is quite reflected in the video. The fun factor is definitely there and the right vibes just not the energy. It was still a really enjoyable watch.

792- Convinced to enlist! This was lots of fun. It is a bit silly how well this combo works xD. The end of the talking part was a bit awk but I dont know how someone could make it not feel awkward so wasn’t a major setback for me. The whole video just felt fun and really synergized together. Some of the gags with the lyrics were super amusing to me as well. Big fun!

801- Yooo this worked out super well. I loved just about everything about this video. It showed the dynamic between the two characters, and builds up super appropriately and the scenes you picked for the drop hits HARD. I do think sometimes the overlay is a bit much but that’s honestly my only real complaint. I think this is my best video out of the contest. It just has the mood, has the emotion, has the escalation, and has the SYNC.

805- This is a really nice drama. The dramatic but also bouncy, borderline fun tone the song has compliments this movie really well. Some scenes/segments drag on a bit like at 2:12 and I do wish the video was a biiit shorter, I just don’t think the movie and song have the diversity to carry it quite so long but it wasnt so long that I was asking myself if it was done either. I wish you had played with all the guitar sounds in the song a bit more too, that may have given it the extra edge for the length to feel quality as well. I really love the build-up to the end chorus of this though. It definitely does a great job at building tension there to prepare the viewer for the climax of the video, which was also really strong. I liked it overall though.

809- It’s shit

828- This one had a lot of really cool internal sync moments like 1:19ish that do a lot of awesome things with the beats. I also think the source combination is really fitting. Kind of brings out the magicness of the anime. I do think there are several lulls in the video as well. You hit some moments really hard, but then there are periods where the sync felt lackluster. I just wish you had picked something to really commit to syncing and going full HAM on if that makes sense. It also made the pacing feel a bit slow at times, but you did increase and decrease the pacing of the video with the flow of the song, which felt really snice. Oh, I also thought the bridge was done pretty beautifully as well!

834- MY SALT AWARD PICK. IDK WHY BUT THIS VIDEO JUST MADE ME SO HAPPY. I don’t even have any specific reasons why, it is just a really enjoyable and super fun video. It just has an enjoyable combination of a million genres xD. I don’t know. This just wins my personal enjoyment award.

840- I really dig the mood and the overall scene selection. It is just really hard to watch this video because of all the zooms. Every time they stop, it feels really nice because I can actually enjoy the scene selection more, although not fond of a lot of the crossfades too. I wish I could say something more substantial but zooms are a bit too dizzying >.<

858- I adored this trailer. This is not a combo I’d ever think of but it just works so well. Normally I find it distracting with trailer voices don’t match how the characters look, but even that somehow worked charmingly well in it. I don’t have too much else to say. IT WAS FAB.

859- This one was super fun as well! I think the pairing is perf and the energy is fantastic. The editing also follows the shifts in the song super well—like dat TRAIN SCENE. I do wish some of the sync was tighter. There were several areas it felt a bit lose but the sync was still p quality overall and there were moments of real swag tight sync. You also captured the playful and like imaginative aspect of the characters so yeah REAL GOOD VID. One of my fav romancey videos this year.

869- I am pretty fond of the mood in this one. I like the way you go between light heartedness to more sad/somber in a way that flows so nicely with the music—like around :47. I liked that there was more of a feeling that the blonde girl is the grandmother throughout the video, but I wish she had been introduced as either the grandmother or the young girl for a while before the connection was built between them. It just feels like a lot of the plot is suddenly thrown at you to me. That being said, it was still an enjoyable video to watch. Also, bonus points for really dope storm usage—it really made the climax of the video actually feel climactic.

870- Man, this video really lets me embrace my mellow. It feels real good to watch. It feels really down to earth and up in the clouds AT THE SAME TIME. I wanna comment on the IF to the train scene. That was quality. I do think some of the more plot related parts of the anime felt a little weird, like when they started being chased around. It did fit with the song shifting to be really quick and jumpy, but it just felt odd having the sudden squad of people unhappy with their relationship or something? EITHER WAY, it wasn’t prominent enough to kill the vibes or anything for me. This is a really freakin strong romance video and it was a joy to watch.

871- I did not know I needed this pairing until I saw this omg. You really capture the wacky fun but also trippy and spooky. I also love the elephants in this and they were done so CLEAN. They were just fantastic. THAT BEING SAID, since the video was so perfectly wacky in the first half, it made a lot of the second half feel a bit lackluster to me. It is mainly when the song really starts picking up in the last minute because the song gets so chaotic and out of control but the visuals just don’t really hit that level of beautiful chaos I feel like the song has—although I love the ending scene. I also want to point out that I love the music notes at 2:20. I can’t really explain why but they felt really good xD. As a whole, this video was still a really fun adventure and liked it a ton.

873- This felt like a neat concept but I feel like I am missing something here. The anime shows up so infrequently that I don’t really know why it is there I guess? I think it would have been really cool if you had added a bit more cool bike anime stuff in there spliced with the live action to make them both feel more balanced throughout the video if that makes sense? I could be just not looking at the video in the right way though, so my apologies if that is the case! Fun idea though!

882- OMG this was so cute. It is a bit silly how fitting the pairing is and I was smiling a lot during this video. I do feel like it suffers from the length sadly because it is over just as I am really getting into it. I also feel like some of the lip stuff felt a little weird but maybe that could have something to do with how fast it cut from people talking to a really fluid magical clip? Other than that, this is super solid. I think the scene selection is on point, and it was really impressive how close a lot of the clips were to the really specific dialogue of the trailer—like the turning them into creatures bit. Super fun trailer and it really captured the spirit of this anime as well.

887- I really enjoy how focused the video is on the relationship between the two characters despite how many different elements to the show there are. The feelings of the characters match the feeling of the song so well too, and it gives those nice, soft romance vibes. I do wish there was a bit more of them doing other things than lovey romance stuff together. I think that is all really nice, but it would have been cool to see a bit more of the obstacles they faced together I guess? I wanted a few more moments kind of like at 1:38. I enjoy the montage you did at 1:56 of her resting her head on him. There was a sense of a passage of time by the end of the video as well, which I think really helped the video flow along smoothly too—was real cute!

888- The lyrics fit this movie way more than I thought they would. I was mega bamboozled by :58 for some reason, was just super fitting. I also felt like the flow in this video was really nice for the most part as well. I kind of wish the live action parts had been left out because there’s no kind of build up to them and its role is never really established at all to me. I also wish there was a bit more sync, especially because a lot of the clips were kind of long. The characters move around a lot, and I feel like there was a lot of chances for some swaggy internal sync that wasn’t fully capitalized on. It was still an enjoyable video though and a surprisingly strong pairing.

896- LEZBINZ. I liked the mood in this one a lot as well. The usage of overlays was pretty interesting and never felt visually overwhelming. The sync not as tight as I’d like, though there are some decent moments of internal sync there. I also think some of the technicals are a bit messy—like the weird pan thing at 1:31. I do like the drama you were able to bring to the anime though, and I was able to feel for the characters and their conflict—weird cult school. The ending also felt pretty anticlimactic. It was fine and fitting enough but the build-up was just SO DRAMATIC, so I wanted that sense of drama to carry all the way to the end of the video. I still liked it a lot though and thank you for giving me quality lesbians.

906- Fantastic character profile xD. It was great seeing a video like this with Danganronpa because I am used to seeing just a bunch of edge with this. I also think the usage of the other characters when more vocals come in are super fun. The lyric sync was also really fantastic too. I love that you went an extra layer deeper with this video too and added a whole conflict it built up to and brought in that good old Danganronpa murder magic by the end. My only complaint is I think there were several masks that felt really feathered but other that that —just great job.

909- So this tried hard to bring my fear of dolls back. Thanks >l. In all seriousness though, this was fun and I enjoyed the combination of the two Nutcracker sources. It brought up the creepy vibes in the right ways. I felt like “Japanese side” text was a little odd. I know the visuals are from a Japanese stop-motion film but the text felt humorous in a way that took me out of the mood of the video a bit. I feel like the rest of the text, visual flow wise, just didn’t click with me either in the video. The rest of it though, I couldn’t really find any major issues. The scenes all felt very fitting and went with the music really well. Solid trailer!

917- I had a bit of a hard time getting into this one. I know its suppose to be a parody of the original music video, but I feel like to really make it work you had to be more over the top if that makes sense. I know you changed some of the words to match the show, but it just didn’t feel like it broke out from the vibes of the original video to really stand on its own as a parody. I do think the idea is pretty cute though, and it was fun to see all the different situations they’ve been in and sort of briefly telling their stories.

919- I really dig the emotion from this video. It really feels like the song is coming from within Deku if that makes sense and that helped the video feel really personal in a way that I don’t think many other My Hero AMVs really are. I really love your dedication to making the video really a character profile of Deku FROM DEKU. I do wish the choruses had more impact than they do. I think the scenes you pick are good and there is definitely sync in some of their motions, but the clips are just so long and it results in a lot of sounds still getting missed. I also think it takes away from the intensity of some of the fights because it just takes a bit too long to get to that next BAM moment. This video delivered so hard on Deku’s heroic spirited though and all the GRIT he has in his bones and I loved that aspect of it a lot.

920- This feels so wonderfully wholesome. I think you followed the pacing of the flow super well, and I especially like all the fun dancing energy during the choruses. This video does struggle with an issue I have with most anime mixes though, which is the anime doesn’t really feel like they belong together. There is not much connecting them besides a fitting mood, and the balance of their appearances also feels really off. To make mixes really work I feel like there needs to be something about the sources that really holds them together to be in one unit, or the scenes need to be picked really carefully so they flow seemlessly into one another. You do this actually a couple times—like at 1:41 but there just needed to be a lot more of it to me. It did not stop the video from being enjoyable to watch though and I definitely felt uplifted at the end of it.

929- The drama in this one feels so good. The emotion of the vocals follows the emotion of the main boy super well. I also looked up the lyrics and was surprised to see how much lyric sync was in here so awesome job on that! I think the sense of rising tension and just heavy feelings is captured extremely well. I do think the story has some issues—mainly that I actually thought it was going to be completely about the boy for a while. The girl isn’t really present and then suddenly she’s a big deal AND THEN NEXT THING YOU KNOW SHE’S DYING. Like it just kind of felt really sudden and it made it hard to really feel out the significance each character had to him I guess. This was still a strong drama though, and again, I love how well you really nail the emotion of the song.

931- This is fun and gave off a fun sense of them lively anime adventures. I think the pacing was pretty good and the emotions of the clip definitely match really well too. I don’t think the anime all flow together that well though. I dont sense anything that really brings them together, and there’s even a lot of inconsistency in the quality of the sources that was pretty distracting. I wish you had a unifying theme to bring them together or incorporated more match cuts. The energy and mood are still really fun though and I liked watching this one.

932- This made me really want to see Legion haha. I really dug the mood in this a lot, and the visuals captured the trippy psychedelicness of the audio REALLY well. I think it gets I do think the build-up to and the final climax could have been a bit more intense because of how intense the set up felt, but it still matched the audio really well. I don’t really have another major complaint. It was probably my favorite live action this year.

934- I was more amused than this than I should have been haha. Even if you didn’t finish a “real” AMV in time, I am glad you gave us this. It made me smile.

935- You may be ruled by stagnation without realizing it. Do not let it erase the growth of your quest. You must take a stand against illusion. Only a traveler of the grid may manifest this reimagining of intention.- giraffe

940- I think the pairing works really well here. This song really feels like it is being sung by all these crazy ladies themselves. That being said, I honestly wasn’t super fond of this one. I like that you were trying to pay close attention to a lot of the cool sounds in the song—I think not enough people value that. I just think most of it also felt pretty messy. I think before you mess with a lot of effects, it is good to get a strong idea of how to handle raw footage and get a grasp of visual flow down if that makes sense? I actually felt like the strongest part of the video was around :55- 1:03 and there aren’t any effects there. You really use the scene of the anime like the flickering lights to go with the sounds of the song and it felt really satisfying there so I think it would be good to hone in your skills on that type of thing. Really good pairing though.

966- Our conversations with other adventurers have led to a flowering of pseudo-transformative consciousness. Reality has always been full of warriors whose essences are opened by the truth. We are at a crossroads of intention and discontinuity.

967- It was really tricky for me to get into this because of the way the audio was layered on top of itself. It gave me a bit of a headache (which isnt super hard to do haha). I do like how the epicness of the song translates to the scale of the creatures you seem to be fighting in the game. It definitely shows off cool looking elements of the game and made me interested in looking into it.

969- The focus on these two characters is super nice. I really like the way it builds and grows during the video and we get to really feel the connection growing with them. I also found this pairing was pretty perfect. 2:00-2:12 was a pretty strong scene and I really enjoyed the incorporation of the foot prints to those piano notes. I do wish that in the faster parts of the song that there was more movement. It just doesn’t feel very synced right now and there is a ton of fun things going on in the vocals and beats of the song that I think some fun stuff could’ve been done with. Either focusing a bit more on moving the characters with the beats or some more cuts would have felt good. I also think a lot of the video would have benefitted from adding some gradual zoom outs or ins or other kinds of pans. That being said, I love that I feel like characters so much in this video and the romantic elements of this video are super strong. It was a nice feels good video.

985- I found this one really amusing. It just fit with the audio extremely well. The fabulousness of dis boi is great and it got a few chuckles out of me and I smiled a lot throughout the video. It is over kind of quicky and I am not fond of the rough masks but no other complaints beyond that. The scene selection was very well done. This video was a very fun one indeed. 506 - Definitely thought it was appropriately broody for the man of bats, and the lyrics definitely follow the character extremely well. I think a bit more focus on the side kick in other areas of the video because I think once that starts up, the video becomes much stronger overall. I really wish you had left the dialogue clips out because they tend to take me out of a video unless they feel really purposeful besides like really adding to the video in a way that the song couldn't do on its own, which I don’t think is the case here—could just be a personal issue for me though. The overall pacing and stuff of the video also doesn’t change up too much, and it would be nice to see a bit more of variety there. Overall def a big snice!

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Re: AWA VAT 2018 Professional Awards Discussion

Post by Strawberry Fields AMVS » Thu Sep 27, 2018 2:04 am

Yo has anyone heard anything about results?

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Re: AWA VAT 2018 Professional Awards Discussion

Post by Kyci » Thu Sep 27, 2018 6:53 am

Strawberry Fields AMVS wrote:Yo has anyone heard anything about results?
I believe they were announced on Twitter. Though, not sure if I can link their profile. Search awa2018.

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Re: AWA VAT 2018 Professional Awards Discussion

Post by Strawberry Fields AMVS » Thu Sep 27, 2018 7:16 am

Kyci wrote:
Strawberry Fields AMVS wrote:Yo has anyone heard anything about results?
I believe they were announced on Twitter. Though, not sure if I can link their profile. Search awa2018.
Yea there is a lot with that Twitter with the tag of awa2018

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Re: AWA VAT 2018 Professional Awards Discussion

Post by BasharOfTheAges » Thu Sep 27, 2018 9:02 am

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Re: AWA VAT 2018 Professional Awards Discussion

Post by Strawberry Fields AMVS » Thu Sep 27, 2018 9:11 am

BasharOfTheAges wrote:
Thank you

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Re: AWA VAT 2018 Professional Awards Discussion

Post by shorisquared » Thu Sep 27, 2018 9:13 am

I'll also get a playlist together for those people who have posted their videos/revealed who they are because that's the only way I will be able to find any of them, haha.


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