Shinji needs therapy

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Shinji needs therapy

Postby Dougy » Fri Jan 31, 2003 12:12 am

I was just sitting here bored as usual :? when an idea hit me...
(it hurt! :shock:) whaddya think of this: duz any1 noe the song "frontier psychiatrist" by the avalanches? lemme help u out:
"this boy needs therapy..." recognize it? What character out of an anime is psychologically disturbed... Shinji Ikari! I think it would fit perfect... well at least the first part :D a good chance to test my lip synching skillz and trippy effects skils!
The only thing is an idea this obvious must have been taken, but then again alot of ideas have been taken and we're gonna run outta ideas, everyone of us... unless we start composing our own music... now theres an idea, were is fruityloops 3 :wink: ?
Aniwayz I am gonna make this video regardless of whether its been done already cause I want to test myself with this video, its just that i probably wont release it if its already been done in fear of being banned for copying ideas, but if it hasn't i will release it if it turns out ok :wink: .
BTW is it ok to do a video that sum1 else has dun if u didnt noe about it?!

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