Silly 25 second Kodocha/Kare Kano video

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Silly 25 second Kodocha/Kare Kano video

Postby AbsoluteDestiny » Sat Aug 17, 2002 4:15 am

The subject says it all really. A stupid litte comedy video I made in a few mins. N.B. You'll only get the joke if you've seen Childs Toy and Kare Kano.

I was bored, ok?

4.3mb mpg available from: ... yarap.mpeg


Thank you to Tim Park and marcyu for hosting.

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Postby kthulhu » Sat Aug 17, 2002 4:46 am

I am hurt and scared.
I'm out...

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Postby leathelanime » Sat Aug 17, 2002 7:51 am

Oh yes!The stupid Funny Video!That was so Stupid/Funny....


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Postby Melfina » Sat Aug 17, 2002 10:35 am

*shutters in fear if that amv got longer*
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