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A Day in the Life

Post by Pysh » Sun Jun 10, 2018 12:25 pm

I think it was last year I had this idea to make a video following our everyday routine. I was working on other videos at the time and didn't really have any sources to start working on this video. So I decided to keep it on hold until I get the required scenes and its sources. When working on my previous video 'leap of faith', I started working on this video side by side.

This is a very simple video and i'm not sure if the idea will be fun or entertaining for everyone but having thought of it and wanting to make it for long, I decided to complete it and it turned out fine close to what I wanted. So let me know if you like and enjoy it. I hope you find this pleasing and fun. Be sure to check my recent video too :) more videos soon to follow.



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