Short Mushishi AMV with Lo-fi beats

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Short Mushishi AMV with Lo-fi beats

Postby Lizette77 » Mon Apr 16, 2018 9:24 am

Hi guys!
I have finals in three weeks so it's a perfect timing for some editing!
I didn't make any AMVs in like half a year (and this is my third one in a lifetime btw).
But it's different from the other two... it's short!

I made it on a whim just to listen to this lovely lo-fi music haha.
It's also spoiler-free because I only used the first episode of Mushishi.

I wanted to make the visual seem like a vintage film, I hope I succeeded?

If you have any thoughts please leave them here or on yt page!
I appreciate every reply!

Video: i have lost myself
Category: Character Profile, Horror, Sentimental
Anime: Mushishi
Song: amend
Artist: j^p^n
Creator: Lizette77

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