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Through the looking glass

Post by Yukiookami » Wed May 11, 2011 6:16 am

Through the looking glass
On which side you are? ... p?v=182119
# Song:
* Nine Inch Nails - Right Where It Belongs
# Anime:
* The Animatrix

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Re: Through the looking glass

Post by CodeZTM » Thu May 12, 2011 12:02 am

The Good:
1) An actually very interesting video. It's something that I've seen done before conceptually, but you did a great job in getting your story set up and then following through with it.
2) A relatively good handle on the sync. The music and video had a nice combination between the two and really felt like they belonged together. But see #2 for more.

The Bad:
1) VIsually speaking, you could have done a lot better with visual quality. Encoding in a better format would have given the visuals a much better impact. The video was blocky.
2) I think you overkilled on the scene length sometimes. There were times when the pacing in the AMV did a great job, and other times just seemed to drag on with the length of the scenery.
3) The inclusion of the war on mankind at the end kind of seemed like an unnecessary addition. You'd spent a long time going on about the looking glass, but then sort of backtracked into just the matrix story to rely on.
4) The ending with the guy in the wheelchair was really tacked on. IT's something that I think could have been removed. Since it had no context in the earlier AMV, it was strange to see. Had it been a scene with the computer kid or whatnot, it might have made a little more sense.

Overall, it's something I'm going to be keeping. You should definitely make more videos, just work on the visuals a little. ;)

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Re: Through the looking glass

Post by Yukiookami » Thu May 12, 2011 4:18 am

It's got sense, if you accept some kind of control like Matrix as a fact, that the human race are enslaved in this way.

*3) It's shows They bound up with people, begun to live in kind of symbiosis..more like a parasitism.
*4) It's shows unsuccesful attempt to be full awaken from dream.

It's pretty verbatim picture, besides that They are not machines, but it's not proper place for discussion like that :)

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