Mirio / LEMILLION - A Real Hero AMV and editing concrit needed in general

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Mirio / LEMILLION - A Real Hero AMV and editing concrit needed in general

Post by green light » Mon Apr 12, 2021 7:51 pm

First time posting, I hope this is the right spot since I am asking for feedback on my recent AMVs, but also on my editing approach in general.

Here is my most recent AMV, this one took me about 3 months off and on as I figured out the voiceovers, even though I have had this song in mind for him since I read the Shie Hassaki arc.

Here is one I started and completed within like two weeks during my work on the Mirio one though I posted it first, I was up to I think episode 19 of the Jujutsu Kaisen anime and chapter 140 of the manga. Was still working on voiceovers though using subtitles at the same time.

I hope I have finally defeated the basic bad forms for AMVs, and I think I've identified my basic editing style, but I may have developed some bad habits that keep me from being able to demonstrate the heart of what I am trying to show in my edits. I know my early work was technically awful but I dunno, I think they might have more ~feeling~ than what I am doing now? Or were they just easier concepts? It's either that or my ADHD just like, fundamentally prevents me from sticking to something long enough to pace and sync appropriately for the vibe I want - not to say that everyone with ADHD has that problem! Just that I seem to overcomplicate things and yet be unable to separate what emotions make things complicated, and I think it makes me seem a bit lazy or abstract as a result. :( My final products just aren't hitting it for me and I would love any feedback on my approach, whether technical or creative.

BTW I am Greenlight AMV on Youtube [https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqrQV1 ... VwgRJ-668Q] and catsintheback on discord and reddit, but I am an absolute creature and don't have any non-lurking experience on these platforms (or forums either actually...) please be patient with me as I try to participate and please tell me if I am breaking any formal or informal rules, I really need things spelled out for me. I also take ages to respond but i really appreciate any advice, thank you!

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Re: Mirio / LEMILLION - A Real Hero AMV and editing concrit needed in general

Post by seasons » Sat May 08, 2021 4:33 pm

"A Real Hero" is a solid AMV. I can see exactly what you're going for here and I really think you nailed it. It does not really move me or surprise me but that is probably because I am not the ideal viewer for this kind of edit. I generally don't care for AMVs that work in so much of the source audio into the mix, and I prefer videos that find a sense of thematic or tonal sync using just visuals and the audio of the song alone. That being said, this video is very clean and very well-mixed and it's obvious that you understand how much dialogue to use without going overboard, and you certainly didn't make the kind of annoying mistake where editors will play dialogue over the loudest parts of the songs or very prominent/important lyrics.

I kind of liked "Overtime," decent action sync, I like how this was fun and upbeat compared to most of the AMVs I've seen using this source (an anime I admittedly have not seen). I don't know whether it's better to use dialogue in the language that most of your viewers will know, or to use the original audio with subtitles (which some viewers may find "distracting" but I honestly think that most anime fans are used to being able to read while watching something like this, I mean c'mon people) but I kind of liked the choice that you made here. Whether or not that's the right choice to make in every case, I really can't say for sure. If you're looking for someone to tell you which is better, you won't get an answer from me. Throughout these fighting scenes, there are brief flashes of color that are definitely noticeable but also feel kind of subtle and much less eye-catching that most editors would go for, and I kind of liked these touches as well.

With a few noticeable exceptions, there's a ceiling to how much I can get into an AMV that's built around a single fight, and that's definitely the case here. But I will say that I think you did a good job on each of these videos in regards to leaving the viewer with a good idea of what the main character in the video is all about (even if it's kind of a one-dimensional portrait, but this may be inherent to how they're written in the anime anyway).

I really like that you gave these videos room to play out and that you respect the attention span of the viewer and don't try to force your concept into a 30-second blast like many editors.

ADHD makes everything a challenge but AMV editing in particular presents a lot of specific difficulties: the more clips you have at your disposal, the easier it can be to get lost in the weeds and feel overwhelmed by choices. Trying to establish a singular "vibe" in the midst of this confusion can feel like a unique form of self-torture. Yet I know there are tons of editors who would identify as having ADHD. Maybe this hobby is, for many people, a way to try to overcome those challenges in a controlled environment and on their own personal terms.

Please don't feel discouraged by a lack of response here, this place is fickle and it goes through stretches of busy activity followed by lulls of quiet.

It's possible that I haven't really said anything here that's of any use to you, but I really appreciate you sharing your work and being so open to feedback.

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