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  • Member: acomalas
  • Studio: The Flying Cracker
  • Title: 2 Hookers 2 Futures
  • Premiered: 2003-10-18
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  • Song:
    • Mindless Self Indulgence 2 Hookers and an 8 Ball
  • Anime:
  • Comments: The music of choice is again by MSI, this time it's "Two Hookers and an Eight Ball" from their live album "Alienating Our Audience".
    The anime of choice is again a wild Gainax Maid-story, this time Mahoromatic instead of FLCL.

    Itís the return of 'Futures' with a vengeance! And like Haruko before her, Mahoro can duke it out even with the toughest robots, and manage a decent above average plot to boot. As always, I've managed to squeeze a bit of SPOILERy goodness into the vid, but itís not too much to worry about, especially if you already know that Mahoro shot the kid's dad from episode 3. ARE YOU EXCITED YET?!

    I likes fishes, cuz they so delicious

    Oh yeah, never bothered mentioning it before, but this video might use a few bad words like motherfucker. Just in case you have problems with bad words like motherfucker, I will let you know that you should not watch this video because you may hear motherfucker, and when you hear motherfucker you may become offended because you weren't expecting to hear motherfucker. So expect motherfucker, and a whole slew of indecipherable lyrics that this video just flat out ignores in its self indulgence.

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