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  • Member: [Mike of the Desert]
  • Studio: TwinLight Studios
  • Title: Naota's Dream
  • Premiered: 2005-08-24
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    • Offspring Staring at the Sun
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  • Comments: Concept/Idea:
    The concept for this video came to me during the work of Canti's Secret, at the time this project was aready started but not with this idea. I don't know why, but this two concepts (Canti's Secret and Naota's Dream) came to me in a moment of huge inspiration, and I couldn't ignore them, so I started planning the video. Not editing it since the idea was something really complicated. Now, I would like to make you see the video without know what the concept is, like a surprise, but if you want to know, I'll spoil it now:
    This video is, as the title say, about a Dream of Naota, a real dream, during a deep sleep.. Probably caused by a too hard amount of drugs. ;P This is my first try to create a cross-over between two anime, and basically, it's a fight between Naota and Rock Lee. This is the base of my concept.

    The editing of this video it's been more complicated than what I thought in the beginning, actually, this project made my new record of "time spent working", with Naota's Dream I reached nearly 120 hours for a 2 minutes video. I tried to do my best, now, the editing is been hardful especially because I tried to make seem the battle the more realistic and natural possible. The thing that could be noticed is that I re-created the Rock Lee movements using different clips from different episodes to create new actions, and the same I made with Naota, even if is lesser noticiable. The whole video have a huge amount of masks, that go from simple ones to multi-complex masks that actually are the ones that took from me the more time of work, but mostly, the planning is been the most painful part, since it is been extremely complicated to choose the clips, and to create the battle. Some parts were impossible to even think at the beginning, this is why I had fear to just leave the project, but coming nearly to completely draw a new animation in the end I'm been able to create them. In simple words this is all, I could tell how much I worked on everypart, because this project to be sincere had a lot of problems and it's been near to never born at some parts when I was completely blank of ideas, or of footage.. But here I am, after have finished it, announcing my first try to a cross-over video. I done my best, and I really hope to know what you, what everyone thinks, every comment (euphoric or of pure hate) or critic, would be greatly, greatly appreciated. =) Give it a try!

    Technical Informations:
    Programs Used:
    - Adobe Photoshop CS
    - Adobe After Effects 6.5 Pro
    - VirtualDub Mod and Avisynth (always used for the encoding)

    - Size: 640x480 / 4:3
    - File: 40,8 MB
    - Codec: Xvid (compatible DivX)
    - MP3 audio at 192kbps

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