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  • Member: [Mike of the Desert]
  • Title: Canti's Secret
  • Premiered: 2005-08-15
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    • Mentos The Freshmaker (Commercial)
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  • Comments: Concept
    I had this concept during dinner, after have ended to watch FLCL. I was eating, and then, watching a Mentos Official spot, Eureka! I think I screamed something when the idea come to me. :P I started immediately to edit my concept, luckly I was just starting another project (that will be continued) about Furi Kuri, so I had the ripped DVD files ready for me. Even if for get them I passed trough hell. The concept is simply to re-impost the Official mentos spot concept into mine, it's not the first time this is been made since once I saw also a Naruto video about this, but I tried to do my best. I really hope you'll give it a chance downloading it! Since I really don't know what to comment more this time. :)

    About the Video
    "Canti's Secret", I thought about this title mainly for the ironic sense of it, in the meaning that this video show it's secret weapon for when he's (it?) in trouble. I tried to show the better quality (both for audio and video) possible editing the video, pre-working on clips and encoding the video the best I could, luckly, considering the short lenght of the video, I'm been able to creat a light file with the best quality possible. I used After Effects for doing the masks and for the editing in general, including the export, and I hope you'll enjoy it!! And, of course, I would love any type of feedback ;)
    Thanks to everyone for your time! The story? It's quite banal write it, it's better saw the video itself, the only thing I can say it's the proof that Canti's not fresh! It need some freshing power, a fresh sensation only Mentos can give!!! (omg what I just said xD I just made publicity :o)

    Final Comments
    I would just say in the end a couple of things. =) First of all about the video compression, I am been able to create a really small file, but even if trough VirtualDub and Avisynth I am been able to create the same brightness the original footage had, sadly the masks I made, especially the one with blur (since I tried to do like in the shows, the near objects with blur because the camera is looking for a more far view), are really became worster than the original project was showing, if I'll find a way to actually make them perfectly I'll upload a better quality version, for now, I hope you'll enjoy this one!^^ A little thing that also could be hard to notice is when at 00:25 of the video Naota eat the Mentos :P

    I usually see the video at not full-screen view, but do as you wish!! ;)

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