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  • Member: doughboy
  • Studio: Spooner St Studios
  • Title: Wonka's Wonderpenis de Milo
  • Premiered: 2005-08-07
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    • Lo Pro Fuel
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  • Comments: This video is a sequel of sorts to Beo's B-Day video and a parody/homage to Life on Mars by Wonka. Watch that first, as a lot of my choices were determined by what was present in that video.



    I edited this video in a single day, working within the time period of 10am to 10pm on 8/07/05, which was really quite a difficult experience given that I drag ass when it comes to editing. I had spent weeks getting the footage prepped, but didn't lay any fooatge except for the Intro and Outro which I set the previous day.

    I think it turned out quite well, not exactly the blatant replica of Wonka's video that I wanted it to be, but I at least got a few direct rip-off sequences in there. It's quite likely my best video yet, especially given the time constraint. I could only afford simple cuts and fades, but I like how they were timed and used for 90% of the video.

    Parody Info:

    Here's the spell-all section in case you don't get the references. The first time is in my video and the second listed within the sentence is from Life on Mars.

    0:14-0:23: this was the portion of the song that really reminded me of 4:09-4:18 of Wonka's original. Therfore, I replicated it as best as possible, the most obvious clue being the zoom blurs.

    0:23-0:24: I wanted very much to perfectly copy 2:12-12:14, but no footage really worked and I had fewer drum hits to work with, so I just went with the first thing that worked. Still, I love that part.

    0:44-0:45 and 0:55-0:56: Inverts. I knew i had to use them, so I put them in the most appropriate spots where they were less annoying than usual. ;P I could have used the technique again at 1:16-1:17, but I think I've done enough damage as is. :P

    1:04-1:06: I call this the "rolling explosion" section. There were many times when Wonka synched explosions to powerful guitar/drum combo beats. I love that stuff.

    1:10: some quick image flashes that are transparent. This was actually in the source I used, but Hypeo uses that technique quite often.

    At 1:47, a message is revealed that was inspired by Wonka's reply to someone who reviewed his Berserk video while stating that Tool made bad music. I did not add the curse word, it was actually in the anime. All I did was add the "Ahem..." to complete the reference. The other text was added as my own quote from Triumph: The Insult Comic Dog. That way people don't think I 'm being blatantly vulgar.

    That's all I can think of now, I would have liked to used a few flashy tricks and white flashes (the non-cheesy kind) but didn't have time to figure it out. The rest is pretty much all me on my own, panicking on my way to the finish line.

    Source Credit:

    Open - the audio is a Method Man quote from the film Garden State and the video is taken from the "going to commercial" animations from Insomniac Tokyo: Sloshed in Translation (recorded from Comedy Central Aug 2004).

    Video - as stated, I made an abridged version of "Fuel" by Lo Pro and combined that with Ghost in Shell: Stand Alone Complex.

    Outro - a custom edit of "My Balls" by Snot combined with the Tachikoma segment attached to the very last episode of Gits:SAC season 1.

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