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  • Member: Sephyre
  • Studio: ZeroVerge
  • Title: You're The Reason I Believe In Love
  • Premiered: 2002-05-25
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  • Song:
    • Shania Twain From This Moment (Dance Remix)
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    The title came from the lyrics. I'm not very innovative. Sorry. Romance has always been a driving force in the making of my AMVs, regardless of my situation concerning such matters in real life. I guess this song just struck me to do it. I kinda get an emotional high, somewhat like the first time I played Icechai's To Love You More. It was a good choice in terms of song. I hope to share this experience with others by amplifying it with the wonderful, though totally impossible to happen in real life situation, of the anime OVA and movie of Ah My Goddess. I have tried very hard to match the mood of Icechai's AMV but somehow, the pace is different. Anyways, Oh My Goddess is a wonderful anime and if you haven't watched it, you're really missing out. :)

    Technical details:

    Most importantly, it's 720 x 480 resolution! My master copy is in DV format! More on video quality in the following paragraph.

    I have spread my work over a period of 3 months (of which 20 days I was away) and effectively clocked at least 100 over hours, perhaps about 120 hours if you count the idiotic problem I encountered (more on it below). I used only Adobe Premiere and Adobe Photoshops, have reviewed each update of usually 30 seconds (there was one day I spent about 5 hours for nearly 10 seconds worth) with on average 1-2 changes. Rendering hours are not counted in my work time cos I usually leave it to render over night. Each render is first done in DV format, yes, digital video, and each takes about 800MB. It is then compressed and matched to see how much quality is lost at different bitrates. My MPEG-1 version is at 4000KBPS (kilobits, not kilobytes), which I deem is where the tradeoff of quality against filesize begins.

    Some of the effects used:
    The typical fades, and dissolves
    Reverse Motion
    Manual (yes, MANUAL, using a white background JPEG) strobing
    Luminance and other transparencies
    Lens flares
    Multi-track video (I had to use up to nine tracks at a go once)
    Various attempts at lip syncs, please note I did lip syncs mostly using the movie version, there are only two other instances with the OVA version.

    Would you believe I redid the first one and a half minutes of video because Adobe Premiere 6.01 just decided it shall collaborate with either a file called kernel32.dll or preminfo.dll (it can choose either as and when it likes) to declare my project file as corrupt? I checked the file using notepad (yes, I do my website based on notepad too, no fancy WYSIWYG web page programs for me) and I found no problems with the file. My guess is there was too many items, settings and transparencies... but unlikely, the file is still small, I don't see how it can't load, cause my computer definitely has the memory. Ah well. Life sucks.

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