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  • Members (17): mexicanjunior, AMV_4000, Beowulf, BigDude, Castor Troy, Ean, Fluxmeister, Hitori, Machine, Pwolf, The Wired Knight, Vancore, VegettoEX, Wonka, Zarxrax, kenshin, teknoboy
  • Title: RVG Project 2004
  • Premiered: 2004-09-24
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  • Songs:
    • Ailsean One_Link_to_Rule_them_All
    • Ailsean Surfing on the Blocks
    • Ailsean Terra in Black
    • Alfh Lyra Ryu's Theme (Instrumental Mix)
    • Aphex Twin Pac Man [Techno Remix]
    • bLiNd StarFox Meteorave OC Remix
    • Brad Smith AquaticInterlude
    • DJ Crono Eres Des Points
    • DJ Pretzel OedoPentatonic
    • DJ Pretzel Resurrection by Breakbeat
    • FFMusic DJ Breath of Fire 'Sad Melody'
    • JD Harding Super Metroid 'Brinstar'
    • Jivemaster Chemical Juice
    • Killer Instinct OST Killer Groove
    • Mazedude River City Rammstein
    • McVaffe IceCapped
    • Neostorm House Leaves
    • Nintendo Guru Enter the Guru
    • Rayza Sonic GreenHill(Euroclub "95")
    • Saiko Crying Mountain - Chrono Trigger Remix
    • SFLaValle Devil's Mask
    • Shael Riley Matoya's Hot with destiny
    • Vomitron Contra
  • Anime:
  • Participation:
    • Anime Weekend Atlanta 10, Anime Weekend Atlanta 10 (2004-09-24)
    • Oni-Con, Oni-Con (2004-10-22)
    • Ushicon Theme Contest, Ushicon Theme Contest (2005-01-22)
    • Anime Central '05 AMV Contest, Anime Central '05 AMV Contest (2005-05-13)
    • Anime Expo 2005, Anime Expo 2005 (2005-07-01)
  • Comments: What is the RVG Project? Well, it's a bunch of anime music videos using old 16 bit and under console remixes from various websites. It's also the sequel to the NES Project of 2003.

    Why you ask? Because it's good times!!! Hahahahahaha!!! :p

    Now for some RVG Project backstory...

    Ok, let's see...

    After the NES Project ended up being a nice success in 2003, myself and Fluxmeister (Tim Stair) decided we should follow up with something cool for AWA 2004. Since we concentrated solely on old NES 8 bit mixes in the original, we decided to open up the creative flood gates and allow all console systems 16 bit and under this time. With all the tech problems and creator procrastination that plagued us in 2003, we decided to also try and be a bit more selective in our editor picks and get some more help from a coordinator standpoint. Luckily for us, someone shared our love for the game projects and had plenty of free time to help us out.

    Castor Troy (Ryan Molina) joined the coordinator team after a strong showing of videos in the NES Project and a willingness to get things organized and be our "Enforcer" on RVG. He really did a great job of coordinating editors, helping with tech issues and finding sprite/game footage for all the editors having a hard time getting it to work in Premiere. We owe you a huge debt of gratitude man, it would not have gone over so well without your help.

    So, after many hours of going through the leftover tracks from NES and downloading new one's from OCR, we ended up getting a solid list of available songs for the editors. We mainly picked the editors on an invite basis but took in those interested which we felt were trustworthy to come up with good stuff. Around November/December of 2003, we really got the ball rolling on assigning tracks and starting to come up with deadlines for betas. Unfortunately for us, no one abided by any of them. :p I think the final count of editor dropouts was somewhere around 22 but we still struggled on, hoping for some last second completions (we had a few done the day of the "deathline"). The weekend of September 11-12 was especially grueling, waiting for betas to be uploaded and staring at the FTP in hopes of some completed vids would magically appear. All this said, I was playing Madden for a good portion of it, so Flux and Castor took the brunt of this load. Hahahaha!!! :p When the smoke cleared and the tracks were glued together with commercials at the end of the weekend, we ended up with a terrific hour of great work by everyone who particapated. I can't thank all you guys enough for doing such awesome videos and stepping your games up a notch to make this project as good as the first. Now for some special props:

    Fluxmeister - For once again running the show and doing a great job handling all the technical aspects of the project. The intro was class and the guides on the site really helped all the editors involved. Also, the 2 vids you made were gold. Maybe this year I will stare at the FTP with you and put down Madden 2006 for a few hours. Hahahahahaha!! :p

    Castor Troy - For being the most organized person on the team and showing tremendous enthusiasm for the projects. As stated before, we couldn't have pulled everything off so smoothly without you. Plus, you made some awesome vids again for us this time around, the Terra in Black vid especially showed this project was more than just crazy ass action and effects. Also, you did a tremendous job authoring the NES and RVG DVD's, it was professional looking stuff man. :)

    Zarxrax - For once again closing out the show in grand style, the Tetris video was the talk of AWA after the showing and for good reason. :)

    Machine - For coming through with 2 solid videos and finishing the 2nd one in pretty much a weekend's time. WARP AHEAD!!! :p Also, we can't thank you enough for both the NES and RVG documentaries you put together for us, they are excellent.

    Ok, so now let's fast forward to Anime Weekend Atlanta 2004 and the premiere of this project...

    It started off somewhat messy as the project began to start rolling before expected. The original gameplan on the schedule was for Reflections of Style (SnHknives's MEP) to show before our project and then we would follow up. There was a mix up on the tech side though and we ended up having to turn off our project during the opening credits and have Lee start his opening speech about his project. Unfortunately for Lee, everyone started exiting the room as he spoke and we lost some of our audience as well. It was a shame too because ROS is a very cool MEP and they definitely should have stuck around. :p

    So, ROS finishes up and we walk up to the stage to deliver the creator introductions and explain the project. Like last year, the room was about half full to start but filled in about 2-3 videos in. One thing we noticed different about this year's crowd though was they seemed much more jazzed and enthusiastic about the videos this time around. Crowd applause seemed an octane higher and the commercials especially got very good reaction. By the end of it, we had a full house and everyone was enthralled. As the credits began to roll, the most memorable moment of either of the projects transpired, Wonka and Dannywilson put up their lighters as the credits rolled and swayed to the wonderful "One Link to Rule Them All" by Ailsean". The rest of the crowd followed suit as lighters and cell phones were waved in the air, it truly had that concert atmosphere. Big thanks to everyone there for showing such appreciation for us, we love you all. :)

    And now a few words from the other coordinators...

    Castor Troy: I joined the RVG Project as a coordinator after volunteering to contact all of the old NES editors back on the RVG Project. It was pretty tough being a coordinator of a very huge project for the first time but in the end, I think it all turned out really well. One suggestion I made to Flux and MJ was the incorporation of drama videos in the project to capture the seriousness of the 16 bit era. I felt the project had a very different feel than the NES Project in terms of drama and seriousness. I personally thought all of the editors really took their editing up to the next level (haha) and made such an amazing experience very faithful to the 16 bit era. Even though the 16 bit era was my favorite era in gaming, it's hard for me to decide which project I like better because I think they're both equal in representing their respective gaming eras. Working with Flux and MJ was a blast and I'd certainly love to do it again. I'd like to thank all of the editors and fellow coordinators for making such a fun and awesome project! :-)

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