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  • Member: CrescentTearDrop
  • Studio: Oleander Studios
  • Title: When I Close My Eyes
  • Premiered: 2005-01-27
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    • Michelle Branch everywhere
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  • Comments: This is only my 3rd video but its pretty good for me. This video is about Inuyasha and Kagomes relationship, based on the first two movies. At first i thought it would be slightly difficult but it wasnt and i had just enough scenes. I made this in Final Cut Express but i avoided having numerous effects. Maybe i will one day when i have a better grip on it, but i dont know. I feel that there are way too many terrible Inuyasha videos (but there are few good ones of course!) So i took on the challenge of making one slightly better than most of the Inuyasha videos. Although im not a huge fan of Michelle Branch, after searching really hard for a good song, this was the best one i could find. Its upbeat feeling worked out nicely.
    There are a few things in this video that some attentative few may notice (i.e. at one point there is a transition that flashes the next scene on accident) but if i fixed them, than the clip just dint fit right. I tried my best to make everything on beat. I know that there is one last clip after the music finishes but i love that scene and i felt it gave it a nice ending. No more subtitles guys!
    I did use lip sync but decided to not allow it to be rated because there where a few parts where they are talking and it isnt to the music. The title page is a little too quick, i know but i didnt realize that until just today, so sorry about that!
    Well, enough talk, video time! Leave an opinion and enjoy ^.~

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