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  • Member: Kaiba57
  • Title: Strength from Fear
  • Premiered: 2004-12-06
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  • Comments: *Warning: may cause seizures, well not really but some of the really fast parts may. ^_^;
    ** Warning#2: just a mindless action vid, with some backround meaning. lol. ^_^
    This is more or less the remastered re-make of my Dark tournament Finals video, buts its not.I decided to base this video on Team Toguro. Wow Kaiba this is your 3rd Toguro based video in a row!! lol. This video is all about Team Toguro, not just there final fights, i included all there fights I could. At first I wasn't really of planning to make this video, for I was already a quarter of way done with a Rurouni Kenshin vid, but my attention was directed to this project when I was re-watching my YYH Dark Tournament DVDs.

    For those of you who don't know, Team Toguro was strongest team in the Dark Tournament, preceeding Team Urameshi. The members of the original Toguro team were Younger Toguro, Elder Toguro, Genkai and 2 other member who are not named in the series. And yes, I included Genkai in the video for the purposes of that she was on the orginal Team Toguro, and that I didn't have enough clips, so it was either her or Sakyo to be in the vid. The current Team Toguro members are Karasu, Bui, Elder Toguro, and Younger Toguro.

    Younger Toguro and Genkai - I am not going to explain much about them, because I have a pretty detailed bio about him and Genkai on my Back Then video page. But I will tell you this that Younger Toguro is the Youngest of the Toguro Brothers and his wish after winning the first Dark Tournament was to become a demon of the highest class. He made this wish because 3 months before that Dark Tournament the demon Kairen killed everyone of his pupils. Toguro killed Kairen in the final round of the tournament. It was through his fear of Kairen that Toguro was able to reach his ultimate potential.

    Elder Toguro- not much is known about him, except that he his the eldest of the Toguro Borthers and that he also made the wish like his brother to become a demon. It was never apearent if he actually ever feared anyone. Elder Toguro is also a cold heartless killer, whose powers are that of being able to manipulate his body into whatever he wants; much like Majin Buu of Dragonball Z

    Bui- Bui fought the Toguro brothers early on and lost; when he lost, Toguro saw potential in him as fighter and kept him by his side as he would train hard to beat him. Bui trained as hard as he could to reach his full potential but that wasn't enough as in the end it was Hiei who defeated him; Bui never got that re-match with Younger Toguro that he had desired. Bui is the only one in the series who can use a special energy called Battle Aura; its only purpose is for fighting and is much different from demon or human energy.

    Karasu- Karasu, much like Bui, lost to the Toguro brothers and became part of their gang until the day he could beat Younger Toguro. It seemed though that Karasu didnt care if he defeated Toguro or not because in the series he was a saddist and liked to kill the things he loved; so if he hated Toguro he must not really want to kill him, unlike Kurama. though it was through Toguro that Karasu was able to become stronger. Karasu's powers are much like Kuramas , that he is able to manipulate his energy but with bombs not plants, or even emit his energy into a being and ignite them from within.

    **end of spoiler**
    "Strength from Fear" - I chose this title and the overall maening from this vid becuase it was through fear of a stonger being that each of the Toguro Team members reached their ultimate potential. The video itself doesn't contain a lot of spoilers, I didn't give away any of the endings to the fights or any chracter deaths. This video is probably the most fast paced video I have created and probably my second favorite video I have created; my favorite vid that I have created is still my "Back Then" vid ^_^; . I'll probably won't be making any new vids for a while cause I have a lot of stuff going on right now with school finals and such, but I will still be able to give ops and other stuff.
    "I remember selling our souls brother, but not our character"- Younger Toguro

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    Enjoy ^_^

    This vid was inspired by .:Decoy:.'s Kenshin's Technique Beat vid.

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