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  • Member: Kaiba57
  • Title: Back Then
  • Premiered: 2004-10-30
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    • Disturbed Remember
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  • Comments: 3/15/05: I have uploaded the remastered version of this video.^_^

    Okay, here it is my favorite video to date, and by far probably my best one. I really enjoyed making this video, because it features my favorite characters of my favorite anime. The song Remember by Disturbed is a relativley overused song, but I just couldn't use another song to represent these two chracters, as in my mind every lyrics fit them perfectly.

    -This video features my favorite Yu Yu Hakusho pair: Genkai and Toguro. Toguro and Genkai were the strongest human fighters at one time, and they both cared deeply for each other. The video is from Toguro's point of view, how he saw his students murdered by the demon Kairen, and from then on only pursued to become the strongest and forgot about what he had with Genkai. Kairen killed Toguro's students as sort of like an invitation to the Dark Tournament. The Dark Tournament is a martial Arts competion held once every 50 years, where only the strongest human and demon fighters go to compete; the winner is granted one wish. Toguro defeated Kairen in the final round of that Dark Tounament and his wish was to become a demon of the highest class. Why Toguro became a demon was still unclear in the show, but in my opinion he became a demon for it was his attonment for not being strong enough to protect his students; by becoming a demon toguro had reached his ultimate potential. Toguro and Genkai met again 50 years after Toguro became a demon, and they remembered how they once felt about each other, though they never 100% admited it, they really did love each other back then. Toguro and Genkai fought their inevitable battle and in the end Toguro was the one who emerged victorious. Toguro killed Genkai to prove to her that he had made the right decision of becoming a demon, a decision that she had rejected. Yusuke, Genkai's pupil, saw Toguro kill Genkai. Yusuke defeated Toguro in the final round of the Dark Tournament, much like how Toguro killed Kairen in the final round of the previous Dark Tournament. In the end Toguro shows his nobility by opting to go to Limbo for all of his sins, even when Koenma tells him that his human achievments will overide his demon crimes, and only a slight punishment would of been necassery. All Toguro wanted for 50 years was for a worthy opponent.
    End of Spoiler
    Comments on particlar scenes

    Opening instrumental
    This is the whole basis of my vid. This is where we see the beginning of Toguro and Genkai's realtionship in the beginning. I also included the part with Kairen; i tried to show how Toguro inadvertenly became like Kairen, in that he wished to be become a demon and only pursued strength.

    "Sensation washes over me,
    I can't describe it,
    pain I felt so long ago"

    This is the famous river scene with Toguro and Genkai. I really felt that the mood of the song matched the lyrics very well.

    "I don't remember"
    For this part I used flashes of This part didn't really match with the lyrics as its still in the past, but i felt it was a good part for the whole concept of past and present of the vid.

    "Tear a hole so I can see
    my devastation
    feelings from so long ago"

    Yeah, the lyrics and scenes speak for themselves. The instramental before right befroe this, is the transition from past to present, 50 years after Toguro and Genkai went their seperate ways.

    "I don't remember"
    This is where I made sense of the lyrics; i used a flashes of the river scene from the past and Toguro.

    "Holding on to let them know"
    I thought this was a nice power shot of Toguro, to match with the lyrics very well. It also provides an nice transition to the next scene.

    "What's given to me, given to me"
    I tried to show the power that was 'given' to Toguro when had became a demon.

    "To hide behind my mask this time
    and try to believe"

    When Toguro became a demon he had also recieved a new obdy, and started wearing shades, which was the mask. He was hiding from the pain of seeing his students killed.

    -The most important scene in this vid is probably 3:16-3:19, in this scene Toguro was fighting Yusuke in the final round in the Dark Tournament. Yusuke was losing badly, for he couldn't unlock his full power against Toguro. Toguro remember that when the demon, Kairen, killed all of his students he trained hard for revenge and attonment for not being strong enough. Though not shown in the vid, Toguro said that it was through Kairen that he was able to reach his full potential. Knowing this Toguro "killed" Kuwabara, Yusuke's best friend, which made Yusuke reach his full ptential at that time, now he witnessed Toguro had killed 2 of the people that he most cared about; his teacher, Genkai, and his best friend, Kuwabara. With all that power Yusuke won the Dark Tournament. When Toguro "killed" Kuwabara, it was faked death planned by Toguro , just to bring out Yusuke's full potential. This futher proved Toguro's nobility in that he wanted to fight Yusuke at his full power, and never really wanted harm any of his friends.
    -The clip from the anime I had put in the end, is something that you either love or hate, or so I am told. Some people say that it was a good addition to the video, others say that it was too long and detached from the vid. Personally I put it in there for that one time view, meaning that the audience would view it one time as they first watched the video, and afterwards would just skip over it if they decided to watch the video again. I actually liked the clip at the end, guess you have to really love the characters to appreciate it. ^_^;

    "Toguro went out of his way to bring out your full power, Sensui just wants you dead." -Hiei
    -Encoded with XivD-
    To get the Xivd codec go here:
    The video also requires DivX to play, to get it go here: my
    The free one works fine.
    Software Used
    - Adobe Premiere 6.5
    - Virtual Dub
    - DvD Decyptor
    - DvD2Avi
    - TMPGEnc

    Enjoy ^_^

    The direct inspiration for this vid was Suzuki_Akira's Epic Memories vid.

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