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  • Member: Suzuki_Akira
  • Studio: Controversy Studio
  • Title: Epic Memories
  • Premiered: 2004-08-04
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    • Disturbed Remember
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  • Comments: My first video with Controversy Studio, this video is very important to me. I put more time and soul into this video than perhaps all my others combined. This video is the quintessential Samurai X experience for me, and because of this, I may never return to the Rurouni Kenshin movies or OVAs again in an AMV. The overlays convey the story just like the main visuals do, so keep that in mind.

    ***WARNING*** A whole bunch of explanatory and superfluous bullcrap below, skip if you've seen the series and understand everything or if you just don't feel like wading in crap.***WARNING***

    This video is not romantic in intent, although it does focus on the love between Kenshin and Tomoe in the beginning, and Kenshin and Kaoru for the rest of the video. My main focus on Tomoe was that of her representation of forgiveness and redemption in the epic saga of Kenshin. Kenshin has to remember Tomoe, her sacrifice, and what she taught him about life in everything that he does, even in his self ordained mandate never to kill again. This is shown highly through the flashing overlays, which tell as much of the story of this video as the main streaming visuals do. Kenshin is a man defined by the battles of his life-what the teach him, how they change him.

    Kenshin vs. Jin'eh shows how close Kenshin was to forgetting Tomoe and redemption and taking up the killing sword again. Kenshin leaves, to find himself and to find redemption afterwards, after all, this is the theme of the video. And most importantly, Kenshin vs. Enishi was not important in who won, after all, Kenshin allowed Enishi to attack him at will after the battle ended. The most important thing here, as in all of Kenshin, was the reason. THe two men, one Tomoe's husband and one her brother, were vying for the smile of Tomoe that represented their redemption. And until Kenshin can finally come to grips with his past, become redeemed, and remember, he can never return home to Kaoru forever.


    Those were my thoughts on the video and what the whole Kenshin saga means. Please watch the video, and leave an opinion!

    Special Thanks To:

    Dedicated to:
    LightningCountX, who gave me his blessing to take my concept and run with his song, and for being one of my best friends on the Org. Peace, bro.

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