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  • Member: [Mike of the Desert]
  • Title: Liriche degli Alchimisti
  • Premiered: 2004-11-20
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    • Final Fantasy VIII Liberi Fatali
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  • Comments: I finally finished my latest video where I worked on for something like three weeks. So, I learned in the time that too long comments are read by exactly noone so I will be short ;P This is my FIRST Adobe Premiere Amv. Abnsolutely my FIRST Attempt to this professional program that gave me no little problems this first time, the video took all my effort as a first try, I put all myself in it, like all my creations. It is about FullMetal Alchemist and well probably will be the first video of one another or two =) Anyway, I really hope for yours opinion to this my first Premiere Video. Oh yes, for the first time of all I finally had an amv with a perfect video and audio quality!!! Of course trought normal catastrophic editing problems that I always have. There are some things that I don't like in this video, but in the overall I'm proud of it. And.. All of you, Enjoy!^^

    An Important thing: I want to dedicate this Amv to my girlfriend, without her, nothing of this would have been possible, and without her my life would not deserved to be called like this. I love you. (Hinatasan of this site^//^ Alias Judy Ramon)

    p.s.: in the video is used a clip (in 1:58) a friend sent to me, in the end I discovered thanks to the forum that it was a clip from another amv, Tsumibito no kashou, for this I would give my apologies for the creator, giving thanks to him. I'm sorry seriously.

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