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  • Member: Tseng808
  • Studio: 12th Illusion Studio
  • Title: IdiotecK
  • Premiered: 2004-09-14
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  • Song:
    • Radiohead Idioteque
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  • Comments: I started this Project in May, my friend is a huge Radiohead fan and suggested this song and I was like hell no i cant even attempt that, it seemed way out of my league...I referred the song to a few other creators out there...and kind of either got the same response or more so the fact that they simply didnít like Radiohead.

    I then thought and thought and decided what the hell I am going to attempt it.

    The opening scene with the moon moving across the screen took me such a great deal of time as I wasnít used to using premiere for effects I was used to simple cuts and fades and couldnít even do that incredibly well to be honest but I battled on slowly getting better at manipulating premiere...I kept getting "spurts" of on and off creation. I thought many times that I should just quit making this video. But no I felt something with the video something about it kept me going so I did.

    After a long period of editing of trial error here it is.

    This is the first video I have created for 12th Illusion Studios. This is the video that ot me into the studio. I sent Requiett the beta for it and he liked it and let me join

    Really happy to get into the studio and the fact I was invited by such a fantastic editor also made it better.

    Please enjoy what I believe to be one of my greatest creations.

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