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  • Member: Castor Troy
  • Title: Kyle Hebert - The Big Bald Beast
  • Premiered: 2004-06-05
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    • Junkie XL Def Beat
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  • Comments: Video #56

    Not exactly one of my better videos... more of a rush job... but here goes..

    After the success of the Okubo video at Kyle Hebert's Panel at Akon 14, I wanted to do another one, but this time involving more of Kyle's characters. After hearing the song in rys's No Remorse YYH video, (the song I have is called Def Beat, so I went with that) I thought it would make a fun trailer/preview song so I went with it.


    - I originally had footage of Okubo from Yu Yu Hakusho and General White from Dragonball ripped but there weren't enough spots in the song to include them. I couldn't include Seno Miyagi from Blue Gender or Butrakiri from Lupin the 3rd, Secret of the Twilight Gemini movie.

    - Under "The Characters" segment, I love the Nutt (Dragonball GT) part. I don't know why, I just do. :P

    - Under "The voices" segment, I had to include the shot of Kurama after the Karasu part due to the fact that Karasu's voice ends at that shot. I tried excluding Kurama but I think it turned out better with him. Same thing with President Takei's eye being left in after his shot.

    - I can't equalize sound for crap, so under "The voices" segments for Gohan and President Takei, the music had to be left in.

    - The ending is extremely half assed and a rush job due to the fact that I wanted to get this done before Kyle was mailing out the first volume of his Dub Club dvds back in March. This was mostly poor planning on my part.

    - My first 24fps video.

    Upon finishing this video, I authored it to DVD and sent it to Kyle the next day along with my payment for the Dub Club dvd. When Kyle got back from Anime Detour and watched this video in his dvd player, he loved it..... a little more than he should have :)

    If I could half ass my work and people enjoy it, I guess I'm doing my job right ;P

    Super fast action videos aren't exactly my forte.... I'll leave those to Fluxy and Bayo. :P

    This video was played during Kyle Hebert's panel at Akon 15. If you came here thinking it was played in the contest, it wasn't.

    What do I have planned next for my series of Kyle Hebert panel videos? Hopefully something more planned out and edited ahead of time. Something more among an epic scale ;)

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