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  • Members: Castor Troy, Spirit Detective dot com
  • Studio: Bust a cap in yo ass productions
  • Title: Okubo
  • Premiered: 2003-05-30
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    • Bruce Faulconer Trunks Theme
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  • Comments: Video #51

    I made this video for my good friend Kyle Hebert who's a voice actor for FUNimation productions who's mostly known for his Teen Gohan role in DBZ. I was talking in a chatroom with him and a few friends and my other friend Jon Allen came up with the idea of creating a video for the panel at Akon. Jon came up with the idea of making a parody of the old DBZ Trunks promo and using one of Kyle's Yu Yu Hakusho characters named Okubo. The video was easy to make but the problem was the lack of exciting footage of Okubo considering he's such a MINOR character to use so I had to settle for a few scenes. The good thing is that Kyle enjoyed it and was considering showing it at his panel at Akon 14.

    It showed at the panel but Otherworld Steve's (the webmaster of laptop had to reboot and we were already about to get kicked off the panel because we were out of time. I think a whole 10 people saw it :)

    Big thanks to Kyle Hebert and Otherworld Steve for showing this at his panel at Akon 14.
    Big thanks to Jon Allen for the idea.

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