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  • Member: Josiah-X
  • Studio: Ultimate Weapon Productions
  • Title: Three Warning Signs
  • Premiered: 2003-09-19
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  • Song:
    • Coldplay Warning Sign
  • Anime:
  • Comments: Idea Collaboration:
    My Akira video was a total flop and I knew I had to rebound strong from such a poor production. I began getting music like mad trying to find some inspiration to a new video. Such inspiration didn't come for another month. The song was "Serenity" by Godsmack. This idea hit the fan, and my backup choice was "Meet You There" by Simple Plan. The song just got boring. Same ideas with the triple anime idea, but a different songs. The song got more and more boring as I listened to it. Suddenly, Coldplay came up on my playlist, of the two songs I liked by Coldplay, this was the second. The song isn't all that inspirational, but its emotional. Emotional....never made that kind of video, this was my first. Thus, I went into production.

    Video Antics:
    My idea was to make this video kinda flow with the background music. One thing I tried not to do on this video was hit every beat, because no one wants an action romance video -.-. Certain parts of the song were extremely hard to make emotional, especially the piano at the end. I do find it unbelievably satisfying the way this video turned out. The first time I have ever felt that way after making it.

    Editing and Exporting Problems:
    Wow, this was my biggest project yet on making this video, quality and quantity wise, the best I have made. I had a problem with De-interlacing again, and those rubberband lines were showing through, so to solve the problem I spent hours changing all those scene transition to a regular cross dissolve to black.psd transition. Tough work. My exporting problems were mostly audio. My Radium MP3 codec was not working at all, so I had to reinstall the thing to get it to work. Finally, it did.

    Final Thoughts:
    I was impressed with this one myself, I hope you like it, I like it, its my favorite video out of all the ones I created....

    Peace out--


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