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  • Member: Second Element
  • Studio: Second Element Video
  • Title: Rose in the Wind
  • Premiered: 2003-06-30
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    • Anggun A Rose in the Wind
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    This AMV is currently being remastered and reissued. It will have higher quality video and audio, as well as new, updated scenes. This AMV has really received so much love and dedication from Inu Yasha fans that we are completely surprised by it's cult status. As a thank you gift to you, it will be completely remastered and fine-tuned, and then re-released here on The ORG.

    We had extreme ambitions for this video when we first began working on it- hopefully we can finally make it into what we always hoped it would be.

    Look forward to it!

    >>>>>UPDATE: JULY 3, 2003

    I changed out a scene in the video that was really making my eyebrows curl. I wasn't too fond of it to start with, and when it was brought up in 2 reviews, it really made me think "what the hell was I thinking leaving that in there?" Although it's not a spectacular, epic new scene that has been reinserted, it's still something much better than what was originally there. When I have the time and patience and our current 4 running AMVs that are in the works get completed, we'll probably all sit down together and tweak a few more things in the video so that we feel a little better about some spots here and there that we're still not content with. But at least for now that one scene has been tossed out- I don't think I would be able to get any sleep if I didn't do away with it immediately.

    And more importantly, thanks for your opinions and reviews, folks. Everything is taken very seriously by us and straight to heart- in a good way. You can help us create better, much more enjoyable videos by giving honest opinions and telling us what we're doing right ( so we can keep doing them ) and telling us what we're doing wrong ( so we can stop doing them ).


    For a long time I had been wanting to create a video based on the turbulent relationship between Inu Yasha and Kagome. More importantly, I wanted to do one from the view point of Kagome herself.

    Kagome is a very unique character with a very unique situation. She is completely in love with Inu Yasha- a love that has rendered her completely generous, giving, and unselfish. Because of her nature and strong feelings she is tolerant of Inu Yasha's "two-timing" and has even gone out of her way to protect and aid Inu Yasha's previous lover, Kikyou, who he is still hung up on while constantly moving forwards and backwards with his feelings for Kagome.

    I didn't want to make just another video of Kagome mooning over Inu Yasha- I wanted to try and get behind Kagome and reflect all the feelings in her heart. Surely there is sadness, but jealousy, hope, and even anger, too. I wanted to take a slight "woman scorned" approach to the video as if Kagome were saying "This is who I am, and this is what I have done for you...." Indeed, Anggun's "A Rose in the Wind" exactly hits that nerve with powerful lines such as "I have given you all of my soul" and "Tell me why I am always alone".

    Kagome is a strong individual- and an even stronger woman. She is mature beyond her physical years, even though on the inside she can't help but beg to know why she must love like this, and whether or not her undying devotion will ever be rewarded with the mutual love of the one she gave all her heart and soul to.

    >>Also, as there has been some confusion over some of the lines sung in the song, I've provided the lyrics:

    "I was born at daybreak
    To the road I did take
    Trembling as the ground shakes
    Under my feet
    Cracked in the stone heat
    Never ending motion
    Way across the ocean
    Into your devotion
    Long have I gone
    So far from my home
    What to do with this love that I'm in?
    I have given you all of my soul
    Flying all my life like a rose in the wind
    Tell me why I am always alone
    On my way home
    Dreaming always begins
    Find a door that's opening
    Something there is shining
    The light in your eyes
    When you were all mine
    All alone as I wake
    Moving in a new place
    Shivering as I trace
    A road of my own
    Cut by the deep cold
    What to do with this love that I'm in?
    I have given you all of my soul
    Flying all my life like a rose in the wind
    Tell me why I am always alone
    Hang on to me tight, and a rose in the wind
    Will be with you wherever you go
    All the way back home
    Can I take you back there?
    Drifting on the warm air
    Say you'll follow anywhere
    All of our nights
    Into the jade skies
    I'll be true to you
    Flying over the moon
    Lying in the bamboo
    I'll always know
    The light in the window
    What to do with this love that I'm in?
    I have given you all of my soul
    Flying all my life like a rose in the wind
    Tell me why I am always alone

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