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  • Member: MinetChan
  • Title: Kyubey's Still Alive
  • Premiered: 2013-04-01
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    • Jonathan Coulton Still Alive
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    Otafest 2013
    Honorable Mention - "Best Portal Crossover"

    An idea I have been trying to work with for over a year now. I absolutely love the Portal games! "Still Alive" always cracked me up, and now "Want Me Gone" is a close second.

    While I was listening to "Still Alive" one day I thought to myself, "How could I translate this into an AMV?" After a few hours of brainstorming, it finally dawned on me. Kyubey is so much like GLaDOS! Something that seems harmless, but really isn't. Not to mention, Kyubey is far too cute making the comedic concept work even better.

    This has been an on and off project and now I am proud to say that it is FINALLY finished! Please enjoy Kyubey's creepy smile!

    NOTE: I realize that there are quite a few AMV's that utilize this song. Howver, I do believe that I brought something different to the table. Lip-synching couldn't be done so I had to time body movements for Kyubey. I also tried to incorporate Portal footage to make a unique project.

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