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  • Member: Warpwind
  • Studio: Pegasus Productions
  • Title: Innocence
  • Premiered: 2003-06-20
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  • Song:
    • Delta Goodrem Innocent Eyes
  • Anime:
  • Comments: Finally I finished... *collapses in fit of exhaustion*

    Well after over a month of testing, tweaking and revamping I have finished my first amv. Yay! Firstly I have to thank ErMaC and AbsoluteDestiny for their excellent guides… without which I would have been up the creek without a paddle.

    I used Adobe Premier to make this video figuring if it was at all similar to Photoshop I’d be fine… it wasn’t so after many hours of reading the help guides I was finally able to use the blasted thing. It was at this point I proceeded to go mad with the filters but I’ll justify those later.

    The video I had in my head when I started this and the one that is now available for your downloading pleasure are rather different. Initially I set out to do too much with this video and had to dial back a bit. I wanted to tell a story with this video, not the entire story of .hack//sign that would take way to long and I simply don’t have the clips for it. So consider this a bit of a side story or whatever. There aren’t any spoilers in here that aren’t revealed in the first five or so episodes.

    Stop reading here if you don’t want to listen to me dissect the vid.

    The story is supposed to tie in with the song.. dealing with the loss of innocence. I liked the idea of using hack for this since a lot o people blame computer games and TV for making kids grow up to fast. The initial scenes show Tsukasa as a lost and suffering character but still fundamentally innocent in the sense that he himself has not caused anyone pain or suffering. The middle of the video was supposed to show his decent into madness/darkness. This proved to be very difficult to achieve but I tried my best. At the end of the video he has lost whatever innocence he had and uses his power (that dumbbell thing) to hurt someone and thing go downhill from there… The anime continues past this point and if you are really curious you will just have to watch it.

    Meh, so there is the description of the video in broad terms. Now to try and justify the use of the filters. The filters were mainly used to lyric sync more than anything else. Also though cause I just wanted to see what they looked like.
    Lens flare – “a star for my direction”
    Mirror – “lost in my reflection”
    Strobe – this was an attempt on my behalf to have scenes flashing to the beat. Note that I did actually try to do this manually but it proved difficult to find the beat amongst all the other sounds. Theoretically it should be possible to use the strobe filter for this as long as you have the interval and start right. Ah well, judge it for yourself how well it worked.
    White Circle in – this was just a cool transition from the previous clip
    Most of the other effects were already in the clips or was just used to transfer from one clip to another except…
    The lip synced “Dadadada Dadadada” (you’ll get what I mean when you see the vid)
    I thought I’d try lip syncing this part since it was all repeated monosyllables and it should prove easy, right? Hah! Nothing in this world is easy fools! I think this part actually took the longest for me to do. Anyway I’ll be brief I got the clip of the characters talking and lip synced them to the words. Then I put and image mask over the background of the clip. In some cases this meant and individual mask for every lip movement. I then chucked the second clip on top so it would appear through the masked section. Finally I put another version of the second clip on top and played around with the transparencies until I got the effect I wanted. This last part worked better with certain clips.

    And that’s about it

    Update:- it's up on the local server now with a couple of changes from when I wrote this description... I've reduced the amount of strobing as it was bugging people and I've tried to put some of it with the beat. This still is one effects heavy vid but i was kinda playing around with them to see what I could do.

    I think looking back on things now I wouldn't have used as many effects as I did. If I could I'd cut out the strobe, the ghosting and probably the lensflares but I can't so *shrugs*

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