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    Satella, the amv I entered into manifest is up for download. Has been since 28/9 but I'm horribly slack.

    Update: 27/9/06
    I have returned from the blast of fun that was manifest. Anyway, I have a new video up for download. *shock* *horror* It's my entry into the manifest iron chef. I had a lot of fun making it so I hope you enjoy it too. I'll post my amv comp entry up here soon. {although to be honest I think the iron chef entry is more enjoyable}


    I've been into anime since my first year at uni when I heard out this thing called an anime club screening. Now at the time I watched those "cartoons" that were on in the morning TV like Zoids or Pokemon etc.. Anyway I was kinda aware that these shows were actually japanease things that had been dubbed and cut until they were suitable for english-speaking young audiences. I though "hey, it might be interesting to see these things in their original format" plus the artwork is good. Before I knew it I was hooked and getting weird looks from my family members (nah, just kidding). Ironically engough it was actually first year that the anime club was operating at my uni.

    So the uni anime club has the blame for getting me into anime and also for getting me into amv's. They aired a couple favourites during dinner at one of the extended screenings a while back and I loved them. I absolutely had to find a copy of them for my very own. The search lead me through many terrible amvs and finally I found the org. Yay! I maxed out my poor feeble 56kb internet connection but I had the amv's I was searching for.

    Nearly a year later I finally took the plunge and started creating videos of my own. It takes me quite a while to make them so if only a few are up here.

    I did have a bit of a hiatus from making videos for a while since I'd started at a full-time job but I've got a second wind going now and I'm currently making another new video. The local anime convention Wai-con managed to get me interested in amv's again by exposing me to a bunch of australian amv creators.

    Anyway feel free to take a look at the videos and offer some feedback if you'd like.

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