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  • Member: Jwalk0
  • Studio: Deez Nutz Productions
  • Title: #34. Opposites Attract
  • Premiered: 2012-08-26
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    • Adult Swim Action Intro
    • Dw3 Out On A Limb
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  • Comments: Yall better thank Cryhog, OgFiasco, and WrinkledPaper50 for the creation of this cuz if it wasn't for them, I still be working on my Michiko To Hatchin vid. This vid came to fruition early last month from WrinkledPaper50's Opposites Attract contest which has editors editing their most favorite an*mes with their least favorite songs or vice versa. Check out her vid for more info:

    74 hours went into this piece and I couldn't have done it without my friend-girl Cryhog, check her out because not only is she beautiful, she's a powerful voice actor, animator, and cosplayer. (Raises glass) here's to another one!! (clink!!) Fifth project she has helped me with and I'm grateful for all she's done:

    And last but not least, the vid is dedicated as a late b-day present to OgFiasco, one of the best editors on the web:

    He just turned 18 last Tuesday and I wanted to upload this vid then but I figured with school/college starting back for everyone I might as well upload this on the weekend, so happy belated good man!! I know you a fan of fanservice and r&b so we hope you enjoy it!! After watching Wrinkled's vid I decided to take a break from my MTH vid since I was mostly just waiting still waiting for the last batch of blue-ray/logo-less eps to be done. Didn't take me long to figure out what combo I wanted to do, this was an idea I've had for a while but I didn't put serious consideration into it until I had a great reason to. I adore almost any genre of animes with fanservice being my least favorite so I knew Kanokon would be a fitting choice since it pushes the fanservice and ecchi genres to the frickin max, which is one of the reasons why it's one of my favorites of my least favorite animes. Kanokon goes EXTREMELY far pushing the envelope that it borders right on the edge of the h-word. There were many times throughout the anime that made my jaw drop and I asked myself, "DID THEY REALLY GO THAT FAR!!??"

    The basis is your typical fanservice/ecchi anime, low testosterone guy meets beautifully built girl, she wants him, he tries too far to avoid her advances, unrealistic events happens, and eventually they hook up in the end. Besides this, Kanokon differentiates itself in alotta ways though that keeps it interesting to watch the entire series. Dude's name is Kouta and the girl's name is Chizuru and she's mad crazy for the shy and innocent Kouta. Raised in the country his whole life, the first change in his life after he comes to the big city for high school is meeting the love of his life. Turns out Chizuru's a 400-year fox spirit who has retained her virginity for her soul mate and after finally meeting Kouta due to his purities, all those years of waiting has turned Kouta into a powerful magnet to her. To Kouta's dismay. At first. One thing I did not like about Kanokon at first, but then got used to, is the fact that even though both Kouta and Chizuru are only a year apart in physical/mental age, 14-year old Kouta looks like he's still in kindergarten and 15 year old Chizuru gots the body of a supermodel (then again, in this day and age most of you females' bodies be maturing so freakin early, them red beans and rice LOL). The manga has him looking like he reached some level of puberty but the anime portrays him looking like a 10-year old, so while I'm watching the first half of the anime half of me is wondering how he could resist someone so crazy for him, and yet my other half understands why since it looks like a grown woman comin onto a little boy. But eventually I got used to the art style and still enjoyed it. There's a very well fleshed out romance between the two and Kouta falls in love with her all the while, not to mention the competition Chizuru gets from a wolf spirit named Nozomu. Check it out if you haven't it's pretty boss. And just for kicks I added Black Dynamite since it's my favorite show to come out on Adult Swim in a long while, check that out too and here's the flick on YT if you don't already own the movie, which you should:

    After both Shaft movies, I'm Gonna Git You Sucka, Pootie Tang, Undercover Brother, and other blaxplotation movies I've seen Black Dynamite is a glorious addition.

    Dw3 is an amazing r&b group that further proves that fact that white boys know how to put it down on some r&b. First heard of em when they came out 2 years ago while I was still club hoppin and I seriously luv their songs with Out On A Limb being my ultimate favorite from them. Everything from the instruments, the vibe, vocals, that screamin electric guitar, it just brought me back to the 90s, which I miss so much.

    To everyone, God bless and thanks for watching.

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