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  • Studio: Deez Nutz Productions
  • Title: Toonami Memories: Top 10 Favorite Anime Series From Toonami
  • Premiered: 2011-12-16
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    • Adult Swim Intro Theme
    • DJ Razzie Toonami Farewell Mix
    • DJ Razzie Toonami Resurrection Mix
    • DJ Razzie & Xaltus Forsaken
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    This is my final PCA battle beta for this year's YT PCA's. Believe it or not, I put in 47 hours working on this. I had the core idea in my mind for over a year but during the editing process I kept putting scenes in and replacing them once I thought of new ideas, not to mention the multiple screen section took out a chunk of my time. Like most an*me fans in the US between the years of 1997-2008, Toonami wuz one of the premier programs to watch growing up to get your daily fix of japanese and american cartoons and I wuz no exception. Saw alotta memorable japanese and american cartoons that I still cherish to this day and back then Toonami helped make school suck a whole lot less cuz I had something to look forward to 5 days a week when I got home. The 10 an*mes I included in this were the ones I favored the most from Toonami during it's glory years, plus every single one of these I watched first in english dub thru Toonami with the exception of Sailor Moon which I first saw thru the DiC program and Yu Yu Hakusho which I saw first thru the Adult Swim program. Been a fan of Toonami since '97 but I stopped watching the program during 2006 since Cartoon Network did a whole lof of BS changes to it. When they cancelled Toonami in 2008 I wuz a bit pissed but at the same time saw it coming since most people were getting their an*me fix from the internet, myself included. Still, I hold fond memories of Toonami since it slightly helped shape up my childhood and teen years and I thank God for Toonami and all the shows I watched and the people who made them possible and the fans that kept Toonami alive. You'll notice that the an*mes I included I tried to include only one an*me from a series, for example DBZ has DB, DBZ, and DBGT, Gundam has Wing, Seed, G, and Tenchi has Muyo!, Universe, and In Tokyo but I only included DBZ, G Gundam, and Tenchi Muyo! since I wanted to keep the vid more simple. Only Sailor Moon did I use the first an*me and the second one, Sailor Moon R since I saw them both as one an*me since they both stayed the same in many ways and major changes were made to the other SM an*mes in that series.

    Checked out DJ Razzie this year and he and his collaborator Xaltus know how to hook up some instant classic instrumentals with hiphop, electronica, drum and bass, house, breakbeat, trip-hop, ambient, jazz, and soul influences. They both formed a group a while back called Ethereal Universe and it's a must that you check them out. Heard Toonami Resurrection Mix and Toonami Farewell Mix from Raz and when I did they both brought back glorious and nostalgic memories of Toonami thru Toonami's own bangin music that they played during the program's promos the shows' intros that they broadcasted. Even though I've had the editing idea of this vid for a hot minute I couldn't find a track I wanted to hook it up with until I heard these two tracks. Just in case anyone asks, I used Adobe Audition CS5.5 to take out the original vocals in Razzie's TFM and replaced them with the vocals from the Toonami The End Promo. Many props to DJ Razzie for hookin me up and to Metroidman100 for hookin me up with the Toonami promos I used, Metroidman100 is the dude to check out for high quality video clips of anything Toonami related including the way Toonami hooked the an*mes' intros.

    God bless for watching and hope all fans of Toonami luv this.

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