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  • Member: Jwalk0
  • Studio: Deez Nutz Productions
  • Title: Sinful Raindrops
  • Premiered: 2011-10-18
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  • Songs:
    • Loren & Mash THANATOS - If I Can't Be Yours
    • Slaughterhouse ft. Novel Raindrops
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    Programs Used: Vegas 9, Adobe After Effects CS3, Adobe Photoshop CS3, DVDFab5, MAGIX , Music Maker 15, Nova Software Extractor, SUPER, Zarx264gui.

    This vid is dedicated to the late OnimushuX, a good friend and editor who recently died of cancer and Crooked I for his mother and aunt, our prayers go out to their loved ones. Currently hosting a 6 month long, 3 round, amv contest on YT that started in July of this year and will end in December with myself participating and this is the battle vid I've made for the 2nd round. Slaughterhouse is one of the greatest rap supergroups, when a group like this hardly gets as much praise as garbage rappers do you know the music industry is dead. This track rite here is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE from them, one of the best songs I've heard in my life. 1 track with 4 talented rappers and 1 talented r&b artist by the name of K-Ci...I mean Novel LOL. Couldn't use the whole track though since I'm doing a collabo with 4 other people, one of them doing only vocals. My vid shows the beginning, middle, and end of this collabo, finished in 46 hours. Even though this vid will be part of a collabo, by itself it stands alone as an amv which is why I'm hosting it separetely. Crooked I's part wuz the best in my opinion so I'm honored to hook his' up. First heard Raindrops thru their debut album in '09 and every hiphop/rap fan should cop the album. When I heard Raindrops images of Eva came to mind at CI's part. I wanted to make a collabo but I had other projects I wanted to wrap up so I put it on hold until early this year when I saw Sourfacekid's vid of the track using Royce Da 5'9"s part, he did a great job using YYH and that gave me the extra push. Lawwww and Zairento are boss enough to do Joe Budden's and Joell Oritz's parts respectively and with Cryhog for vocals, I know this collabo is gonna be epic. Look for it early 2012 on YT/Org.

    Poor, poor Shinji. Falling in love and growing a relationship with the girl of his dreams only to find out that the blue-haired angel he adores is actually the sister-clone of his long lost mother created to be the catalyst for the destruction of all mankind. Poor, poor Shinji. This vid has a highly tabooish theme to it that I entirely do not agree with at all. Imma make it do what it do though for entertainment purposes. After Changes and Blackberry Molasses, here's another dark vid for the masses. God bless to my beautiful friend Cryhog for hooking me up with powerful vocals for Rei, I owe her dinner. Our hero is Shinji Ikari, probably one of the most human characters from any anime. As much as his character grows throughout the series it's hard to not sympathize with the guy. And then you have Rei Ayanami, one of the most beautiful, well-known, and iconic females in anime, partly due to her moe-persona. Even long-time anime fans who has never watched NGE know who she is. Throughout the series their relationship grows and this vid will show a new side of it. This vid also shows how much of a genius prick Gendo Ikari is to his son and "sister-in-law". Except for one thing, everything in the anime series and films went exactly the way he planned them to go. Even when things looked the opposite of his plans, they still did and he took whatever dirty tricks necessary ahead of time to ensure that they did. He's the kind of bastard you luv to hate.

    To those of you who has watched TTGL, FLCL, Dead Leaves, MSAA, and P&S/w/G, the anime that came out before them all and gave Gainax praise across the globe wuz NGE, Gainax's most popular anime and one of the most well-known. Hideki Anno's the man. One of the best animes I've seen and this is one of those animes I find better than the japanese dub and I can only enjoy it english dubbed, fuck the haters. First checked out the series in '03 and I wuz hooked. Like most fans, the last 2 eps were WTF'ish to me. When I first watched EOE in '04 I wuz mindfucked at everything that went down but at the same time I wuz struck with the creativity, originality, Christian undertones, powerful imagery, and MAJOR risks the film had. Not the kind of film I would watch over again but it is a pretty groundbreaking film that brought entirely new definitions of anime to me and even to this day I am still marveled at how it amped up the meter to how magnificent as a whole the entire series is. And the OST for the film wuz as beastly as the series' with tracks like Migawari no Shinyu and L&M's Thantos. I still can't believe that a film like it wuz made in '97. I'm also glad Anno started off the Rebuild films in '07, they are bringing a whole new direction to the series and can't wait for the final 2 movies. Unlike the EOE movie where near the end of it Rei gives Shinji both control of the Third Impact thru her and the decision to decide the future of humanity and he chooses not to completely end everyone's lives, in this vid he does, leaving the world only to him and his recently reborn Rei in order to create a new genesis for mankind. Guess there's only so much shit a person can take before they lose their breaking point. God bless for watching and once again look out for the full collabo in early 2012.

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