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  • Member: Mol
  • Studio: Dream Fall
  • Title: Digestive 1.3
  • Premiered: 2011-07-02
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    • Unkle Tracier
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  • Comments: So i finally uploaded it.


    At first i thought i would create something psychedelic but it turned out i don't have solid enough inspiration for that.

    So i went for simple modify and concentrated on main character.
    It doesn't actually spoil history from anime. Since to understand what anime is about you have to watch it , but its quite boring so i don't recommend it to anyone.

    So basically it evolves about main character and events i wouldn't try to dig in into story too deep but it may represent various things depending on watcher. Mkv has 2 various tracks with various endings because i didn't know which one is better.


    It's quite simple in form: a little changing of colors with trapcode , some masking and simple scene selection with skipping parts i didn't like in anime (i.e. crappy looking monsters:P)
    So there isn't that much of editing going on.
    I have to thank my patient beta testersKosmit and Frezio i bugged them most of the time a little bit others too to get various points of view on it,and know what i have done :P.

    Credits are mainly copy/paste but i had a little of headache creating it since it would slow down my pc and etc i took 1800 layers or something near that.

    If you cant hadndle two tracks with mpc and haali media splitter i guess VLC is what you need even tho it's for streaming :P.

    Well i got into japan expo chosen 2nd category and ended up in favorites heh.(i sent only version there with "sad" ending.

    For some weird reason players can add letterboxing to second track,actually its not letterboxed but meh at least it's easier to tell the difference between tracks.

    Name refers to cookies
    chocolate with digestive cookies :3.

    1st track: Sad ending
    2nd:positive ending

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