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  • Member: Infinity Squared
  • Studio: amvience studios
  • Title: Error.EXE
  • Premiered: 2010-07-25
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    • Imogen Heap The Walk
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    WINNER: Judges Choice Award AVCon 2010

    I guess it's a foregone conclusion that I was going to make an Evangelion 2.0 video. I totally love NGE from its original form to its re-envisioned version today and as always, making videos for me is still predominantly about putting together a show I've watched and liked with a similarly adored song. Anyway, if Evangelion 1.0 made you think, "whoa, this is new" then you'll probably be left wondering where the hell this show is actually heading when you get around to watching 2.0.

    This video was made with the deadline of AVCon 2010 in mind. I had actually thought to make this only in one day but took almost 2 weeks of fairly regular prodding to produce which I'm glad I took the effort in the end. I keep forgetting everytime that when my videos come up on the big screen and shown to a crowd full of people, my heart immediately beats harder and when I get the applause in the end is when I get the sigh of relief.

    Nothing too fancy with this one. Just a bit of speed manipulation with the footage to go with the wooshing sounds of the song and the usual overlays. I concentrated more on trying to portray the relationship between Rei and Shinji here which was more thoroughly explored in the movie. It may not be as clear cut though because I used many of the other things surrounding this relationship development (namely the action and eye candy). Still I'm hoping some of that seeped into obvious attention :P

    Lastly, I guess I just want to make a comment that yes, this is the exact same song as the one used in Memory Flash 3 MEP. And yes, I did decide to use this song after hearing it from that video. But man, I just thought that (a) this is a very beautiful song and (b) it works really well with the character profile theme I was going for with this video... so I expect to hear things like, "you stole this song," but whatever XD


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